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    Nessa Hamelin: The Pied Piper. (FC from The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series.)



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    Nessa Hamelin: The Pied Piper. (FC from The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series.)

    Post by Nessa on Tue Jul 16, 2013 1:17 am

    Name: Nessa Hamelin
    Age: 745
    Species: Human
    Nessa Hamelin is a very slight and thin woman {4'11", 105lbs} that appears to be in her mid twenties. Her frame of body is by no means weak, her muscles are lean and trained. Her face is sharp-featured and intense, her small and pointing eyebrows nearly always furrowed. Accenting her red irised eyes.

    Her dirty blonde hair, though it used to be long and flowing, now is held up with a red bandana in a multitude of dreadlocks, her schedule doesn't allow for much hair-doing. On her face, there is a series of tatoos that continue from her right side down to her right foot. All of which are different inscriptions of olden times and Germanic, Saxon, and Celtic legends of which are all true and she has experienced.

    Her clothing entails, as of the moment she reaches the breach, a red plaid scarf, long and wrapped around her neck, a sidebuttoned  wool Dark Green jacket that has a coat tail, a naval captain's jacket, so to speak; Underneath she wears an old cami or long sleeved shirt, depending on weather or need, both of which are swirling, multicolored and vibrant, and her pants are also a naval captain's pants, tan-khakis stuffed into long belted boots of black leather. She has cloth gloves, but normally she wears bandages around her hands, which have more and more tattoes on her fingers.

    Around her waist she has a belt which has a sheath for her dagger, Carnwennan, and a long slender two part pouch for her black flute, which has golden trim. The whole of her belt is black leather and buckled onto her pants with a silver clasping buckle with a small undetailed swirling pattern.

    Her aura, which is apparent when she uses magic of any sort, is red with little swirling black patterns, and smells of blood and copper.
    In the year of 1284, the woman named Nessa of Hamelin lived in that namesake's town, and lived the life of the Mayor's wife. At the age of 16, she married into the town's politics from her tailoring family. Normally taking her time to live her life, she was forced into the marriage and held her grudge against her husband and her family. Her mask of emotion and willingness to help her family's business and the town's politics kept her at peace for that short time of half a year.

    Merely 6 months into her arranged marriage, a rat infestation broke out in the town, the normal pestilence and disease spread, people becoming weak, deaf, or blind due to plague or simple attacks from large amounts of the crazed creatures.

    Nessa, living in the larger buildings and more well kept places, had a good view of what was happening and felt for the others. Not so much her family or her new husband. But many of the townspeople didn't deserve such a fate. Though, her current state and predicament gave her no way to help. She was to stay indoors and speak no words.

    Slipping out of the bedchambers one night, she traveled across the town, finding an old friend of hers that trapped and poisoned game. She was going to try to help, even it killed her. After she acquired her weapon, she walked the alleys and back roads of the village. Noticing that the rats, after devouring their share, would all go to the same place... Following them to the wooded area, she found a cave in which the horde of rats called home. A pool of swarming fur and fangs and glowing red eyes is what she was greeted with.

    After the subsequent shriek of terror, Nessa tried to flee before rats overran her and drug her into the cave, many bit at first, but after her squeals of pain, they stopped the attack and merely swarm over her and drag her into the cave.


    From the swarm a humanlike form appeared, walking from the cave to the woman. The rats holding her down to the ground, the black form, with no face or features, caresses her face and holds the drops of blood from her ankles in his hands. The being announces his name in an ancient language that rings out above all thoughts. Revealing himself to be Nergal, God of Pestilence and one of the Dark Elders that existed before Earth and it's creation.


    Though her fear won that enounter and she could barely think the entire time, Nergal used his powers to awaken her aura, a burst of dark red and the smell of copper and blood filled the cave. Each Aura holds a specific smell or color in all users of magick. Her senses overloaded and her body super sensitive, she is nearly driven mad by the feelings assossiated by the cramped space of rats crawling all over her. After a brief moment of terror, she passes out and awakens outside of the cave, The whole world brighter and far too much too take in.

    She walked raggedly to town, stumbling in the night. On the way there, she happened upon a pack of wolves, and in panic, she screeched, and reached out for some higher power to save her. Her aura flared to life and each of the wolves exploded in a bloody pulp. Her face and body covered in gore, she slid to the ground, unable to speak and far too horrified to return to town. How would the townspeople take her in when she knows what she just did and what she looks like right now? Her simple traveling clothes ruined, she cleaned them in a stream and waited for the next night to reenter the town. Her lack of food meaning nothing at that moment, the mere thought of food overloaded her senses.

