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    Anansia - Weapons/Shield/Lvl 1 Power

    Anansia T'Ori


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    Anansia - Weapons/Shield/Lvl 1 Power

    Post by Anansia T'Ori on Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:14 pm


    Name: Biotic Strike
    Type: Telekinetic force
    Appearance: A white, blue-edged glow of energy that emanates primarily from her hands, and appears to distort her form when active.
    Description: All asari are natural biotics, and Anansia is no exception. She doesn't have the physical strength to do lethal damage with her bare hands, but when her swing is backed up by her biotics, she can hold her own.
    Specifics: No additional AP cost; used to make basic attacks close combat or at range.


    Name: M-5 Phalanx
    Type: Gun
    Appearance: A white and grey handgun with a curved hand guard.
    Description: A highly accurate sidearm, with reasonable stopping power. While Anansia tends to rely on her biotics, it always pays to have something a little more conventional at hand.
    Specifics: 2 AP; 2 coins / 1 die



    Name: Biotic Barrier
    Type: Shield
    Appearance: A blue-ish field that distorts (and in some places displaces entirely) Anansia's figure, as if seen through rippling water.
    Description: Using her biotic abilities, Ana can raise a barrier to protect herself from physical harm.
    Specifics: No AP cost; Standard scaling armor


    Name: Refresh
    Type: Shield Support
    Appearance: N/A
    Description: As the barrier is a mental construct, created using Ana's biotic abilities, once it has been broken she may bring it up again. However, to do so requires a significant amount of concentration on her part, and which both renders her immobile and unable to attack, as well as leaving her defenses wide-open.
    Specifics: Like Sollux's and Kefka's shield support; Anansia takes a turn to refresh her biotic barrier. In that turn, she cannot otherwise move or attack, and her opponent doesn't need to flip a coin for their next attack. However, the attack only does half damage.


    LEVEL 01

    Name: Warp
    Description: Anansia uses her biotics to create a field of rapidly shifting mass effect forces centered on a target, intending on shredding them apart.
    Specifics: Basic Damage Enhancer

    Level 1–19:
    2 dice, 1 coinflip = 1 AP
    4 dice, 2 coinflips = 2 AP
    6 dice, 3 coinflips = 3 AP

    Level 20–39:
    2 dice, 1 coinflip = 2 AP
    4 dice, 2 coinflips = 4 AP
    6 dice, 3 coinflips = 6 AP

    Level 40+:
    2 dice, 1 coinflip = 3 AP
    4 dice, 2 coinflips = 6 AP
    6 dice, 3 coinflips = 9 AP


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    Re: Anansia - Weapons/Shield/Lvl 1 Power

    Post by Zurg on Sun Jul 08, 2012 5:59 am

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