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    Judge Fear: Powers [Revision of Doom!]



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    Judge Fear: Powers [Revision of Doom!]

    Post by Fear on Fri Jul 18, 2014 9:51 pm

    Boy, what a doozy!

    Since these abilities incorporate elements from both the compendium of powers and through careful study of psi-talent references taken from official Judge Dredd RPG books, I've managed to compile a list of potential abilities. In order to compensate for these powers, I have completely removed several things from the previous fighting sheet: a stun, a dodge, damage enhancer, demoralize, tier damage, and an unmissable. To reiterate, Judge Fear is no longer a bruiser/offensive fighter and is now instead a psychic support for his fellow Dark Judge of the law, Judge Mortis. Or even Judge Noodle, if he'd be so unlucky.

    The biggest eye-raiser is no doubt Gestalt, which is a power that is not only canon but also an incredible drain on the user; hence the ridiculous AP costs and cooldowns upon abilities enhanced by Gestalt. Should anyone claim that Gestalt and its applications are OP, allow me to humbly say this: Judge Fear is significantly vulnerable when separated from his brother, whom he heavily relies upon to deal the bulk of their collective damage.

    Apart from his mantraps and basic melee, Judge Fear offers no real damage of his own. If there are any questions or concerns, or if a power(s) need to be revised, please let me know!

    LEVEL 01

    Name: Mind Probe (information discovery)

    Description: It is criminal to hide useful knowledge from the law, and a guarded mind is nothing more than a safe begging to be cracked. Any character or subject currently at the heart of Judge Fear's focus within a 60ft radius, provided they are not Portal Deities or an entity well out of his league, yields one weakness or strength to him. This is an ability that can be used repeatedly, although there is a cooldown in-between probing sessions. Able to be used upon people and animals, but not machines or inorganic minds.

    Specifics: flip a coin ; if HIT, a weakness or strength is learned from the opponent

    Gestalt: flip two coins ; only one needs to be HIT, and a weakness or strength from the opponent can be substituted for personal knowledge regarding a specific subject - focus of the probe cannot be vague

    AP Cost: 3AP per use ; three turn cooldown
    AP Cost (Gestalt): 6AP per use ; five turn cooldown

    LEVEL 10

    Name: True Sight (enhanced detection)

    Description: A perceptive Judge is an industrious Judge, and there is little that escapes the law's vigilant eye. In the presence of those who think to conceal their truer natures or dabble in both illusions and astral projections, Judge Fear is not ignorant of such tricks. He will immediately and automatically see a creature or individual through its guise, no matter how elaborate or crude, and he will do so in broad daylight or absolute darkness. This ability has a range of 120ft. from the user and it does not enable Judge Fear to see through objects or inclement weather by its lonesome.

    Specifics: flip a coin ; if HIT, Judge Fear sees the truth behind the lies. If MISS, he sees a partial truth and will remain highly suspicious. Should the Dark Judge be within touching range of either his brother, Judge Mortis, or someone else he wishes to convey the information to, he may reach out and envelop a second party to see what he sees.

    Gestalt: the coinflip is removed, but Judge Fear may not share his sight with another through touch

    AP Cost: 5AP ; three turn cooldown
    AP Cost (Gestalt): 10AP ; five turn cooldown

    LEVEL 20

    Name: Suggestion (psychic manipulation)

    Description: The law is your friend, sinner. Lower your mental defenses and listen to the voice of reason! His words persuasive and his demands absolute, Judge Fear is now able to strongly influence a single character to commit one action according to his wishes. This action cannot be obviously self-destructive, although it can be worded in a way that subtly hints otherwise, and the command must be issued clearly in one sentence. Lasts a single turn.

    Specifics: flip two (2) coins --

    x0 HIT: complete failure
    x1 HIT: opponent has a chance for a saving throw during their next turn ; they may flip a coin to break free
    x2 HIT: opponent must completely abide by Judge Fear's mental suggestion

    Gestalt: Empowered Suggestion/Mass Suggestion

    Empowered: only one coin needs to HIT in order for complete success ; still lasts a single turn
    Mass: Judge Fear may manipulate up to sixty NPCs or five player characters, one target per level @Lv 60 ; still requires two coinflips on each target

    AP Cost: 10AP ; five turn cooldown
    AP Cost (Gestalt): 15AP ; five turn cooldown

    LEVEL 30

    Name: Undeath (summon/disease)

    Description: Think you can escape the law in death, sinner? Think again! Using dark and otherworldly powers bent to his eternal will, Judge Fear is able to imbue a corpse with a shadow of its formal soul. It shall rise not as a person but as a zombie, doomed to walk the earth so long as the Dark Judge has a purpose for it. Take heed, those who cling stubbornly to life! The walking dead are not known for their immaculate hygiene, where even a single bite or scratch can spell death... And to the just few who are asked to arise once more, think of it as jury duty with a vengeance.