    Under the cover of Darkness, she steals a man's Many-colored outfit from her father's shop, donning it and stuffing her hair into a bright multicolored hat. Feeling a bit better about herself, she walks the alleys trying to find a place to stay and she begins to Whistle. The rats around the area flock to her, her aura activating and the rats fallling under her spell immediately. Astounded rather than terrified this time at her powers, she tries once again, whistling a happy tune. They follow and do her bidding. Her power understood, Nergal appears to her in the alley and he takes her by the head and pours in a century worth of information. Knowledge of how to use her powers that she was granted. In return for servitude under Nergal. After which, he gives her a shining metal black flute. Used to widen her range of ability.

    After another day of roaming in the shadows, Nergal describes his plan to Nessa, and she goes to the Mayor in disguise and shrouded in magical appearance. She offers him, as the Pied Piper, to rid the rat menace, for the price of the whole of Hamelin's wealth. In despiration, the mayor agrees. So, Nessa plays her flute in the middle of town, and to the townspeople's unbelieving eyes, the rats gather around her and follow her to the woods.

    After returning, the Mayor snubs her, and refuses the full amount of payment, due to his lack of desperation. Infuriated, Nessa leaves the town and accompanies Nergal's avatar once again. Nergal feeds her the idea for vengeance, and one day, while everyone is at the churchhouse, Nessa plays her flute for the children of Hamelin, they follow her, and they are turned into rats before Nergal, The 130 Children of Hamelin. Gone. Her vengeance appeased, she leaves Hamelin forever and stays in the Dark Elder's good graces, traveling across the world doing the god's bidding. Her mortality long gone, and her body changed from something fragile to something entirely new in the centuries she lives out, she becomes a demon of plague for Nergal.

    Her duties as Nergal's vessel included assassination of the Dark Elder's enemies and sabotaging the other immortals. Giving her a terrible reputation and jading her to the deaths of her fellow immortals. Nergal, no matter how amazing her efforts, showed her no sign of her work, giving her nothing but expectant replies when she was successful and punished her gravely for her mistakes, which were few and far between. She also became rather fond of a single albino rat that she named Suzanne.

    On her travels she finds a legendary artifact, a dagger named Carnwennan, the stone dagger of King Arthur's himself. It cloaks her completely and udderly. Having been under Nergal's gaze for so long, she had come to resent her master, her own self-serving attitude above her fear for him, she uses the dagger's power to shroud herself from sight and then live in the new area of New York until present day.

    Living rather peacefully, she regularly uses her dagger and rats for robbery and staying under the radar. But one can only run from a Dark Elder for so long. Her horde of rats that she collected turned on her suddenly. All but her 130 'children' turned to her on one night during a heist and chased her down the alleyway, cornering her. The Dark Elder's avatar appears in the swarm, reaching out to touch her and take her immortality, or turn her into one of his own rats... But then, a blue portal appears underneath Nessa, and the world and everything about that dimension collapses. Her body is instantly transported to Portal Breach, and she is faced with another wall. Another Alleyway. In another City. And no Nergal in reach. Ever again. She slinks to the ground and her 130 rats cover her in comfort, and she holds Suzanne close. Her smile slowly appears as she realizes she's safe. For now...

