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    Judge Fear [Battle App]



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    Judge Fear [Battle App]

    Post by Fear on Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:06 pm


    Name: Mantrap
    Type: Melee
    Appearance: Judge Fear's preferred weapon of choice, mantraps are over-sized metal traps meant to capture iniquitous sinners and force them into submission. They can be thrown with or without a chain, and their steely jaws are powerful enough to chomp an adult in half. One well-placed mantrap can even bolt a door shut, preventing normal manners of escape.
    Description: Never satiated for a sinner's flesh, these mantraps are adorned with sharp, muscle-tearing teeth of steel. Each mantrap is weighty and not easy to remove, making it difficult for the average person to free themselves lest they are caught in a mantrap's awaiting maw.
    Specifics: 2d/1c per use

    AP Cost: currently 1AP per use

    Name: My Little One
    Type: Incendiary Device (bomb)
    Appearance: Those shrunken heads the Dark Judge carries around his belt are not merely for display; they are, in actuality, explosive grenades. Decrepit and leathery, these look exactly what you'd expect a shrunken head to be.
    Description: Should the need ever arise, Judge Fear may pluck a shrunken head off his belt and toss it. The resulting explosion is quite devastating and, weirdly, the shrunken heads can talk.
    Specifics: 3d/2c/1 duration die ; needs only one coin to HIT due to blast radius. If both coins are HIT, burn damage is applied ; the first damage die will continue to harm Judge Fear's opponent for the duration rolled.

    AP Cost: 5AP ; once per battle (heads are not cheap!)



    Name: Garb of Office
    Type: Armour
    Appearance: Clad in a twisted mockery of the Mega-City One Judges, Judge Fear wears the standard issue navy-blue Judge's suit complete with utility belt, joint guards, mantrap pauldrons, and cape. Aside from the apparent grinning helm, there is an ominous badge that reads: FEAR.
    Description: Although not very padded in terms of traditional armour, a Judge's uniform carries with it an air of authority. No proper Judge is without their uniform when properly disposing of the unlawful. Being a champion of undeath, Judge Fear is much more resilient than a mortal Judge.
    Specifics: 25% damage reduction against melee/physical weapons ; 50% at Level 30.



    Name: Padlock
    Type: Obstruction
    Appearance: Nothing more than a large padlock, this seemingly-innocuous device is not all that it appears...
    Description: In the event that Judge Fear is either hunting or fleeing, the Dark Judge can retrieve a padlock off his utility belt and seal one route. This may either prevent escape or thwart any would-be assailant.
    Specifics: flip a coin ; if HIT, prey or predator must seek another method of escape/pursuit.

    AP Cost: 5AP ; five turn cooldown


    LEVEL 1

    Name: Repent, Sinner! (mental attack)
    Description: For the time of judgement is at hand! Cower as your fears manifest before you... Tremble as you realize hope has abandoned you. Know justice in death and forfeit your sins!
    Specifics: 2d/1c

    AP Cost: currently 1AP per use

    LEVEL 10

    Name: No Mercy for the Wicked (demoralize)
    Description: And no rest for the righteous. In the presence of divine retribution, the iniquitous shall know Fear. So long as his presence lingers, the Dark Judge instills terror in the hearts of all corrupted souls.
    Specifics: for three turns Judge Fear's adversary has their respective die tier halved

    AP Cost: 5AP ; three turn cooldown

    LEVEL 20

    Name: Come and be Judged (stun)
    Description: There is no escape! Judge Fear tosses one of his cruel mantraps in hopes of rooting one of the damned in their place.
    Specifics: follows stun mechanics

    AP Cost: 10AP ; five turn cooldown

    LEVEL 30

    Name: Beauty in Death (summon)
    Description: Awaken, awaken! Closer toward the zenith of his original power, Judge Fear now has the ghastly ability to stir the dead from their slumber. Should the tactic prove successful, the groaning horde will obey the Dark Judge's every whim for however long he can control them.
    Specifics: follows summon mechanics

    AP Cost: 15AP ; five turn cooldown (works on vampires!)

    LEVEL 40

    Name: Assuming Direct Control (tier damage/mental attack)
    Description: The living are tainted - ignorant. Like a good shepherd with his flock, let Judge Fear guide you, sinner, to the one true law: life, in and of itself, is a crime!
    Specifics: flip three coins to determine the damage

    x1 HIT: Damage done is equal to opponent's level.
    x2 HIT: Damage done is double opponent's level.
    x3 HIT: Damage done is triple opponent's level.

    AP Cost: 20AP ; five turn cooldown

    LEVEL 50

    Name: Embrace Justice (unmissable)
    Description: The way to a sinner's "retirement" is through their heart. Reaching out and having the terrifying ability to phase, Judge Fear will waste no time speeding up the process from "happily alive" to "peacefully dead".
    Specifics: roll three die that cannot miss

    AP Cost: 25AP ; five turn cooldown

    LEVEL 60

    Name: Gaze!
    Description: Gaze into the face of Fear, mortal, and face justice! The crime is life, the sentence is death! Note: not to be misused at crazy wild undead parties.
    Specifics: flip four coins -

    x0 HIT: Weenie speed!
    x1 HIT: -25% of opponent's total health ; mild terrors
    x2 HIT: -50% of opponent's total health ; your heart is starting to quickly palpitate...
    x3 HIT: -75% of opponent's total health ; your mind is racing, your heart is bursting - your most horrific fears are unleashed before your very eyes!
    x4 HIT: Gaze into the face of DEAD - your mind and heart explode, leaving your lifeless face transfixed with sheer horror

    AP Cost: costs ALL of stamina bar to use ; bar must be halfway filled or more prior to use

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    Re: Judge Fear [Battle App]

    Post by Pirate Lord Ridley on Wed Oct 30, 2013 6:44 pm


    I see nothin' wrong with it. Then again, I'd be surprised if I did. Approved!

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