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    Where light dies... [!]

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    Where light dies... [!]

    Post by General Zzevix on Fri Aug 23, 2013 1:49 am

    Time: ???
    Date: August 2nd, 0004


    Already the tide was changing, its whispers dancing upon writhing flesh. With its musings brought forth uncertainty - irritation. The change will have be remedied, but first... Otherworldly eyes cast themselves forward, a slimy tentacle beckoning to an approaching shadow. "I assume you have something worthy to report, Commander Nyjal."

    Commander Nyjal, an armored warrior and veteran of many battles, slithered his way further into the chamber and respectfully saluted. He had returned but alone. "Indeed, General... I have an update from the swamps. I am confident you will want to hear what news I bring." Was that so? General Zzevix, neither man nor beast, was very eager to hear these words. Nothing more than a lumbering mass of tentacles and dark profanities, the Faceless One greeted the Commander's presence with narrowed eyes.

    "The sorceress, Vaerja - where is she, Commander Nyjal?" inquired the Faceless One. The truth was already known before even spoken.

    The Commander weakly flinched, quickly composing himself. "She is... lost to us," he carefully explained. "We encountered a scouting party from the mainland - she and her band were dispatched with little effort."

    And so it was... General Zzevix expressed obvious dismay, the air within the chamber growing heavy. "We have already collected intel that the surface-dwellers are capable when amassed. This is unsurprising, Commander Nyjal. Was it necessary to sacrifice Vaerja's life for your own ambitions into your Lady's court? Need I remind you, Commander Nyjal, that our operation mustn't fail? I find your shortsightedness aggravating."

    "...I assure you, General, her sacrifice was not in vain." Nothing but insincere talk.

    The Faceless One let out a sickening squelch, horrific face twisting and squirming. With but a flick of the General's disfigured right hand the Commander found himself lifted off the ground, a tendril of shadowy energy holding him captive. "Dispense with your pleasantries, Commander Nyjal. Because of your inept actions, the surface-dwellers are aware of our presence. You had informed me that your forces had eradicated the Ss'ruul encampment; this is surely not the case if they managed to hire mercenaries at their behest. If you had not engaged them and instead listened to my orders, then they would not be keen to the dagger being slipped into their backs." The hold only tightened, Commander Nyjal powerless.

    This, he knew. "Mercy, Faceless One, Mercy...!" rasped Nyjal. His talons tried to grip at the shadows, claws unable to grab at anything tangible. "Spare my life and I will kill them myself! This I swear to you and our Dark God, General Zzevix! Allow me to regain my honor and prove to you that I am worthy of life!"

    But the General had other ideas.

    "Negative, Commander..." The twisted pleasure in the Faceless One's voice was almost palpable. "You are going to accompany me to the siege weapon. There is work to be done, yes. I believe it hungers for more flesh..."

    "N-No... No, General! Please do not - !"

    "All in the glory of our Dark God, Commander Nyjal... All in the glory of our Dark God."

    Such was the price of the Old Ways.

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