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    [!] The Creeping Shade

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    [!] The Creeping Shade

    Post by Game Master on Tue Feb 11, 2014 3:58 am

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    Date: February 10th, 0004

    Do you want to play a game?

    But the choice was already made, when the clock struck Zero Six Four Two. And now the hour was freshly at seven and the game had begun for the sleepy gamma.

    Silence deep within the forest. The Kindle Forest peaceful the the chilly grip of the icy tempest known as winter was sleeping away a long snowy nap until a rumble and moan erupted from its depths. The earth beneath the forest shook, the woods moving in turn ever so slightly before the ground went calm. It or rather something was stirring to life deep within, slithering and crawling, consuming all in the path inch by inch. Tendrils, nay vines long and dark writhe from the blackest shadows of the wood and wrap about the early dawn light to blot it all out. The once peaceful wood was darkening, becoming hostile and foreign as the creeping thorns pushed through like a sickly poison. They push onward, covering the entire forest then spreading past the edges. The sharp points like knives pointed to the heavens like fingers scraping furiously at the sky. Bushes of thorns crop up, twisting up to the sky morphing their sizes to that of small trees and blocking any consistent path. It took so little time, for the change to descended upon the tress, but the progress would not cease so soon.

    The forest was lost to the increasing thicket, but the growth had hardly ceased, it continued onward past the newly claimed territory. Their sights were set on a far fairer prize. Oh such pretty lights that gleam, such beautiful monoliths. Soon, they would belong to the thrall of the thorns. The blood that walks in your veins, city of lights would soon be choked, crushed and buried beneath the sprawl.

    All in good time though, for now, Portal City would soon find a rather unpleasant visitor encroaching on their homes and it would be most discourteous.

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