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    Chell: Weapons/Armor/Level 1 Power



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    Chell: Weapons/Armor/Level 1 Power

    Post by Chell on Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:08 pm

    ((Huuuuuge thanks to Elfgirl for helping me with all of this!))


    Name: Hylian Crossbow
    Type: Crossbow
    Appearance: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111017053819/zelda/images/7/79/Crossbow.png
    Description: A sturdy crossbow made of wood and metal, it is a very effective ranged weapon, capable of firing a variety of arrows. With her portal gun gone and her desires leaning towards something not quite so high tech, Chell sought out a more traditional weapon once she arrived on the Breach. She received the Hylian Crossbow as a gift from her friend Impa, and now carries it with her anywhere there might be trouble.
    Specifics: 2 die/1coin per strike

    AP Cost: 1AP when used alone, 2AP when used twice, 3AP when used thrice

    Name: Sheikah Dagger
    Type: Knife
    Appearance: On the smaller side as far as knives go, it's a sturdy looking dagger not unlike a tanto. Its blade is silver, and the hilt is dark brown.
    Description: A small dagger with a simple Sheikah etching on its hilt, this weapon comes in handy when Chell has to resort to melee combat instead of ranged fighting. Like the Hylian Crossbow, she received this dagger from Impa, and makes sure to keep it safe and close at all times.
    Specifics: 1 die/1 coin per strike

    0 AP when used alone, 1 AP when used twice, 2 AP when used thrice


    Name: Long Fall Boots
    Type: Boots
    Appearance: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110416225559/half-life/en/images/9/9b/Long_fall_boot_diagram.jpg
    Description: Truthfully, Chell isn't entirely sure HOW she aquired these, only that she woke up with them strapped to her legs after her extended stay in cryo-sleep, following her first escape attempt from Aperture. Their function is to cushion and protect her legs from being shattered during long falls, and ensure that she always lands on her feet. While she's shed most of her remaining test subject garb since arriving on the Breach, Chell has found herself unwilling to part with these, partially because they may come in handy, and partially because she's simply used to them.
    Specifics: Unlocks armor bar.

    LEVEL #1

    Name: Charged Shot
    Description: Though she notches it like she would any other arrow, instead of firing it quickly, Chell holds it back, letting it charge up to build up power. Once she shoots it, it flies at a greater speed than it normally would, increasing the damage.
    Specifics: Adds 1 die to all crossbow attacks. Costs 1 AP per use.


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    Re: Chell: Weapons/Armor/Level 1 Power

    Post by Zurg on Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:48 pm

    Your fighting app has been accepted.

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