    From her experiences as being a runaway from an ancient and powerful master, she's become paranoid to say the least. Her actions are careful and precise. Her life of constant assassination and burglury has also desensitized her to killing and wrong doing. She is a master of getting away with it, and she has the attitude of such. A bit confident. She's very guarded and sets up a wall for her emotions. Her normal behavior is nearly unreadable, staying shrouded just like her dagger allows. Her thoughts, however deluded and violent, stay to herself. She is spiteful internally, vengeance for wrongs is a forte for her. When she holds a grudge, it's considered a challenge to her to ...'complete' that grudge. However, she can do her best as an actor, being all smiles and happy in the light, so she may keep her true feelings in the dark.
    Filled with the abilities granted to her, Nessa is able to perform spells etc. and manipulate her aura to complete a number of tasks ranging from menial object movement to complex conjurations.
    On top of her normal wisdom from 7 centuries of experience, Nergal gifted her with ancient knowledge from before time, giving her stealth and battle experience rivaling Nergal himself.
    She has and always will be quick to heal, her status of "Demon of Pestilence" had given her the gift of regeneration, and her body doesn't stay in a mortally wounded state for long. So after fights in which people have left her for dead, she's seemingly comes back to kill with a knife in the back, or a horde of vermin overtaking them.
    -Lithe and quick-
    Nessa is small, and agile, her robberies and kills have always been in quick, precise motions. She is fast with her movements and graceful.
    Her Dagger, Carnwennan, has been with her longer than it was with King Arthur himself, and she has not only learned its secrets, but changed her visage to be one with the dagger: full of darkness, obfuscating herself from others' memories, not just her appearance.
    Centuries of being chased and followed by a heathen Elder God has kept Nessa in a constant state of feeling followed and watched. She is slow to trust and quick to judge a situation far too hazardous.
    Though she has greater strength than she looks like she can have, she is still a very small woman that can be the bane of her abilities when something simply humongous crashes down upon her, she'd most likely take more damage than a normal person.
    -Depends on Magic-
    Nessa is utterly dependant on her aura and magick, as soon as she runs low on her ability to use sorcery and the like, she becomes very vulnerable. Just being the small woman with a good swing of a fist rather than the rat-horde commanding lethal assassin.
    Once Nessa decides you are better off nonexistent, she treats you as such. Her hatred knows no bounds and is absolute. She will hate you until you have fully attoned for whatever you have done (in most cases, simply death).
    Nessa's aura, powers, and preferred company are disgusting. Herself not so much, but her abilities and her aura's smell can be quite the off-putting odor or appearance.
    Earth (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel)
    This is a Fan Character from the book series. (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series, or The Alchemyst, The Magician, The Sorceress, etc.) Having nothing to do with the main storyline, just having to do with the ideas presented in the series.
    Group(s): Human, Immortal
    This couldn't possibly be worse.

    Nessa rounds the corner off of main street, her form darkened and shrouded from other people. Each time one of the passers-by  catches a glimpse of her, they blink away from her as if she's nothing important, others even forget she's there immediately. Alright. So Carnwennen still works, so why is this all happening to her? She goes over the heist in her head. She used her dagger to enter the room, her rats took any jewelry, and she found a load of personal information. Many a time she has emptied a bank account, and the teller forgot completely about it. She would snicker at that little trick, but she's running for her life.

    What's confusing her, is that she didn't use her aura, as to not alert any magick users that may be on her trail. That's the only reason that Nergal could have found her! She blinks a bit, and feels a tug on her consciousness as she puts her back to a dark alley's wall and shrouds back into the darkness. What was that? She looks down at the swarm of rats appearing at her feet. Her 130 children, loyally guarding her ankles. Suzanne, the white rat, climbs up her leg and deposits herself on Nessa's shoulder. The little rat puts her nose near her mistress's ear and lets out an amount of squeaking. Nessa's eyes widen and she looks down at the swarm.

    "You dirty..." She finds it. A single, small rat with a dark purple aura about it, shrouded just like her dagger. Her 131 children, apparently.

    She lashes out and stomps on the rat's head, then stabs it with Carnwennen. The little thing squealing before it dissipates into nothingness.

    But suddenly, her body feels heavy, and she collapses on the ground under the great weight. Her rats squeak unhappily and scatter into the darkness, Suzanne hides in Nessa's jacket and her fur bristles uncomfortably.

    A new swarm of rats appear, along with some snakes, all manner of insects, and other vermin. They envelope her and take her futher into the alley, which turns twice before her back hits a corner. Her entire body becomes numb and the vermin's weight incapacitates her.

    A pool of purple water bubbles in front of her, and the black oozing body of Nergal appears to step up out of the ground.

    "You thought you could escape death, Child? My gift was only ever temporary... and I relieve you of it now..."

    He reaches forward quickly, and grabs at Nessa's face.

    She flinches and tries to look away, but before anything happens a burst of air and a flash of blue underneath takes her and ... she is no longer covered in vermin. She looks around to find herself in a very different alley, odd cars zoom across the street and she looks down at her feet to see a completely different world. At first, she panics, her heart rate raising once again, but then she realizes she escaped, by some miracle. She smiles widely and looks down to her jacket, Suzanne poking out of her collar. She grabs the little white thing and holds her to her face in joy. Nergal hasn't gotten her yet, and she lives another day.

    After a moment of simple rest, she turns on the street. Alright... so where is she?
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    Re: Nessa Hamelin: The Pied Piper. (FC from The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series.)

    Post by Zurg on Tue Jul 16, 2013 2:00 am

    Everything looks good to go.

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