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    Cailia Hallow : Weapons/ Powers level 10 - 50

    Cailia Hallow
    Cailia Hallow


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    Cailia Hallow : Weapons/ Powers level 10 - 50

    Post by Cailia Hallow on Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:32 am


    Name: Furnaide
    Type: Great Sword [Foreign Origin]
    Appearance: Furnaide Appearance
    Description: A great sword with a a metal being fairly tempered and light in color. The blade is a modest length of four and a half feet and length, and its hilt being a foot and a half feet of length. The blade bears markings, carved in by Cailia herself at some point in time but luckily enough they do absolutely nothing. Don't be fooled by that ornate handle, this is a blade meat to heave and cleave meat and bones apart when given the chance. A true beseker class weapon.
    Specifics: 1 Coin/1 Dice

    Name: Organ Displacer
    Type: Bazooka [RPG Class]
    Appearance: Organ Displacer
    Description: A ingenious weapon crafted by only the most insane of brain-pods, the Organ Displacer (patent pending) will be the envy of all your friends! Use it at parties; use it at the ballgame; even use it at court against your ex-wife! But whatever you do... DON'T point it at yourself! This weapon simply triangulates upon an opponent's organ, one of your choosing, and either jumbles it around inside their body or places it happily outside of their body for the birds to pick at.
    Specifics: 3dice/1coin; if HIT, organ is outside of opponent's body

    AP Cost: 3AP per use; three turn recharge

    Name: Atomic Bazooka
    Type: Particle Canon
    Appearance: Atomic Bazooka
    Description: This is a weapon of war and as such should be pointed at the ground at all times unless fired.
    Specifics: 3dice/1coin; if HIT, organ is outside of opponent's body

    AP Cost: 3AP per use; three turn recharge


    Name:The Devil's Coat
    Type: Archane Aura Shield
    Appearance: Shield Invoked
    Description: When utilizing the power of her demonic heritage, Cailia can turn the power into a visible shield. Surrounded by a strong purple aura and a output of dark feelings, Cailia can be protected.
    Specifics: 50% damage reduction against physical and melee attacks; Cailia cannot attack while preparing her shield

    AP Cost: 5AP

    LEVEL 01

    Name: Fury Strikes
    Description: By lashings out multiple times with her great sword, she can inflict damage to her foes.
    Specifics: 1 Coin/2 Dice per strike

    AP Cost: 1AP per strike

    LEVEL 10

    Name: Sealing Circles
    Description: By drawing a rune circle on her hand, Cailia can halt supernatural or magical power for a limited number of turns. Visual Appearance
    Specifics: Flip a coin and roll a duration die; if HIT, opponent cannot use magic or supernatural powers for however long the duration die lasts

    AP Cost: 5AP per use; three turn recharge

    LEVEL 20

    Name: Hella Healin' Hands
    Description: Thanks to the handy dandy genetics of being a hybrid between a human and a demon, Cailia gets much better healing than you.
    Specifics: Roll three die her level; number rolled heals her HP pool.

    AP Cost: 10AP; five turn recharge

    LEVEL 30

    Description: Cailia can make shadowy malicious almost self aware copies to do her bidding or attack and defend.
    Specifics: flip five coins - however many that are HIT equals the amount of dopplegangers made. Each doppleganger may attack or defend, but no post may exceed the "6 dice limit" rule for that post. Dopplegangers may only last one turn.
    AP Cost: 15AP; five turn recharge

    LEVEL 40

    Name: Let's Dance, Boys!
    Description: Effecting the shadows around her with her personal energy, Cailia can attempt to snag a foe in a mixture of shadow and a flurry of arcane power.
    Specifics: flip one (1) coin, roll one (1) die, and roll one (1) duration die ; if HIT and damage is equal to or greater than half of Cailia's level, then the stun is a success and damage is dealt. If HIT but the roll is less than equal to or more, the stun fails but damage is still dealt. If the coin is MISS, everything is unsuccessful.

    AP Cost: 20AP ; five turn recharge

    LEVEL 50

    Name: Shit Pushed In
    Description: You wanna mess with the baddest broad around? HA. Yeah no, Pal. Cailia decided that you are really working her nerve and royally pushes your shit so far in your thirst is quenched by the water in her knee.
    Specifics: Three Unmissable dice of her tier. Costs 25 AP per go. 5 turn cool down.


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    Re: Cailia Hallow : Weapons/ Powers level 10 - 50

    Post by Zurg on Mon Dec 02, 2013 2:27 pm

    Made the necessary edits and added the Level 50 Power.

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