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    Last Testament of Foolish Pride



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    Last Testament of Foolish Pride

    Post by Grodus on Fri Apr 04, 2014 12:32 am

    Time: 1:00 PM
    Date: 3/25/2014

    Grodus wasn't sure why he had decided to venture in this direction, the reports and articles he found about the incidents in this area certainly said there wouldn't be much here to find. Or at least not much that would be very useful to him, anyway. Still, it usually paid off to see something like this with one's own eyes, if only to remind himself that one misstep could result in similar consequences.

    The technomage cleared the next rise, and there it was . . . what little remained of the charred ruins of BLACKCAT.

    "A mansion, out here in the middle of nowhere? And here I thought I have potential to be arrogant..."

    He wasn't sure he wanted to go much closer, given the destruction that had unfolded here was obvious even from this distance. After a moment he shrugged and ventured further in anyway, though he would not dare set foot in the ruined building. His sensors told him it was quite unstable. Anything that may have been of use within had long since burned to ashes or was reclaimed by the last beings that set foot here.

    In one corner of the courtyard, there was an odd pile of what looked to be obsidian, though a bit of scanning proved there was not much in common with the standard volcanic rock other than the appearance. Grodus stepped closer and claimed a tiny fragment; it might prove useful to be analyzed later. He was fairly sure he would not find much out on the shard's origins, however.

    It did not take the sorcerer long to grow bored of glancing over the wreckage, and so he turned to leave. This place was in too deteriorated of a condition for him to move in and take over, after all. As Grodus passed the ruined gates, however, his sensors picked up on a faint magical signature. "Oh, hello; what's this?"

    Looking down, he spied a strange crystalline rock near his feet, which he bent down and picked up to investigate further. Something quite magical had been contained within this thing, but whatever it was, it had long since passed from this world, leaving only a trace of its power behind. Finding it rather interesting, and he would no doubt need a paperweight when he finally claimed a new lair, Grodus pocketed the still faintly glowing stone.

    Having seen all he cared to, the technomage turned and left the area, hoping his next destination would be more useful than this one.

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