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    The Mask Slipped, Oops

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    The Mask Slipped, Oops

    Post by Crowley on Tue Dec 10, 2013 12:12 am

    8:00pm ((by my timezone))

    Leaning against the inside of his door, Crowley let out a deep breath that he had almost certainly been holding at least most of the way here from the rooftop of the Sanctuary. That had been entirely too close for comfort.

    That had been bad. The mask had slipped, and he'd let out a little more than he should have. There were only four witnesses, one of which he trusted by virtue of her actual self, as opposed to the other three whom he trusted merely by the fact that they were too weak to do anything about the situation. The mathematician on the garbage heap had started the process, and by the time he'd left Crowley'd been too far into the process for anyone of that red-shirt's caliber to pull him out of it, ignoring the fact that long ears hadn't been helping the situation. It was long past time to ki- Crowley chopped off that thought mid-formation.

    He'd almost shed his skin in that encounter, and though Jak likely wouldn't have survived the next few moments, Crowley's current level of control, low as it was, meant he would probably never have been able to regain the semblance of human form he'd grown so fond of, after losing it to a fit of hunger. Distracting himself with intellect, he began to consider the mathematician who had started it all, how Crowley had had a not-quite rational reaction to his condescension, and by the time the man had realized something was going on, Jak had decided to compound the problem by displaying a variety of the traits Crowley found so delicious in a human. Had he been calm, that would probably have been enough to set off gales of laughter and probably some inappropriate commentary, but as it was it brought out some of the baser instincts, those that he shared with his brothers, however unwillingly.

    In a word, Jak made him hungry.

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