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    My Hands Are Tied! ...Literally.



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    Re: My Hands Are Tied! ...Literally.

    Post by Zurg on Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:55 am

    "Mm, the colour purple is a wonderful colour, I must say~! Very... passionate." And Knock Out got that right; ruling was more hyped up than what it really was. At the Cybertronian's admission that he wasn't overlord material, Zurg had to agree. "No, you're right. You smell more like the type who admires power and sidles up to the reigning head honcho. Believe me, I've had my dealings with those." Why hello, Darkmatter and Roswellian alien.

    Hot Stuff wrote:"...Overlord Zurg."
    Ooh, that sounded positively lovely...

    Zurg managed to keep himself from shivering out of pure, unadulterated satisfaction. You know what would make this better? If you said purposely filling Knock Out's optics with hopes in order to crush them, you were right! And, maybe, a little more sadistic for your own good... The monarch just pointed a finger down at the ground and lovingly twirled it in a circle, waiting for the Cybertronian to comply. That's right, Hot Stuff. Who's your daddy? "Oh, you flatter me, surely. However, I'm already in a wonderfully committed relationship and I'm currently underage. It just so happens that I enjoy watching you get onto your knees more~!" Now, if he said any of this to Jo... well! You can bet the monarch would have another thing coming, wouldn't he? If you found an unintentional pun in the previous sentence, as some of you may, then please change your name to Barbara. Anyway, back to the humiliation!

    The Cybertronian fell to his knees, all according to plan, and he said the best thing:

    MM, YES, THIS PLEASES ME wrote:"All hail Overlord Zurg, the best Comedian this side of the galaxy and a real hunk with a tool."
    No use resisting this time around. The monarch squared his shoulders, eyes crinkling into narrowed slits, and he belted out with the best evil laughter imaginable.

    Do you doubt his wicked claims now? "OH, THAT'S TOO FUNNY! REALLY, YOU'VE GOT A KNACK, HA HA HAAAA!" Zurg continued to cackle, completely besides himself with impish glee. "Overlord Zurg, HAH! You know, it's too bad we never met a few years ago. We would have certainly had oodles of sinister, loathsome fun." But, alas, the monarch had to rein his past self's enthusiasm in and Zurg loudly cleared his throat. "Ahem! Sorry, I got a little carried away, there." That evil gleam in his eyes didn't fade away, though... At the young man's words the alien agreed, nodding in return. "Yes, he did a marvelous job," he concurred. "It shows that he's no stranger around select circuits." All good - or wicked - things must come to an end, however.

    "Alright, you've paid the service in full. You're both free to go and be merry," stated the monarch. Zurg considered himself to be a man of his word, and he wouldn't hold either of these fine lads against their will. "I suspect you don't need anything else from me, so I'll be taking my leave now. If you both ever require future services or repairs, you know where to find me. Toodles, gentlemen~!" With a respectful nod at Sokka and a rather roguish wink fluttering Knock Out's way, Zurg turned around and disappeared back into the shop.

    It was a pleasure doing business, boys~!

    In unity, before the Nine, I softly speak in #669999.
    But, in One's animosity, I hold command in #99FF00.
    Knock Out


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    Re: My Hands Are Tied! ...Literally.

    Post by Knock Out on Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:32 pm

    He considered Sokka's words before nodding and shrugging in a begrudging way. "Yes, I suppose it could be that too." It seems all three of them had a little Comedian in them. Knock Out certainly liked to interject some quips, sometimes some painful puns for mostly his own amusement. He turned back to Zurg. "Passionate, huh?" Purple brought Airachnid to mind, as well as dark energon and especially a Megatron with lots of dark energon in his system. "Passionate's definitely a word for it..." Though crazy seemed to work better in his opinion but hey.

    Even better was Zurg's little assessment of Knock Out. His face betrayed him with a frankly bewildered look before settling into a calm smirk. "You've got one talented nose." That technique never really worked well with Megatron. He already had a Second-In-Command, a treacherous one at that, and even with him gone he didn't really care much for any more that came along. Well, besides the perfect Shockwave. To him, Knock Out was simply a medic and a soldier, and after Breakdown's death he had to repeatedly prove his worth. With Starscream it was different. Despite some tense moments and especially some dislike on both sides, he had to admit that the two of them were pretty similar. Getting on Starscream's good side was easy, and Starscream wasn't Megatron. He didn't have the loyalty of the Decepticons. If he wanted to get ahead he had to rely on whoever would extend their servo, and Knock Out extended it gladly. In return, of course, for a position beside him as the new Second-In-Command.

    It was funny, Sokka was definitely the type of person to get along with an Autobot, and yet here they were getting along together. All that talk of helping where he could, and the kid seemed to be a good egg, one with a good head on his shoulders. Unlike the other Decepticons, Knock Out could admit to some upsides that humans had. They made good movies, and their work with automobiles was lovely. Human loving Autobot, he was not. But he could tolerate them and live with them. Unless they mess with his paint job...

