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    The Truth Comes Out



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    The Truth Comes Out

    Post by Minion on Mon Jul 28, 2014 2:21 am

    Time: 3:00 PM
    Date: February 8, 2014

    That run-in at Jo's had made him feel guilty. He had always seen Jo Pistonne as a friend, and he'd lied to her face. Right to her face! He'd wanted a fresh start though, because he didn't want to be a nannyfish anymore. He was going to be someone new, someone different. Someone that people wouldn't have expectations for. Someone that people weren't going to question. Especially now, he'd been 'dead' for so long...if he revealed who he was, there'd be so many questions. And Megamind...would be first in line. He had no words for that impostor, and he wouldn't explain a thing to him. He didn't want to see him ever again, not unless it was well and truly his friend, his brother. Until then, the impostor could look for a new nannyfish.

    Mitchell Finley was here to stay! ...But at what cost? Those impostors deserved to think he was dead, but...did Jo? She'd never done anything to wrong him, after all...he didn't exactly have many people he could call friend. Zippy and Barry were gone, and he remembered a time where he felt pretty close to the two of them. Zippy had even expressed worry over how Megamind treated him back then...was that 'Megamind' even ever his real Megamind? Had he been fooled twice? Or did the same Megamind just try to repeat what he'd done? Mitchell ran his hands through his hair and sighed, he really didn't know what to think or believe anymore, when it came to him. For the longest time, as long as he could remember, Megamind had been the one constant in his life, Roxanne Ritchi not far behind, even if for a good chunk of it she had mostly been their hostage. But now there was a lot of doubt on who those people really were. What kind of people they were. And why they had done the things they had done.

    Brown eyes connected with brown and Mitchell let out a sheepish chuckle. Of course, how could he forget? He gave a small wave in the direction of the female across the room. "I'm sorry, this must be awkward..." Here he was, insisting on talking with her about something important and he was thinking of other things! Though, the two were actually deeply connected...after that meeting with Jo and Zurg, he now felt a bit like he had to tell someone the truth...his lady friend stared back silently, and Mitchell gulped anxiously. She knew something was going on, couldn't pull the wool over her eyes! A smart one, she was. "I w-wanted to tell you..." Mitchell winced visibly as his voice seemed to crack.

    "I haven't been entirely truthful with you...Mitchell Finley isn't my name. My name is actually...well...Minion. I know, I know, its a strange name. It just sort of...stuck, you know? And I know Minion's an odd name for a human and that leads me to truth number two...I'm sorry I've lied to you. You don't even know what the real me looks like." He held out a wrist, and placed a hand over his watch. "Just please...don't think differently of me. I have my reasons for lying, I promise." Here goes...a toned, muscular human hand turned, the watch letting out a soft click, and the visage disappeared. Standing there was not a brown eyed, black haired human, but a robotic suit and a fish encased in the bowl at the very top of the suit. The fish had moved himself backwards, until his body hit the edge of his tank, as he awaited the other's reaction. His eyes clenched shut, mouth turned downward in a grimace.

    ...Gurgle gurgle...

    His eyes popped back open, revealing the very same brown eyes the human had had. "Oh Goldy, you're not mad?" The goldfish in the tank merely bobbed in place, though it did look slightly bewildered that another fish, a strange looking one, was talking to her. "I know, I look a little...strange, I'm actually an alien fish. But even though you only just now learned my true name and what I really look like...I'm still the same Mitchell Finley you knew before! I'm still...Minion." He walked forward and placed a robotic hand upon Goldy's tank, a soft yet sad smile upon his face.

    This had been an exercise, really. An exercise in telling someone the truth. Though obviously a person would have a different reaction than the one Goldy had had, he needed to practice on someone, and Goldy would make do for now. He wanted to tell someone, yet at the same time, he feared what would happen. Maybe he ought to just forget he was ever even Minion. Just...convince himself that he was really Mitchell Finley. Maybe then he'd feel more confident to go out and meet new people. But then...he'd only be lying to himself. Minion sighed, and stared at his reaction in the glass of his own tank. He wished it didn't have to be so complicated. But he knew what he was getting into when he'd first started talking to Prixlezub about Megamind. The way he was...sitting him down to talk would never have worked, no matter how much he seemed to want to talk when he'd returned from being kidnapped. It only took his being kidnapped to get the alien to remember that Minion had been his first friend, his partner in crime, his loyal confidant. What would it have taken if he forgot again? His death? And even then...he'd spoken with him before. The alien was flighty, forgetful, and went back on his word. When the true Megamind started treating him badly, he left him. He returned, of course, but he still left. And when he was snubbed again by this...impostor, he had faked his death and left once more.

    And he would never go back to the way he was before.

    His brown eyes hardened, and in a swift movement of the wrist the visage appeared once again. Mitchell gave Goldy a slight smile and grabbed her fish food, sprinkling it into the tank. "I'm off to get some lunch! Don't wait up for me!" The goldfish ate up her fish food, snatching it up out of the water with a blank look on her face, and Mitchell left. The door locked behind him, he made his way to the stairs to get some food for himself, and bring it back to the room. He'd have to think on this a bit more, before he even thought about spilling any beans to Jo. Though maybe she did deserve a visit again...preferably one without laser eyes.

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