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    A Breath of Fresh Air



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    A Breath of Fresh Air

    Post by Joshua on Tue Feb 25, 2014 12:04 am

    Time: 6:00am
    Date: 25/02/14

    There was no real purpose to coming out here beyond a selfish desire to be alone, to soak up the sunlight and to revel in the absence of human thoughts and emotions that, while in the city, set upon him from all sides, loud, oppressive, and never ending. Even in his sleep, or that light, easily broken reverie that passed for sleep in this place, his mind was always busy trafficking the constant noise into something his mind might more easily sift through for relevance, for understanding, or for some measure of peace. That peace had not yet been found, not in the several months since his arrival and depowering. Joshua had been left with an overdose of powers in some departments, and a complete absence in others, leaving him woefully unprepared to deal with both the new world around him and what was going on within the bounds of his own head.

    And so he stood upon a plank, rising and falling with the swells of the waves, feet damp with the occasional splash from the ocean, all that separated him from the dark depths of the sea a small wooden board and some considerable mental fortitude. The mainland was visible on the horizon, not a faint speck but much larger; much beyond what an ordinary human swimmer would consider a possible distance to make, but not beyond the abilities of many who made this place their home; Joshua was one of the latter, he had not come out here to let himself drown; in fact just the reverse. He had come all the way out here, where little smudged the horizon beyond the one jutting spike of the mainland, to recover from drowning. His mind was able to rest, even while keeping him afloat and keeping his body functioning, those parts that almost never rested having their first chance since the moment he had appeared here to rest and recover.

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