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    Noise, Huh?



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    Noise, Huh?

    Post by Korra on Wed Jul 31, 2013 3:04 pm

    Time: 2:44 PM
    Date: July 31, 2013

    The place had been kinda quiet for a while, which made Korra a bit uneasy. It'd also been a while since either she or Sokka had seen Tenzin or Lin. Tenzin's disappearance was obvious enough but with Lin being her roommate, it was even more obvious. She and Sokka had looked high and lo, using Naga and her nose to see if they could find them, but they hadn't had any luck. At least she and Sokka kept each other occupied by spending time with each other. That was easy since their rooms were right next to each other.

    Still, Korra walked next to Naga quietly as they walked down the street. "We'll find them, Naga..." The Polar Bear Dog licked Korra's face lightly, causing her to laugh a bit as she stroked under her chin. She looked up and eyed the surrounding stores, a curious glint in her eye. None of these seemed all that familiar...she probably hadn't gone down this side of the business district before. She looked up at a two story building, head tilted. "City...Noise? What kind of store do you think that is?" She almost thought it might be music, though that was certainly a different name for it. "I bet some music will bring up our spirits!" Naga's tail wagged behind her happily, already beginning to follow Korra to the door before she turned around and pushed lightly on her muzzle.

    "Uh, Naga...I think its better that you wait here." She whimpered slightly, and Korra wrapped her arms around her. "Aaw, it'll just be a few minutes!" Naga licked her face and Korra pulled away, wiping herself with a sleeve. She walked into the doorway and looked around at the posters and unfamiliar things called a 'cd'. "Hello?" She called out, grabbing a CD up and looking it over. "What IS this..." Didn't look like a radio to her! She knocked on the plastic curiously.

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