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    Minion: Weapon/Armor/Trinket



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    Minion: Weapon/Armor/Trinket

    Post by Minion on Thu Aug 29, 2013 9:43 pm


    Name: Forget-Me Stick
    Type: Blunt Instrument/Bat
    Appearance: Looks like this~
    Description: The Forget-Me stick is a black baseball bat with a skull on it. It was used to knock people unconscious when there was no amnesia spray left, though now Minion would apply it in any situation where it needed, such as a fight. The baseball bat is enforced with black material to make it harder, knocking people into an unconscious daze if hit hard enough.
    Specifics: A one coin, two die attack. Costs 2 AP per use.


    Name: Robotic Suit
    Type: Robot Suit/Armor
    Appearance: With a handy dandy size comparison
    Description: Minion received this suit from Prixlezub after his previous one had become broken. Where Prixlezub got them from, Minion does not know. *Spoiler alert, it was a commission from Jo*. It is made out of metals gathered from the Tech Dome, but definitely not worse for it. It's still quite sturdy, and can withstand many melee attacks.
    Specifics: Represented by the Defense bar. Once depleted, the armor is insignificant and any damage affects Minion.


    Name: Knock-Out Spray
    Type: Stun-type Trinket
    Appearance: Side view and Front view.
    Description: A spray that, when sprayed right in the face, cause the recipient to pass out for a few minutes.
    Specifics: Roll a coin and stun/duration die. If HIT, then the stun/duration die determines how long the opponent is unconscious. Costs 10 AP.


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    Re: Minion: Weapon/Armor/Trinket

    Post by Zurg on Thu Aug 29, 2013 10:52 pm

    Everything looks very good.

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