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    Ryoko Hakubi (Tenchi Muyo! OVA)

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    Ryoko Hakubi (Tenchi Muyo! OVA)

    Post by Space Pirate Ryoko on Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:00 pm


    Name: Ryoko Hakubi

    Age: Over 5000, appears ~17

    Species: Mass/Chousin synthetic hybrid

    Appearance: Standing a little taller than average, Ryoko has wild, spiky grey hair, golden eyes, lightly tanned skin, and somewhat long but not quite pointy ears. She has a variety outfits, but she tends to favor one with a form-fitting bodysuit and vaguely yukata-style top over it.

    Personality: Ryoko is aggressive and emotional whilst at the same time being far more loyal than she'll ever openly admit. At times she can be rather childlike due to her previous lack of experience in what would be considered normal, day-to-day situations, yet whilst maintaining some of that youthful enthusiasm, since assimilating with her clone Zero, she now acts more human and has since become far more in tune with her feelings. Fierce yet laid-back, she is a free spirit that hates being forced into responsibilities and likes to do as she pleases.

    Background: Ryoko is the result of a combination of the creature known as Mass and the ovum of her mother, Washu Hakubi. Created to be an entity capable of wielding the power of the three mysterious gems made by the scientist, Ryoko had little time after her arrival into the world and Ryo-Ohki's creation before Kagato enacted his sinister plans and sealed Washu away inside of her own battleship, Soja, subsequently claiming all of her inventions/creations as his own. As part of his continued plots for personal gain, Kagato enslaved and brainwashed Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki, forcing them to attack 28 planets and 69 colonies, eventually culminating on a single-handed assault on the planet Jurai. Kagato ordered this attack in order to capture the power of the goddess Tsunami, and as Ryoko's power wound up being equal to that of the first-generation Royal Treeships, she along with Ryo-Ohki nearly decimated Jurai. In order to defeat the space pirate, the Juraian Prince Yosho chased her the long distance to planet Earth, where he then managed to subdue her, trap her in a cave, and use the power of her own gems to imprison her there for the next 700 years.

    Seven centuries after her initial imprisonment, Tenchi Masaki (Yosho's grandson) wound up freeing Ryoko. Even though she had previously met Tenchi indirectly whilst she was trapped in the shrine (she was able to create an astral body of herself, venture to the entrance of the cave, and watch Tenchi grow up over the years), she formally introduced herself in a less than polite way, her desire to have a little fun at Tenchi's expense resulting in her attacking him and destroying his high school. Around Ryoko's antics, it Yosho's Master Key (which was also a light sword) was discovered to have also been in the cave, and it helped Tenchi to disable one of the gems that helped augment Ryoko's abilities. It did end the battle, but it temporarily left Ryoko powerless and dependent on Tenchi, resulting in her casually inviting herself to move into his home.

    After a battle with Princess Ayeka of Jurai crashed both of their ships and forced them and Ayeka's sister Sasami to become permanent house guests, Ryoko discovered that her ship had managed to regenerate itself by way of a reincarnation of Ryo-Ohki. The cabbit had just as strong a bond with Ryoko as her original form did, and the two are a close duo with excellent teamwork. As the new housing arrangements took place and Mihoshi and Washu arrived as well, Ryoko's feelings for Tenchi began to emerge, soon leading to all sorts of antics around the Masaki Shrine and of course a legendary feud between Ryoko herself and Princess Ayeka.

    Whilst her prior imprisonment in the shrine was not pleasant, it did come with two bonuses for Ryoko. The first was Yosho's plan of having her experience childhood by watching Tenchi grow up would eventually make her change for the better. (Her frightening introduction aside, it did have the overall desired effect.) Secondly, the long span of time meant that all criminal files held against her during her time as a space pirate working for Kagato wound up being erased due to the statute of limitations running out. Since she can no longer be charged, she is quite happily a free woman. She has fought in tough battles and endured a new set of tribulations since being released from her prison, but Ryoko has been able to get a better second start, also gaining a strange but true sense of family and friendship as a result of it all.

    Skills and Abilities: Due to her being Washu's daughter and her possession of the three mysterious gems created by her mother, Ryoko has a wide range of powers including flight, teleportation, non-corporeal form, doppleganger abilities, super strength, heightened endurance, self-regeneration, molecular level matter manipulation, spirit summoning, and the ability to form and use energy blades and energy blasts. She can also focus powerful telekinetic blasts, and she shares a telepathic connection with Ryo-Ohki and Washu. She does not need air or food to survive (the former enabling her to survive both in space and underwater), but she eats socially and she does enjoy sake and other libations. She can get drunk, but she can instantly nullify the effect of alcohol or toxic chemicals within her body, something that comes in very handy if she has to enter battle, where she is a very capable fighter.

    Weaknesses: Ryoko has an intense fear of being trapped in cold, dark places, that fear being virtually the only thing that can cause her to break down if she is in such a situation long enough. Also, whilst she has begun to act more human and has grown more as a person, Ryoko has little concept of what is and isn't "socially acceptable," and this occasionally causes awkward or at the very least odd moments and situations. It is likely that this is due to her former life of being used purely for destruction as well as her long imprisonment, both of which cut her off from traditional interactions for long periods of time.

    World: Ryoko comes from a universe where the Jurai have a far-stretching empire where they enforce their rule with the powers granted by their patron goddess Tsunami. Varying powers, alien races, and space travel are common things across the universe, but Earth remains blissfully unaware of all the things going on outside of its own solar system. Unbeknownst to the vast majority of the planet, it is actually a protectorate of Jurai, where numerous members of its royal family have homes.

