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    Points Exchange Template

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    Points Exchange Template

    Post by Portal-X on Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:29 am

    but you yourself are nothing so divine, just next in line
    In accordance with the new Points System, you can purchase items and services to use both in-character and out-of-character that enhance the roleplaying experience. You can spend your points in the following ways:
    • You can use the points on one character account for that one character.
    • You can transfer points between your other character accounts for a price. Any points transferred are halved like with Level Transfers and your character needs to be Level 30 before you can exchange points to your other accounts. You cannot, therefore, gift a level to another character account you own without halving your points to do so.
    • You can gift points to another player's character(s), free of charge and level restrictions.
    • You can pay another character points if you buy something from them IC, 10 credits = 1 point. Therefore, if a gun costs 200 credits, you pay the other character 20 points OOC as proof of the transaction
    Below is the template to use when making your purchase.
      Buyer: *Insert the name of the character account points will be taken from.*

      For: *Put the name of the character who will receive the points/item(s) here. If you are transferring points from one of your accounts to another, put the receiver's name. If you are gifting points to another player's character, put their name.*

      Item(s): *List the item or service you are buying, and the amount purchased in brackets. If you are transferring or gifting points, write down the amount you are giving.*

      Total Cost: *Each item and service has a price. When transferring points to another account of yours, the amount is always halved, so make sure you write the total spending amount.*

    If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask an admin or mod, or to ask directly in your purchase at the bottom with an out-of-character message in brackets ((usually shown with double brackets like this)).

    Just copy-paste the following code to use for your template, and you're set.
    [color=#69c8dd][b]Total Cost:[/b][/color]

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