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    Birthday Delivery



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    Birthday Delivery

    Post by Minion on Sun Nov 09, 2014 4:58 pm

    Time: 8:00 AM
    Date: 11/05/0005

    Minion had always been the type of fish to wake up early in the day to get stuff done. Early to bed, early to rise and all that good stuff! Minion had woken up early with a mission for today though, and had made full use of the kitchen in his room to do it. He had almost decided to concoct his plan the night before, but realized that it wouldn't be a good idea. What he had planned needed to be delivered fresh! Not cold from sitting on the counter for several hours. Minion only hoped that his memory was correct and that today was the right day. If he was wrong, well, at least that could still be a neat surprise for Jo, right? Everyone loves surprises!

    The hologram form of Mitchell Finley strolled its way through the city, humming under his breath and hands full of two plastic tupperware containers. It was still rather early, the sun only just peeking up over the horizon, and not many other people were out on the sidewalk. It didn't take him long to find the building he was searching for, Mitchell smiling a bit as he approached the door. The store didn't seem open, he wasn't even sure if she'd be working on her birthday, but he'd leave it here all the same. It just seemed a little too...creepy to just waltz up to her house. Nope, the shop would suffice. Mitchell placed both tupperware containers down, shoving them as close to the door as he could, so that they would not be stomped or kicked out of the way by careless people on the sidewalk. Inside the tupperware on the top were some more of those chocolate chip cookies Jo seemed to like so much. They were not alone however, as also inside was a cupcake. The tupperware on the bottom had a few vanilla crisp cookies, a lot healthier and perhaps not as flashy as the chocolate chips cookies. The extra lemon zest might be delicious though, and it wasn't like putting someone into diabetic shock was worth creating a flashy dessert. This tupperware container also had a cupcake, a vanilla one topped with mixture of purple and light blue frosting, and a pair of crude icing horns sticking out the top. Mitchell looked over the tupperware, even stepping back and walking around to make sure his hard work wasn't going to be kicked aside before giving a nod of approval. Only one thing left to do now! Mitchell reached into a pocket and withdrew a small folded piece of paper, placing it on top of the containers and going about his merry way.

    On the paper was a simple message, a Happy Birthday! signed with an 'M' and a doodle of a fish.

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