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    Grodus - Weapon, Shield, Powers 1-60



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    Grodus - Weapon, Shield, Powers 1-60

    Post by Grodus on Thu Nov 14, 2013 1:33 am


    Name: Laser Staff
    Type: Long Staff
    Appearance: A gold-hued staff with a blue orb filled with circuitry at one end.
    Description: This staff is what Grodus uses to focus his magic, though he is fully capable of casting spells without it. Also, the weapon is packing a hidden surprise: a laser projector just as powerful as one of his spells, to use if he's grown weary of casting.
    Specifics: 1 die/1 coin for melee strike, 2 dice/1 coin/1AP for the laser beam.


    Name: Grodus-X Barrier
    Type: Barrier
    Appearance: A transparent green energy field surrounding Grodus in battle.
    Description: This barrier is projected by the small X creatures Grodus can summon at will, and it enhances his defense.
    Specifics: 25 percent damage reduction until shield points are depleted.

    LEVEL 1

    Name:Flame Magic
    Description: Grodus casts a simple fire spell at his enemies when he strikes, causing extra damage.
    Specifics:2 dice/1 coin, 1 AP cost until level 20.

    LEVEL 10

    Name: Flamethrower
    Description: Grodus casts a stronger fire spell, hoping to do additional burn damage as well.
    Specifics:3 dice/2 coins, plus duration die and another damage die at half the opponent's level.
    0/2, attack misses
    1/2, normal damage
    2/2, normal damage + opponent's suffers the additional damage for the duration rolled. 5 AP, three turn cooldown.

    LEVEL 20

    Name: Haste
    Description: Offensive magic isn't the only thing Grodus can cast; here he casts a wind spell on himself to dodge an incoming attack.
    Specifics: Flip a dodge coin.

    LEVEL 30

    Name: Lightning Barrage
    Description: Grodus casts a powerful lightning spell, which is strong enough to pierce an opponent's armor or shields.
    Specifics: 6 dice/2 coin, ignores shield bars. 15 AP.

    LEVEL 40

    Name: Blizzard
    Description: Grodus casts an ice spell, trying to freeze his opponents solid.
    Specifics: Stun – 1 die/1 coin/1 duration die, 20 AP

    LEVEL 50

    Name: Wrath of the Heavens
    Description: Grodus casts his strongest lightning spell, a strike that moves so fast nearly nothing can dodge.
    Specifics: Unmissable, 3 dice, five turn cooldown, 25 AP

    LEVEL 60

    Name: Shadow Lightning
    Description: Even though Grodus was not unfortunate enough to be struck by this spell of the Shadow Queen's, given how he called her forth he is aware of the spell's existence and may even cast it himself, provided he has the strength for it. He calls down a barrage of lightning, these bolts colored a solid black rather than the blazing gold as typical for normal thunder spells. These shadowy lightning bolts are capable of vaporizing anything they strike.
    Specifics:Finisher, uses ALL AP, must have at least half remaining to cast. Flip four (4) coins -

    0/4 HIT, the attack completely misses.
    1/4 HIT, the target's current HP is reduced by 25%.
    2/4 HIT, the target's current HP is reduced by 50%.
    3/4 HIT, the target's current HP is reduced by 75%.
    4/4 HIT, the target is killed/KO'd


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    Re: Grodus - Weapon, Shield, Powers 1-60

    Post by Zurg on Thu Nov 14, 2013 7:50 pm

    Try not to set any toadstools on fire.

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