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    Tally Stevens (Original Character)

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    Tally Stevens (Original Character)

    Post by Tally on Wed Jul 15, 2009 6:54 pm

    "Taaaaaallllllly?" Poke. "Taaaaaallllllllllllllly?" Poke. "Taa-"

    Tally firmly grabbed the finger that was getting ready to poke her for about the 30th time.

    "well finely a reaction! I was begining to think you just up'd and died on the couch with mustard on your face." Tally wiped at her face and pulled back her hand when she realized that there was actually nothing there and Sonia was pulling her leg,again

    :nnh: "Sonia, why the hell are you over at my house AGAIN . Eating all the food in my fridge AGAIN."

    "Annoying the hell out of you again!" Sonia said for her. They did this little act like it was clockwork, they had been saying the same little phrase since middle school after all. Best friends forever, to death do they part or until they killed eachother. But hell what are best friends for if not for being there for you through everything and annoying the hell out bloody hell out of you.

    "Because Tally," Tally new this part too,"that's what best friends are for!" :daww:

    "I'm bored now." Sonia said coming down from her friendship fuzzy induced high.

    "Yeah me too." The two of them sat there on the couch in silence for a few minutes until Sonia began poking tally again.

    "Quite it ." Tally growled as Sonia continued to poke her.

    "But i'm boooooooorrrreddd." Sonia whined back at her.

    "Well think of something to do." Tally responded. The two sat there for a little while until Sonia came up with an idea.

    "Oh! Lets ride our bike down to that new slushie bar!" :daww:

    "Fine." Evetnually both girls got there bikes out of the garage and started to town. About halfway there Sonia called over her shoulder.

    "Lets race!" And without waiting for Tally to respond took off ahead of her.

    "Ah! Sonia!" Tally tried to keep up with her friend but Sonia had already peddled far ahead of her . Tally really started to peddle hoping she could catch Sonia again when a giant ball of orange fur shot out in front of her. Tally swerved to avoid hitting it but couldn't stop herself from flying off of her bike.

    "Shit!" Tally cursed at the pain in her knee as she got up and walked over to her bike, as she picked it off the ground she heard a purring to her left. It was then that tally spotted the orange fur ball that had made her crashed. The giat cat purred at her again and gave her a look that could have been considered a smirk. Tally tried to shoo the thing away, but it continued to sit there blocking her way and looking at her with that condensending look.

    "Scram furball!" Tally hissed finally having enough. She began to move around the orange menace when she felt the earth sink beneath her. "Wha-" Tally looked down as the ground began to concave beneath her.

    "The hell!?" the world turned sideways on tally as she fell to her knees, everwhere she looked the world was twisting. Everywhere an invisible pressure was building. Then the ground gave way beneath her and tally found herself falling aloung with her bike and the cat.


    Name: Tally Steves

    Age: She's about to turn 21, but when she arrived on portal breach she was 19 (yeah i've been here that long )

    Species: human, just plain and simple

    Petite woman about five foot three inches tall. Tally is curvy with a bit of chub about the hips and thighs. Her skin is a light tan though she does get paler in the winter, she has freckles covering her body, though most prominently on her cheeks and the bridge of her nose, as well as around her shoulders. Tally has light brown hair (ignore my pictures of her they keep changing) which curly, wavy, and reaches down to about her mid-back now. Tallys face is round, with a small chin and thin dark eyebrows, and round circular ears. Tally has green eyes. She also has four horizontal scars on her hand going down towards her wrist from the gaps between her fingers(bloodscream).

    Generally in public, or with people she does not know tally is polite, very nice, and somewhat soft spoken. When she is with people she likes, or is in the sanctuary tally is loud, much more crass, is more open, jokes more, and has a tendancy to curse. Her temper usually only flares up around people she knows as well, or people she greatly dislikes. Since arriving in portal breach she has warped herself a bit to fit into her enviorment. Tally, would not hurt people when she first arrived on portal breach, was terrified of fighting in tournaments, and would have run away from most oppenents bigger than her, deeming it safer to run and hide and be stealthy, than be stupid and attempt to fight. In the two years she has been here however, tally has warped into a much more confident person,as well as a more violent one. Her temper is greater now than it was two years ago, and she has developed a bit of a sadistic streak in her. Some could even almost go as far to call it murderous. Along with her new found sadism has come a fear of losing the people around her, and a slight shaking of her mental stability. She is not as sane as she was when she arrived, portal breach has warped her beyond that, but when it comes to who is sane and who is not she is still one of the most sane people. While on the note of personal demons she has a lingering guilt that keeps coming up to bite at her sometimes, when she first arrived she constantly asked about her parents, but almost two years have passed and for a long time neither of them have really passed her mind. Tally is guilty because she feels she has neglected to ask about them and has moved on with her life, simply coming to the conclusion that they are either alive someplace or dead.

    Tally is from a jewish family that lived in Boston, Massachusetts. Her father was a lawyer and had been pushing for tally to go into law before the entire portal breach incident happened. Tally's mother worked as a interior designer. She is the only child in her family and because of that often wanted a little brother or sister. She got sonia and her entire family instead. Sonia and Tally's relationship goes back to elementary school where they became close friends after tally helped sonia scare off some bullies. The two immediantly latched on to one another and were inseparable throughout middle school and high school.

    Skills and Abilities:
    In terms of powers and special abilites tally is up shit creek without a paddle. Born a normal human, in a mostly normal human world tally's only real weapons there for awhile in breach were her smart ass remarks and her ability to run away really fast. Thankfully she has developed some fighting skills since she has arrived, though they are nothing close to those of a great martial arts master. She does make up for lack of thereof with determination.

    Boston, Massachusetts. United States of America, Earth, The Milky Way

    She has a companion named Lenny. Who is this mysterious cat? Where did he come from? Why did he walk in front of tally and cause her to fall into the portal? And why does her fire lazers? Nobody knows. whoooo

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