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    The Secret Ingredient



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    The Secret Ingredient

    Post by Randall on Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:23 am

    Time: 2:55 PM
    Date: 10/25/13

    The flower shop in the mall proved fruitless for the trickery Randall was up to, but at least Zurg pointed him in the right direction in search of the ingredient he needed for his 'special Halloween cupcakes'. The plant known as Artemisia Absinthium, or commonly known as grand wormwood. This plant was not unfamiliar to the monster, he had heard of it before, but the idea of using it hadn't come to mind until the purple alien assisted and told him of it. So here he was, out in the somewhat cold and bitter forest, looking for a plant that blended perfectly with other plants.

    This hunt would take a while, something of which Randall was not looking forward to. He had his mittens that Kev had made for him, boots on his feet and a scarf, but otherwise, he was bare and had little to no protection from the cold. It was nice of Kev to make him the mittens, but they felt strange--as did the boots he had found in the closet. How long were they in there, anyway? Unable to feel the ground was difficult for him at times, and the fuzz from the mittens made his fingers twitch. Clothing wasn't something he felt comfortable in, but if it kept getting colder and colder, he may have to just suck it up and get some clothes specially made for himself.

    Now then! Randall recalled the look of the plant, and tried to also recall what Zurg had said. A place where there's lots of sunlight beaming down, and also dry rather than damp. Caves were out of the question, then, and so were areas near rivers and lakes. The monster came across plants that looked similar to what he was questing for, but he realized quickly they were not. The flowers were not yellow, and their scent hinted they didn't taste 'bitter', as the alien told him.

    Crossing a river landed him a frog, which he picked up by the leg and glanced over. Perhaps he should've used toad sweat? But that would've been hard to mask the flavor! And rather disgusting, too. At least, for normal individuals. "Oh well," he said, tossing the frog in the air and eating it as he walked off, crunching on the bones and breaking them with ease. Times like these, he as glad to be a monster, having little to no issues with anything poisonous or harmful that would be to normal people. Spitting the bones out one by one, Randall came across a large group of trees that had beautiful white flowers sprouting from them.

    Could this be the place?

    Seemed like it, as he glanced over to a thick bush that held yellow flowers. The earth here wasn't soft, and it was dry to the touch--a perfect place for wormwood, no? Closer inspection made it more obvious this plant was what he was looking for, but he needed some more proof. Plucking a leaf and eating it without worry, he tasted it, savoring the flavor. Bitter, just as he wanted, but not as bitter as he thought it would be. "Huh, tastes pretty good," he said, surprised a bit as he started to break off large quantities of the bush to carry back.

    With the plant he needed in hand, it was time to head back, but first, he would need to get some alcohol. This stuff didn't really release its true potential without it, and the idea of some rum cupcakes sounded pretty good--and would also help make things more interesting when the time to hand them out came around. He'd make sure not give it to kids--as much as he disliked them, he'd rather not have a mob of angry people after him, ready to break his bones. And he liked his bones.

    "Stupid Halloween."

    With that said, the journey back was easy, and he'd be making some special treats very soon.

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