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    So, That Was...Disturbing

    Knock Out
    Knock Out


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    So, That Was...Disturbing

    Post by Knock Out on Wed Apr 02, 2014 4:47 pm

    Knock Out glanced down at his buzzsaw and transformed it back into a hand, stepping away from the Witch. Well, there went that. So much for trying to get in one last attack. He'd missed by a mile. How he missed that monstrous leg, he had no idea. A sudden shockwave sounded and Knock Out looked to see the female troll at the center of it. Quite the gift exchange.

    The leg had been split open, and the blood came out and quickly crystallized, acting as a crude cast. The witch seemed to be attacking itself, ripping its own arms open and swinging them in the air. Blood rained down upon them, Knock Out crying out with some pain as a leg and an arm were impaled by several crystals of the blood. "AGH! Primus, that HU-" Any bitching was stopped in its tracks. Metal screeched, something shattered, and the pain from before suddenly stopped. The energon inside of him ran cold. Both of his servoes moved to his chassis, optics glancing down to find a crystal sticking out. His body shuddered for a moment and he collapsed to his knees, body beginning to turn gray. It only took a few seconds for him to die, for everything to go black as his body turned into data and swirled in the wind, but a few seconds was all it took for a lot of thoughts to go through his processor.

    He'd already accepted the inevitable by this point, but he didn't want to die. He was a Doctor, right? Couldn't he fix it? What kind of Doctor was he if he was just going to let himself die!? Though, an injury to the spark chamber was a death sentence. Not even the best Doctor could fix that. He was going to die, and it wasn't even going to be in a battle with the Autobots. It was a battle with a creature, a situation where they had been toyed with like puppets. Obedient puppets.

    Puppets for red

    Puppets for chaos

    They were used and punished swiftly! They had been set into a trap, one they sprung for themselves! The Puppet master may win for now, but on his spark, he was going to make whoever that was PAY.


    Time: 12:11 PM
    Date: February 18, 2014

    In the parking lot for small store, a fancy, European Sports car was parked, sitting prone and still. The red paintjob seemed to shine in the sunlight, and everything was at peace. ...Until the car suddenly reconfigured itself into a biped robot and kneeling in fight ready position. One servo had transformed into a buzzsaw and the other clasped itself over his chassis, optics wide and darting around the area in search of something that wasn't there. There was no massive Witch to be found, no mysterious red being with puppet strings upon his fingers. Only one woman who was on her way to her own car. Human and Cybertronian stared at each other for a few more moments before the woman reacted.

    "AAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH MONSTEEEER! DON'T KILL ME!" The woman threw down her bags of goods and practically dove into her car before tearing down the street, loud honks indicating that she was driving wildly. Knock Out straightened his pose and rubbed the back of his neck. "Awkward..." Well...ahem. He looked around with scrutinizing optics. This wasn't the forest, nope. Looked like the city. In fact, it looked like the parking lot he'd spent the last few nights recharging in. He was also no longer the size of a human, now back to his own, usual height. He looked himself over quickly and gave a sigh of relief, no damage at all! He was nearly as shiny and pristine as the day he first scanned his current alt mode!

    "Was it all...a dream?" He contemplated, deciding with a shake of his head that no, it was not. It had been an incredibly vivid experience. He really had died after all. But then, how long had it been? And what became of the Witch? The lack of a shield indicated that the city was safe again, but the Witch...the red chaotic thing. Had it died? Or just moved on from the original Witch? He looked at the items dropped by the woman, picking out a newspaper and pulling it out of the pile to read it. The 18th? And it had last been the 11th...7 days. Not too bad but still a little startling. "Hmm..." In a swift movement, the Cybertronian transformed into a car once more and raced out of the parking lot himself. He had questions, he needed to find some answers.

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