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    A fire is coming

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    A fire is coming Empty A fire is coming

    Post by Universal NPC on Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:58 pm

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    Date: 01/06/14

    Smoke filled the air which was thick with the smell of roasted flesh. The bodies that were strewen about the area were scorched far beyond recognition. Their skin melted and bubbled, stretched across their bones where it had peeled and become crispy in the heat of the flames. The buildings in which the bodies laid were no better off, fire had ravaged them to their foundation, leaving only smouldering remains to glow like ghost lights in the cold air of the night.

    The blaze had consumed half of the block, the old buildings like kindling. A black pot mark on the body of the otherwise gloomy outer district. Around survivors began to crowd, some crying, others deadlocked with their own shock at the horror of what had taken place. One stood far away, eyes hidden behind black lenses at the mayhem, a permanent frown forever etched upon pale skin.

    And who had been the one to start such a fire? Where was the source from which such destruction had been birthed? Only a few words, burnt into the remains of a wall gave clue. Those that saw it began to whisper, the words slowly rising as a chant as fear and paranoia began to seep into the hearts and minds of those that lurked upon the edges.

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