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    Homura Akemi: Weapons/Armour/Trinkets/Powers 1-60

    Homura Akemi


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    Homura Akemi: Weapons/Armour/Trinkets/Powers 1-60

    Post by Homura Akemi on Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:44 pm


    Name: Beretta 92FS
    Type: Gun
    Appearance: It's a black pistol, everyone knows what they look like.
    Description: One of the more basic weapons Homura looted from the Japanese Military. She can use it either filled with blanks, or filled with actual bullets. Has an unknown number of them stored in her hammerspace time-alteration device and is the weapon she draws most when fighting a regular battle against people.
    Specifics: Two dice, one coin.

    LV 1-19: 1 AP
    LV 20-39: 2 AP
    LV 40+: 3 AP

    Name: Pipe Bomb
    Type: Bomb
    Appearance: Bomb.
    Description: This is a Pipe Bomb that Homura assembled herself. It is an extraordinarily powerful bomb that is capable of doing some serious damage if the opponent is caught in the huge explosion that it creates.
    Specifics: Three dice, one coin. Costs 2 AP per bomb.

    Name: Howa Type 89/FN Minimi
    Type: Assault Rifle/Machine Gun
    Appearance: Howa Type 89 (Unclear)/FN Minimi
    Description: Two rapid-fire guns that Homura can pull from hammerspace are the Howa Type 89 and the FN Minimi. Both are able to attack, well, rapidly, and do quite a bit of damage should everything hit.
    Specifics: Three coins, three dice. Costs 3 AP.


    Name: Time Alteration Shield
    Type: Shield
    Appearance: It's a circular silver object on her right arm. It has an hourglass in it that represents time. When Homura turns her device sideways, time stops.
    Description: Homura can use this shield to block attacks. It is a handy defence tool with a handy defence mechanism, and Homura is good at utilising this to the fullest to block opponent attacks until she can do so no longer.
    Specifics: Gives armour points.


    Name: Soul Gem
    Type: Quick Heal
    Appearance: Soul Gem
    Description: This is the healing tactic Homura uses when on the go, when she just wants a quick top up on health. She can tap into her Soul Gem's power and can heal herself slightly. This is to be used when Homura cannot stop time or doesn't need all that much health to be refilled. Can be used on other characters.
    Specifics: Roll two dice of Homura's level. The target is healed by that much.

    LEVEL 1

    Name: Time Stop
    Description: Using her time-alteration device, Homura is capable of stopping time. During the time-stop, anything she touches like weapons and such can be used, although when she shoots, for example, a bullet, it will stop in mid-air after being expelled from the chamber until time starts again, where it will proceed like a regular bullet.
    Specifics: Flip two coins. If a single coin hits, the attack hits. Can be combined with Beretta 92FS, but the AP cost is accumulative. When not used with other powers, the AP cost is:

    LV 1-19: 1 AP
    LV 20-39: 2 AP
    LV 40+: 3 AP

    LEVEL 10

    Name: Soul Gem Full Heal
    Description: Homura is capable of using her Soul Gem to heal her in regular occurrences. If she amplifies the amount of magic she uses, however, she can heal a lot more than she can usually for the price of using a bit more of her limited magic power. This particular brand of healing cannot be used on other people, only on Homura.
    Specifics: Heals 25% of Homura's total HP. Costs 5 AP, five turn recharge.

    LEVEL 20

    Name: Time Alteration Shield
    Description: Homura's Time Alteration Device has a lot of functions; not only is it a hammerspace storage device that manipulates time, but it is also a handy shield that can project a small barrier to shield Homura from attacks that come her way. Homura stops time and readies it as a barrier by injecting magical power into it before starting time again. Her shield isn't that good a barrier, however. It can be overpowered as easily as it can take the damage without letting any hit Homura.
    Specifics: Dodge move. Flip a dodge coin. Costs 10 AP, five turn recharge.

    LEVEL 30

    Name: Rebound
    Description: Homura is capable of working in a team if needs be. If an opponent attacks one of Homura's allies, she is capable of blocking the attack, and even rebounding some of it. Homura stops time and runs in front of the ally being attacked. She then activates her shield and as the attack hits her she uses her magic to throw as much of the force back at the opponent as she can.
    Specifics: Homura rebounds 50% of an attack back at the opponent that attacked, and the other 50% is taken by her. Costs 15 AP, five turn recharge.

    LEVEL 40

    Name: AT-4/RPG-7
    Description: Homura stops time and takes out an AT-4 or an RPG-7 from her hammerspace shield, aims it at the opponent, and fires away. It is capable of doing serious damage, too; it was a type of weapon that the Japanese Military probably sorely missed after Homura took most of them. If used correctly, this weapon can be devastating as the AT-4 is an anti-tank weapon while an RPG-7 is a dangerous rocket launcher.
    Specifics: Flip three coins.

    x0 HIT: Attack fails.
    x1 HIT: Damage equal to opponent's level.
    x2 HIT: Damage equal to double opponent's level.
    x3 HIT: Damage equal to triple opponent's level.

    Costs 20AP, five turn recharge.

    LEVEL 50

    Name: C-4
    Description: Homura is brutal with attacks when fighting, and since she has a time alteration device it is even more terrifying and deadly than it would originally be from someone. Homura stops time and places C-4 all around her opponent. When she's done, she moves some way away and draws a Desert Eagle Mark XIX. She then aims the gun at the C-4, shoots a bullet, and starts time again. The bullet blows up the C-4, engulfing Homura's foe in explosive fire.
    Specifics: Roll three dice of unmissable damage. Costs 25 AP.

    LEVEL 60

    Name: L-16 Mortar Strike
    Description: Homura has gained an incredibly diverse set of weapons while she was inside the Japanese Military Base. While there, she stole many, many different L-16 Mortar weapons. Homura stops time, and runs around the battlefield, placing down mortar strikes all around a far perimeter. She stands outside and starts time, where they all fire into the battlefield. This battle devastates the battlefield and has a chance of obliterating her opponent.
    Specifics: Flip four coins.

    x0 HIT: The mortar strikes devastate the battlefield, but the opponent dodges.
    x1 HIT: 25% of opponent's HP gone.
    x2 HIT: 50% of opponent's HP gone.
    x3 HIT: 75% of opponent's HP gone.
    x4 HIT: Opponent is obliterated along with the battlefield.

    Costs half of AP bar, can only be used once per battle.


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    Re: Homura Akemi: Weapons/Armour/Trinkets/Powers 1-60

    Post by Zurg on Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:17 pm

    Sheet is approved, but since when does Homura have Kyubey? I did not see that thoroughly app'd in her character presentation.

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