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    One Man's Island



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    One Man's Island

    Post by Zurg on Sun Oct 07, 2012 9:44 pm

    Time: 11:34 PBT
    Date: 10/06/0003

    A long time ago...


    In a surging riptide of interdimensional energies, the space between space opened. And with a sickening force a body was shot out at incredible speeds from the pulsating maw. Whoever it was, was alive. Well, as very much alive as a limp ragdoll could get. Glints of metallic shards took the place of the rippling portal, and the pieces tore off to catch the mysterious figure. It was, of course, a certain purple-hued monarch and yet another hexagonal prism steadied his fall. Momentum having thus subsided from his previous plunge, the alien ruler continued to walk across the waves as if nothing... had happened. This careless attitude served only to irritate the AI who had so far put up with everything as of late. The moment the aloof monarch had set foot upon the smooth sand, an irate burst of code crackled before him.

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! YOU UNGRATEFUL BRAT!" X'ki appeared in all its digital glory, the alien AI assuming a corporeal body and one possessing a 1:1 scale. "How dare you subject me to the torturous ploy for attention you've done others!" it snarled angrily. "I know not what game you play, but I will stand for none of it! Do you hear me, Your Grace? NONE!" Silence was the AI's reward. "...Are you even listening to me?"

    Oh, rest assured, X'ki. His Grace had heard you - every frustrated word - but... But the monarch's mind was not there, and His Grace proceeded to slightly lift up his head and remember. "..." Did you know, X'ki, that His Grace had been here before? Ah, it was so very long ago... Back in a simpler time, a happier time. A time where friends shared their vows to one another, a time where things were innocent.

    See that palm tree over there? Yes, the one that was stooped and low.

    His Grace quietly went over toward it, standing beneath the generous fronds and just... staying there, as he looked out to sea. What did he see? It wasn't so much that His Grace saw, but heard.

    Xenon wrote:"I am never leaving you alone again, so help me."
    Hellboy wrote:“Zuuuuuurg... Imma gonna killyaaa.”
    He remembered.

    Xenon wrote:"You're no monster; not in the slightest. In fact, you're the greatest friend I never dreamed I could have."
    Hellboy wrote:"Can't imagine life without you."
    He was always remembering...

    And then His Grace fell to his knees, the once-mighty ruler of a once-mighty people... humbled. There he could only keep bowed to the horizon, the alien's hands clenching warm, soft sand. If that was true... If any of what you had said was true... then why did you leave...? Why did you go... You were his friends, you were his family, you were his everything. What of the commitments shared? The tears shed during the bad times and the laughter given during the good times? How could you say you'd never leave, that life wouldn't be the same... if you left him.

    It's just as I told you.

    Thus... spoke temptation.

    Upon hearing the familiar voice the alien glanced up, broken and face moist with silent tears. "..."

    Come, it beckoned. Come to where the sea meets land... where existence joins with nothingness.

    And so, His Grace approached. He approached, not caring if his knees became wet with the pendulum swing of the tide. Within the water's crystal-clear facade, he saw himself - or... what was himself. Staring up from the introspective mirror remained the First, both creative beginning and destructive end. It was not His Grace, instead clad in battle armour and face uncovered...

    Do you see? it asked, searing eyes to narrow. They abandoned you just like I said they would, didn't they? I warned you... I warned you this will happen, for it has always happened. To open yourself up to people is to experience loss, but yet you continue to stubbornly lose to the point it hurts. Think, Your Grace. What have your friends done? What has your nemesis done? Your rivals, your people, your godchildren...? What has anyone done to you, a kind fool, besides wrench a knife through your exposed heart and leave the blade to fester."

    His godchildren...

    Trevor wrote:“Yer like a big, purple kitty, Uncle Zurgie."
    Eona wrote:“Yeah, yer so warm and cuddly!”
    Where are they now?

    Gone... Just like the rest of them.

    But His Grace denied this assumption; oh, how he denied that which was and that... which simply is. "They... Maybe they were taken, like the others," he tried to reason. Yes, this had to be it. It had to be, because... why would they leave him behind? They cared for him, didn't they? As much as he cared for them? He had to have... He had to have a little fai - ?

    Don't be so naive, the First scowled. His Grace lowered his gaze, arms wrapped around his abdomen while fresh tears hit the damp sand. They left you. How painfully clear must this be for you to understand? They were not taken - you are smarter than that. Do you remember Xenon? Ah, yes... you do. You remember how she came back a second time, don't you... Then you remember how insensitive she was; how she mocked and teased you, pretending to come back for your sake but all for naught!

    Xenon wrote:"If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that I am a reliable sort and I do not wish to hurt you, never again.”
    But did she learn?

    His Grace refused to answer, the monarch shaking his head as he held it within his shaking palms. He... He couldn't incriminate his friends. They had their flaws... They all had their flaws! But it wasn't their fault that they had left... It couldn't be their faul - ?

    It's yours, answered the First.


    You pushed them away.

    "Your Grace..."

    You manipulated their lives.

    "Your Grace..."

    And you do not deserve their friendship.

    "Your Grace..."

    The rest will leave you... whispered the First. Lawrence, Kev, Tally, Aya, Jo... They will all leave you, and it will be your fault. It is always your fault - it is now just a matter of time.

    "Your Grace... Your Grace, look up at me."

    Just a matter of time...

    His Grace could only look up silently, his tears carried away by the ocean's ebb and flow.

    ...and time will always outlast his loved ones.

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