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    Screaming Profanity



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    Screaming Profanity

    Post by Lunette on Mon May 19, 2014 3:35 am

    TIME: 05:04
    MARCH 15TH, YEAR 4

    Many profanities had been shouted this morn, with the wet air causing a thick layer of mist and fog. The sun hadn't even begun to spring up, and in the dark and cold of the forest, Lunette sat and cried in her mud puddle. Her mother's necklace, stolen. Her clothes, filthy. Her fur, dirty and wet. She couldn't help but cry a little. Normally strong, falling from a good height into a mud puddle and seeing the shadows of the culprits get away wasn't exactly something that would make one feel strong. Especially since she was taken by surprised, knocked in the back of the head and mugged! Though her mind was full of sadness at the moment, once it cleared, the feline wiped her face and smeared some of her make-up, getting out from the mud puddle and hobbling around the forest.

    She tried to recall the shapes and sizes of the shadowed people, wondering if she could match them with anyone she might've come across, or heard of. Nothing really came to her mind except the need to find shelter and get warm. She shivered and groaned, "I hate being wet... and cold... those stupid people... who does that... jerks, that's who..." a sniffle escaped her as she kept marching through the forest, heading in no particular direction. It didn't matter to her right now, anyway. She just kept her ears perked up for any sounds of movement, in case, God forbid, some bear came around and decided it wanted some early breakfast.

    But marching, marching, marching onwards...

    Over bushes that had thorns, small rivers with wet rocks and no bridge, and mud being caked into her fur, this was far from ideal. Lunette was indeed used to getting dirty in the woods, gathering and searching for things, and meeting her friend that lived and guarded the forest. But this? She never got this filthy. Nor wet. Nor anything! "I hope I get out of this stupid place soon..." she said, stopping and crouching down for a moment. Her tail tried to wrap around her, but it too was caked thick with mud and dirt, and instead, she just let it drag on the ground. "If I find whoever did this, I'm going to make them wish I was never born..." a small catty hiss came out along with those words, ears back and nose scrunched.

    Lunette rose from the ground and continued onwards, walking blind through the woods. She'd have to come across something eventually. She was angry, and tired, and her state of awareness wasn't very good. An easy target for someone who'd wish to descend upon her. Luckily, this was tagged. So there!

    Walk, walk, walk...

    And out she finally came from the forest! Into the plains, actually, and didn't even really notice. She just kept walking, until she finally looked up, noticing the lack of trees and saw the lights of a city. "... How long have I been walking...?" she thought, rubbing her eyes. The sun had begun to rise, but slowly, and she wouldn't get to the city she saw across the plains until perhaps near noon. That thought made her want to fall down and sleep where she was, but... ick. The more she let this filth build up on her, the harder it would be to remove it! She would just have to keep going...

    "Maybe I can get help..." if she could get there, maybe some policemen or something could help her find her necklace, too. But first, she needed to get cleaned up and rest...

    And then onwards to the ass-kicking.

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