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    Lunar Base: Tachyon - A Beginner's Guide

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    Lunar Base: Tachyon - A Beginner's Guide

    Post by Evil Buzz Lightyear on Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:22 pm

    Lunar Base: Tachyon

    Time: ???
    Date: November 15th
    Lunar Base: Tachyon - Exterior (Main Facility):
    Situated snugly upon the moon's dark side, Lunar Base: Tachyon remains covered in shadows. It is a cruel and dark place, perfect for the sole man who inhabits its mysterious halls. There is nothing here but evil, with foul experiments running day-to-day objectives and sinister devices constantly in the works. While it may look defenseless at first, do not be fooled; those same experiments and devices can be easily turned against anyone witless to enter uninvited...

    Lunar Base: Tachyon - Interior (Main Chamber):
    Nothing more than the typical command center for the evil villain accustomed to solitude. It houses certain display projections detailing key areas of Portal Breach and other vital interests throughout the neighboring cosmos. This area of the base serves as a nexus to other nearby facilities; including a path to the stocked (and primed) armory.

    Time: ???
    Date: November 25th
    Lunar Base: Tachyon - Interior (Left Console):
    This is the satellite surveillance console responsible for detecting any and all disturbances near Lunar Base: Tachyon and its outlying area within space. If there is something within the target vicinity of the base, then this console will be sure to pick it up in a nanosecond. It is riddled with buttons, including a big, shiny red one. Don't expect that to be the stereotypical self-destruct button.
    Lunar Base: Tachyon - Interior (Right Console):
    Opposite the satellite surveillance console, there is the planetary surveillance console. Whereas the left console scans for things on and around Lunar Base: Tachyon, this console actively sweeps the airwaves for communications and disturbances pertaining to Portal Breach itself. Just pretend that holographic planet isn't the third rock from the sun.

    Time: ???
    Date: November 30th

    Lunar Base: Tachyon - Interior (Armory/Cryostasis):
    A personal favorite, there is an armory that overlooks the main command chamber. It is sealed tight thanks to a double pressure bay door, reinforced with sturdy metals and even sturdier locking mechanisms. The only way to access these deadly and fantastic weapons is through a combination of retina scans, fingerprint readings, and vocal recognition systems. Hey, gotta keep your gun cabinet locked tight, right? Prior to the weapons displays are a series of cryo-pods; there is nothing in them.


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