    Oh Primus. Look at this smug, shameless alien. He watched that digit twirl in a circle, directing him onto the ground with such patience. "Really?" Huh, so tall, dark, and horned was already in a committed relationship. And underaged. Oh, the scandal! "Oh, you wound my Spark!" He clasped his servoes over his chest dramatically, oh the pain of rejection. It always stings just so! "And yet somehow, I know I'll live on with this rejection."

    Onto the ground he had gone! Knees on the pavement, servoes flat against it as well, his helm pressed down so that his optics could only see the gravel and specks of dirt. Was that a bit of chewing gum? Ew...Sokka sounded impressed with his little show, but what about Zurg, the one this was all for? A belt of maniacal laughter sounded loudly and he glanced up off the pavement.

    His mouth twitched in a smirk. No, resist it. Resist! "Oh really? Perhaps I should change my name to Knack Out." He almost wanted to smack his palm into his helm repeatedly. That was terrible! And yet he chuckled along with Zurg heartily. "Oh, I bet we would have." It was an interesting thought, to be sure. With that deed done he stood back up to his full height once more, brushing his arms to clean them a bit. "You don't serve the Decepticons for millions of Stellar Cycles without learning a thing or two on how to butter up those in charge." Such a thing could mean life or death sometimes! He nodded and waved his servo at the alien. Such an odd organic. Funny though.

    "See you around, Overlord." He had to admit that now, he could see some of that old  Intergalatic Overlord spirit in him. This would not be the last they'd see of him, oh no...he turned to Sokka and nodded his head to him. "Thank you for all of your help. I'm going to look around a bit then find a spot to recharge. See you around, kid." He gave the Water Tribe Warrior a brief salute before backing a few steps away from him. With a brief series of clicks and whirrs, Knock Out's body began to transform for the first time in this new world. Gone was the bipedal robot form, replaced instead with a car. There was a squeal of tires as the Cybertronian took off down the street. It was good to be able to change into his alt mode again...


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    Re: My Hands Are Tied! ...Literally.

    Post by Sokka on Mon Dec 23, 2013 6:38 am

    Sokka simply grinned and chuckled slightly at Knock Out's somewhat hesitant agreement. All three of those present did appear to have a good sense of humor and quite the talent for jokes… it was definitely something he was glad that they each had in common. As it was, he found himself amused by the exchange over the color purple and soon found himself reminded of Bumi's alternate king outfit back in Omashu. Come to think of it… from what he knew of Zurg, the monarch would probably have got along quite well with the Earthbender…

    The two certainly had the ruler (previous or not) thing down pat… as well as a different way of looking at things. The warrior did smile a bit as Zurg noted that he was in a relationship… right before he blinked at learning that the alien was underage. Wait, WHAT?! That didn't make any sense! Unless… age worked differently for his species… … … yeah, Sokka was going to go with that and just leave it. The red Cybertronian handled the remarks well enough though, and went along with it even better. Hopefully he'd be able to handle that feeling of 'rejection' without too much trouble.

    As Knock Out continued with his kneeling praise, the Water Tribe warrior found himself jolting a bit at the sudden outburst of evil laughter from Zurg. Wow… that… was an evil laugh that he wasn't even sure that the former Fire Lord Ozai himself was capable of. If that didn't prove the monarch's previous title, NOTHING did. And even around Zurg's joke and musing of the past, Knock Out pulled out his own pun. Now THAT was a good way to be in the face of such an exchange!

    "Heh-heh, that change might be just a little too OUT there," quipped Sokka, unable to resist joining the two in their laughter. Okay, his joke was almost as bad as Knock Out's, but the same as the Cybertronian's, it was just too hard too resist. Nodding at Knock Out's mention of the Decepticons and thinking about how he had covered part of that on their walk to the shop, the warrior looked back to Zurg and grinned at his agreement. "Indeed it does… he should do just fine here, then."

    Once Zurg announced that Knock Out had taken care of the payment in full, Sokka nodded to his mention that they were both free to head on their way. He couldn't think of anything else he needed from the Chop Shop, although he did fully plan on returning here in the event that he ever needed some sort of repairs that he couldn't take care of himself. At the monarch's farewell, Sokka returned his nod before stating, "Thanks. Goodbye for now, Zurg!"

    Turning to Knock Out just in time to catch his nod to him, Sokka nodded back with a smile of his own. "Hey, anytime. I'm just glad I was able to help. Good luck looking around. Oh, and if you need a good place to recharge, there's a nice carpark at the Stock Pot Inn… just ask around and you can find it pretty easily. See you later, Knock Out."

    Grinning a bit at the salute, Sokka gave a short one of his own before he watched the red Cybertronian back up and transform into his Satomobile form. Man, watching that never got old! With a sudden rev and screech of the tires, Knock Out was off, hopefully to get some good searching done on his own.

    As for Sokka… this had been a fun and certainly very interesting detour, and thankfully, he was still set to return to the inn with plenty of time to fix the blubbered seal steaks. A good Water Tribe dinner with his best friend sounded perfect right about now… and thus with a pleased sigh, the warrior turned round and resumed his return trip home. Onward, to Korra!

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    Re: My Hands Are Tied! ...Literally.

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