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    Post by Ss'ruul on Sun Aug 04, 2013 10:09 am


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    An elderly Ss'ruul greets you warmly, a knowing grin stretching out her leathery and worn face. "Greetingsss, city-hossst... You have come to Chnotli'sss famousss waresss. What can an old ssshaman do for you?" Before you is displayed a quantity of miscellaneous items: from earthly remedies such as roots and spices, to alchemical concoctions in the likeness of potions and vials. Choose wisely; there is not enough to evenly go around...

    • Fire Water: a strong, cinnamon-tasting potion; heals for a percentage of health (25%) - x2 in stock ; 200 points
    • Warrior's Essence: this vial's aroma is buttery and light; increases damage output (50%) for five turns - out of stock!
    • Zsh'rr-gun Bane: +50% damage resistance to water/ice-based spells, is bubbly and incredibly refreshing; out of stock!
    • Laughing Death: a root that is bitter and oddly tastes like black licorice; its color is as dark as the night sky. Rumor has it that this rare root can revive someone back from Death's grasp - out of stock!
    • [SPECIAL ITEM] Strange Weed: it is unknown what this soggy, kelp-like plant does... Dare you buy it? x5 in stock ; 150 points


    • Pay for these items like you normally would, through the exchange subforum.
    • These items only work during this event, so be sure to use them.
    • You can only buy on characters that are participating in this event; however, you can ask the characters in this event to help afford some of these items.

      All proceeds help the Ss'ruul purchase new supplies for their caravans.

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