    Specifics: combat - 3d/2c ; if one coin is HIT, half damage. If both coins are HIT, full damage and the opponent loses a limb or appendage to rot. Should the opponent be mechanical or otherwise inorganic in nature, the zombies will simply rip off a limb instead. Out of combat - zombies can be used to test traps, scout out paths, and otherwise be used as general fodder. Do not trust them to make a lovely pot of tea!

    NOTE: Judge Fear can control up to sixty NPC zombies for sixty hours ; one hour per corpse @Lv. 60
    NOTE: Zombies are very strong but also very stupid

    Gestalt: zombies are given the Touch of Mortis ability (Decay), and quickly rot whomever they touch! Only one coin needs to be HIT, instead of two.

    AP Cost: 15AP ; five turn cooldown ; takes one turn to summon
    AP Cost (Gestalt): 20AP ; five turn cooldown ; takes one turn to summon

    LEVEL 40

    Name: Gestalt (psychic empowerment/conduit)

    Description: We are all united in death! Those within a 10ft. range of Judge Fear and both willing and already knowing of the move, Gestalt, are henceforth allowed to tap into his immense psychic energies. His powers, excluding the Level 60 finisher, are available to those who join with the Dark Judge's mind. A word of caution, however... Judge Fear's psyche is a dangerous and terrifying place where no mortal is meant to lightly tread. Should anyone other than his brothers wish to merge with the Dark Judge's perverse influence, there is a high possibility of lingering corruption. Embrace at your own peril!

    Specifics: combat - when Gestalt is active, Judge Fear's abilities are momentarily enhanced and those who willingly synchronize with his mind are capable of utilizing his twisted powers. The same is true for himself, as well ; Judge Fear may access his partners' psychic abilities and emulate them, even if he has no prior knowledge or training. He may not use any finishers but his own, however. AP costs are also increased on powers that are boosted by Gestalt. This ability lasts for three turns, Gestalt either ending or given additional AP for continued use.

    NOTE: can establish a psychic merge with Judge Mortis
    NOTE: mortals who psychically merge with the Dark Judge have a higher risk of engaging in alarming behaviour or thinking ; this includes but is not limited to: homicidal desires, suicidal desires, a desire to inflict great bodily harm on both others and self, and a desire to worship death in all of its just and legal practices

    AP Cost: 20AP ; five turn cooldown ; may spend an additional 5AP per turn

    LEVEL 50

    Name: Psychic Surgery (ally mental heal)

    Description: Not all psychic abilities focus on harming one's foes. One of the greatest powers known to specialized telepaths, psychic surgery is a useful ability when pitted against opposing psychic entities and their powers. Although this ability cannot be used on himself, should anything happen to Judge Mortis that otherwise renders the Dark Judge psychically inoperable or controlled, Judge Fear will be at the ready to reverse such grotesque violations of a Judge of the law. This ability will negate any psychic suggestion, domination, hoodwink, or any other similar compulsion that exists within the mind. Psychic abilities that induce madness, implant fictitious memories, or wipe the mind completely will also be reversed. Very stressful on the psychic who uses this ability.

    Specifics: roll three (3) die -- the total amount rolled heals the target, while also bringing their state of mind back to an optimal setting. Can be used on any ally in both combat and out of combat, but cannot be used on Judge Fear himself.

    Gestalt: able to be used twice per battle, but at an even greater cost

    AP Cost: 25AP ; once per battle
    AP Cost (Gestalt): 35AP ; Judge Fear cannot use psychic abilities for three turns
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    Re: Judge Fear: Powers [Revision of Doom!]

    Post by Tally on Sun Jul 20, 2014 12:12 am

    Look at you, being all fancy with your RPG books. I guess I can accept this, you Sinner.

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