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    Second of Nine

    Post by Lawrence on Wed May 15, 2013 12:30 pm

    Time: 2:30 PM
    Date: 1/29/2013

    Lawrence made far better time dashing across the plains than he initially expected, but perhaps he was still underestimating the body he currently resided in. He would likely be starving later, but at the moment his endurance wasn't waning in the slightest. This was a good thing indeed, given what his latest task entailed. Unlike the earlier sheep shearing, this was something he had actually done before, but it wasn't for any sort of ritual.

    Back in the Polaris galaxy, when he and Nefarious were stranded on Zanifar with the Fongoids, they ended up getting dragged along by some of the warriors to look for trident and staff making materials. Now, the spear Zurg carried was a different sort of weapon, longer and with enough heft to hold up a X'rghthu's weight, but the general idea remained the same. Immediately upon Lawrence's arrival to the forest, he started glancing around for suitable trees, preferably some sort of hardwood.

    The ex-robot was certainly spoiled for selection in this place, which started him wondering why this was a trial in the first place. Then again, given X'rghthung herself, perhaps there simply weren't many large trees in the areas where the xuls lived. Just finding something big enough to use might be a challenge, let alone strong enough.

    Eventually, Lawrence found a particular stand of trees that was to his liking, maybe an Earthling would identify them as ash or yew, and he started checking the ground below them for fallen branches. He found a few nicely sized ones that way, though he wasn't entirely satisfied with them. In the end he found himself staring up into the branches and debating on climbing up to check. Firmly reminding himself that he was not afraid of heights, the newbie alien picked the tree closest to him and started making his way up it. It was rough going, especially as he had never really climbed a tree before, but he found a few more nice specimens up there.

    He found it easiest to snap the branches off the tree and let them fall to the ground; any that wouldn't survive the drop weren't usable anyway. Once Lawrence made his way down again, and stripped the leaves off those branches that needed it, he had eight different candidates for his future spear. After considering the pile for a moment, he noticed another fallen branch off in the distance that looked very nice indeed, so he moved to grab it. That made nine altogether.

    It would've been awkward getting them all home just as they were, and so the butler found a length of vine hanging from the trees and lashed the branches together. Lawrence balanced the branches over his shoulders similarly to how he saw Zurg do the same with his spear earlier. It was a heavy load, but he would be able to handle it.

    With cargo secure, Lawrence turned and left the forest, beginning the long run towards home.

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