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    Xiao Xiao (Original Character)

    Post by Xiao Xiao on Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:59 pm

    The air was cold up in the mountains and Xiao Xiao didn’t like it, not one bit. The dewy mist clung to her fur and ears, the air smelt damp and cold and there were little to no scent of the lovely trees and wild flowers her home was surrounded by.

    “Brother Five?” she squeaked nervously as she turned into a cave. She flattened her ears at the way her words echoed in the cave and how she could hear nothing – well, nothing alive anyways. She gulped and crept forward, hoping her brother wasn’t deep enough in the cave to warrant a torch because she really would hate having to travel all the way back down to a place where vegetation actually grew to find something burnable.

    “Brother Five!” she tried again. She hoisted the sack of scrolls and books a little higher on her shoulder, adjusted her grip on the cloth wrapped zither tucked under her arm and shuddered. It was so cold in here! How can her brother stand it? Could he not have chosen a warmer place to seclude himself and train? Urgh, the sack is falling off her shoulders again. She wouldn’t have woken up early from hibernation if she knew this was the job her father wanted her to do – she should have at least dragged Sister Eighteen along, at least for muscle.

    “Brother Five, I’m going to burn a scroll as a torch if you don’t come out right now!” she threatened, curling her tail around her in hopes to keep warm. Not that she’ll actually burn the scrolls (though she’ll imagine it’ll produce a very nice and warm fire) since it took a few months of raiding travelling caravans for her family to obtain this many written knowledge for her precious brother to study from. “Brother Fi-EEP!”

    A blue swirl appear on the wall to her left and the squirrel jing spent a good ten seconds running around in mad terrified circles before diving behind a rock pillar, abandoning the sack of books on the floor and holding the zither in front of her as a shield. Yes, what a very brave squirrel.

    Two minutes later, when she noticed she was still alive, not injured or even hunted down yet, she poked her head back out, zither held high like a weapon.

    Blue swirl? Yes, still there.
    Sack of abandoned scrolls/books?Present.
    Brother Five? Still nowhere to be seen.

    “Haha, very funny, brother, you did that to scare me, didn’t you?” she shouted, grumbling as she stepped away from her hiding place and picking up the sack again. “What is it? Some new magic skill you learnt? Can you teach me?”

    Still no answer, so she approached the spinning portal timidly, trying very hard not to leap back behind the rock pillar and hide until her brother showed up.

    She held the zither out to poke the swirl and blinked, not even feeling a thing as the portal sucked her in, zither, books and squirrel tail included.

    Two seconds later, she materialised in the middle of the road with metal… things speeding fast so quickly that she turned white as a sheet and then did the thing she always did when she’s terrified – run around in mad circles. The metal things swerved, honked at her noisily and she successfully caused a ten car-long traffic jam on both sides of her before she squeaked and leapt up a tree that could barely support her weight. She really should have hibernated for the rest of winter….

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