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    Eridan Ampora: Weapons/Armour/Trinkets/Powers 1-60

    Eridan Ampora


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    Eridan Ampora: Weapons/Armour/Trinkets/Powers 1-60

    Post by Eridan Ampora on Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:39 am


    Name: Ahab's Crosshairs
    Type: Gun
    Description: One of the strongest guns you can equip in the Riflekind Strife Specibus, Ahab's Crosshairs fires an absolutely huge laser beam that is difficult to avoid due to its size and very, very powerful to the extent that it can kill a large whale with one strike. Eridan obtained this weapon that was once wielded by his ancestor Orphaner Dualscar when he explored a Ghost Ship on Alternia during a very difficult FLARPing session.
    Specifics: Three dice, two coins. Only takes one HIT to hit with all the damage, but as a result costs 4 AP to fire.

    Name: Wwhite Wwand of Science and Hope
    Type: Wand
    Description: This is the wand that Kanaya created for him after the trolls had been forced back into the veil by kid's session's Jack Noir. Eridan stubbornly refuses to say that it's magical, insisting that it is in fact a wand of science. Doc Scratch implies that the powers gained from the wand actually had something to do with the angels in Eridan's planet; the Land of Wrath and Angels. The wand fires a small beam that is capable of piercing right through bodies.
    Specifics: Two dice, one coin.

    Level 1–19:
    2 dice, 1 coinflip = 1 AP
    4 dice, 2 coinflips = 2 AP
    6 dice, 3 coinflips = 3 AP

    Level 20–39:
    2 dice, 1 coinflip = 2 AP
    4 dice, 2 coinflips = 4 AP
    6 dice, 3 coinflips = 6 AP

    Level 40+:
    2 dice, 1 coinflip = 3 AP
    4 dice, 2 coinflips = 6 AP
    6 dice, 3 coinflips = 9 AP


    Name: Purple Cape
    Type: Armour
    Appearance: See avatar or character sheet image.
    Description: The cape that Eridan wears on his back. He gained this cape a long time ago, and wore it because he actually looked fairly badass in it; it suited him. Eridan wears this cape on his back but he is capable of pulling it around to cover his front, although it doesn't provide much protection before he discards it until the end of the battle to prevent his amazing cape taking further damage.
    Specifics: Simple ten armour points.


    Name: No Man, Don't Drink That Shit
    Type: Bevverage
    Description: Despite Karkat's objection to Eridan listening to Gamzee and drinking Faygo, Eridan can't deny that it isn't THAT bad a drink. Faygo is a sugary soft drink that you were able to get on Alternia, and there is absolutely no doubt that Gamzee has more at the hive that he's willing to share with anyone. Even if pretty much every drink that every existed is better than this shit.
    Specifics: Roll two dice Eridan's level. The target of the heal is healed by the amount rolled by the dice.


    LEVEL 1

    Name: FLARP
    Description: Eridan has had many sweeps of fighting experience gained by extreme role-playing (Known as FLARPing) with Vriska Serket back on Alternia. The courses they took and challenges they took on was brutal, and due to this Eridan had to improve his aim, lest he would get killed easily by the horrific monsters they would run into. Alternia was just that kind of place.
    Specifics: Accuracy Enhancer. Two coins, one die. As long as one coin hits, attack hits.

    Level 1–19:
    1 dice, 2 coinflip = 1 AP
    2 dice, 4 coinflips = 2 AP
    3 dice, 6 coinflips = 3 AP

    Level 20–39:
    1 dice, 2 coinflip = 2 AP
    2 dice, 4 coinflips = 4 AP
    3 dice, 6 coinflips = 6 AP

    Level 40+:
    1 dice, 2 coinflip = 3 AP
    2 dice, 4 coinflips = 6 AP
    3 dice, 6 coinflips = 9 AP

    LEVEL 10

    Name: Close Up Blast
    Description: The beam from Ahab's Crosshairs is a deadly beam that can puncture skin almost as easily as the beam from the wand he wields. Even though the blast is already pretty vicious on its own, it is that much stronger close up and can leave your skin burning. Eridan jumps up close and fires, his opponent being hit by the huge part of the beam rather than the smaller part. This does, however, make it easier to avoid as you can see him coming from a mile away.
    Specifics: Three dice, one coin. If coin hits, roll one damage die Eridan's level and a duration die. The opponent takes the damage rolled on the damage die for the amount of time specified on the duration die as their body burns.

    LEVEL 20

    Name: Sweet Dodge!
    Description: Eridan, with his sweeps of FLARPing experience, knows when an attack is coming. He can easily attempt to get out of the way using some acrobatic technique that he learned during his extreme role-playing days.
    Specifics: Dodge move, flip a dodge coin. Costs 10 AP.

    LEVEL 30

    Name: Summon Skyhorsesprite
    Description: When Eridan entered the Medium, he prototyped his deceased Lusus. This turned it into sprite form, and caused it to be capable of talking and listening to Eridan rather than him just being able to ride it. Eridan can summon it into battle to aid him against his enemy.
    Specifics: Summon move. Flip 5 coins; each HIT is a turn that the Skyhorsesprite can remain active. If all coins miss, a single turn is provided. The Skyhorsesprite has 1/3 of Eridan's maximum HP, and when its HP hits 0 or its time runs out it absconds.

    Costs 15 AP.

    LEVEL 40

    Name: God Tier - Prince of Hope
    Description: Now that Eridan has reached God Tier by sleeping on his quest bed and dying there, he's capable of flying as well as quick regeneration from death; provided that death is not either Heroic or Just, that is.
    Specifics: Provided the death is not Heroic or Just, Eridan will revive after death with one fifth of his maximum HP.

    Costs 20 AP.

    LEVEL 50

    Name: Wwhite Wwand of the TRUEST SCIENCES
    Description: Now that Eridan has reached Level 40, his wand has returned to its original power and can be used to shoot a devastating beam that is more than capable of dealing extra-heavy amounts of damage should it even slightly graze his opponent. This is due to the angels he killed in the Land of Wrath and Angels.
    Specifics: Flip three coins.

    x1 HIT: Damage done is equal to opponent's level.
    x2 HIT: Damage done is double opponent's level.
    x3 HIT: Damage done is triple opponent's level.

    Costs 25 AP.

    LEVEL 60

    Name: Dual Wwielding
    Description: Eridan wields Ahab's Crosshairs in one hand, and in the other he wields his Wwhite Wwand of Science and Hope. The wand is at full power, and the rifle is already one of the ultimate weapons he can hold in his Riflekind Strife Deck. Aiming them both at the opponent, he fires off both of them at once. The beams combine into one bigger super-beam that can do tremendous amounts of damage and can possibly even kill his opponent in a deathmatch. Oh, and it will leave you bleeding.
    Has the chance to kill his opponent.
    x0 HIT: Miss.
    x1 HIT: 25% of HP taken away.
    x2 HIT: 50% of health taken away, wounded. For remainder of battle, opponent loses 5% of their maximum HP per turn.
    x3 HIT: 75% of health taken away, bleeding. For the remainder of the battle, opponent loses 10% of their maximum HP per turn.
    x4 HIT: Death.
    Costs half AP bar, can only be used once per battle.


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    Re: Eridan Ampora: Weapons/Armour/Trinkets/Powers 1-60

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