    The peace is kept and the law enforced by the Galaxy Police, but the galaxy is a very large place and even they have trouble with certain forces of immeasurable amounts of power. Even though most of the action on Earth seems to take place near the Masaki Shrine now, the universe is full of happenings, even those that supposedly go unseen.

    Other: This is the Ryoko from the OVAs, from a point in time soon after the third one.

    Group: Aliens


    It was shaping up to be just another day at the Masaki Shrine… or at least what cold be considered a standard day for the vibrant household. The sun was starting to edge closer to its mid-afternoon position and just about everyone was going about their days after they had all gathered for a delicious lunch together. Ryoko herself didn't need to eat of course, but she did quite enjoy eating just for the sake of being social. Whether being social meant bantering or even outright fighting with Ayeka, taking the perfect chance to flirt with Tenchi, or even just enjoying the company of what had in effect become her family of friends, the reformed space pirate definitely felt that it was worth partaking in regardless of her lack of taste buds. If nothing else, it wasn't worth missing too many meals lest she miss out on anything happening around the household.

    Ryoko had just wandered upstairs with the intent of scoping out the perfect place for the nap she planned to take this afternoon when the idea to retrieve a bottle of sake struck her. Grinning to herself and feeling very bemused by the prospect of guzzling some sake before having a nice, lazy afternoon today, Ryoko decided to take the shortcut back to the kitchen by utilizing her non-corporeal form. Activating it and beginning to phase through the floor that had just been beneath her feet, she soon expected to find herself back in the kitchen and mere steps from the hearty stock of libations.

    However, as soon as her head phased through the floor and a subsequent blue flash, she realized that she was still encompassed in the darkness that often accompanied her phasing through things… and it was still pitch black even as her feet touched down on what had to be the floor of this inky blackness. This wasn't the kitchen, and it most certainly wasn't Washu's lab in the basement… unless if she'd installed a new room to it. But there was no way that Ryoko had phased that far… she knew her powers well enough, and she hadn't felt as though she had been yanked from anywhere. But if she were to follow Occam's Razor, then it was the only thing that made sense because it was the simplest explanation. That was it… even though she couldn't sense any of the others around her, she had to have landed in a dark holding room and if she called out she'd be let out. Easy as that. Yeah…

    "Okay, very funny Washu," called Ryoko, the sarcasm hanging onto her voice as she called out, noting the profound lack of an echo. Blinking in confusion and using only a slightly milder sarcastic tone, she added, "You got me, really! You can let me out now!"

    But her voice simply carried off into the nothingness that surrounded her… she even tried to use her telepathic link with Washu and then Ryo-Ohki to get some clue as to where they were… but she couldn't reach either of them. This wasn't the house, the shrine, Washu's lab, or even the cave… this wasn't anywhere. But where was nowhere?

    Feeling a sudden chill, Ryoko shuddered involuntarily as she took flight and began to desperately zoom about, trying to find any barrier to where she was and a way out of possible. She fired a few energy blasts in varying directions, but they didn't reveal anything… the only light they bore was their own and what they reflected off of her frame. Furiously firing a couple more blasts in desperation, Ryoko's attempt to find her way through the darkness proved futile, and she soon sank back to the ground, managing to seat herself and she kept her eyes and ears peeled for any signs of any way out of here.

    It was dark, and it was slightly chilly… far too much like the cave she had been trapped in for seven centuries… far too much for her to be able to handle for much longer. Ryoko was very strong, both minded and physically, but the one thing that she truly feared was being trapped in cold, dark places… and even though she wasn't bound, she was trapped… she couldn't find a way out. Tears started to find their way to her eyes, her normally resistant nature fading as she called out for help.

    At first it was simple calls for someone, anyone to reply, to help her out of this situation… after what felt like an eternity she called for Tenchi… but when he didn't answer, she began to call for Washu. She called for her by name, but as her fear began to overtake her more, that name shifted to her calling for her Mommy. However, there was no answer from anyone.

    Rendered nearly helpless by the situation she'd landed in, Ryoko didn't know how much time had passed once she was finally pulled into sleep. The same force that had whisked her away from the Masaki Shrine had also managed to pull her to sleep… if one could ask the reformed space pirate though, she felt that it could have done that a hell of a lot sooner.


    Some span of time later, Ryoko began to stir. As her subconscious tried to return to its level of fear from earlier, her awareness kicked in, soon noting that she was no longer in the black nothingness that she'd been trapped in. Whilst she could probably try to discern how long or short she'd been stuck there, she decided against it… no matter how long it had been, it had been far too long. Where she was now though appeared to be a simple alleyway in a large city… and it was light out. Unable to suppress the sudden grin that soon appeared on her face, Ryoko jumped into the sky, so happy to be out of that darkness that she didn't even fully care that she wasn't back at the Masaki household. She hoped that the others were all right (even that spoiled brat Ayeka) from whatever had happened back there, but right now, her first priority was to find out where she was. Getting home could wait… she was safe, she was free, and if she was stuck in a new place, then she wanted to explore. There was no need to let a chance like this go to waste, after all!

    Flying forward at a low hover, Ryoko soon found herself on a busy thoroughfare in what had to be an even larger city than she had initially guessed. The big, bold sign in front of her practically shouted "WELCOME TO PORTAL CITY" at her, figuratively slapping her upside the head with its bright lights and loud colors.

    "Portal City, huh?" mused Ryoko to herself. "Never heard of it… oh well! Guess that means I'd better get to looking around, then!"

    With that, the reformed space pirate chose a direction on the sidewalk and began to hover further into the city at a brisk pace. Hopefully, wherever she had landed would prove to be a fun place…. and her arrival there would likely augment the chances of that.


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