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    Spenst (Ben 10 Fan Character)



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    Spenst (Ben 10 Fan Character)

    Post by Spenst on Wed Nov 26, 2014 5:13 pm


    Name: Spenst
    Age: Unknown (young adult)
    Species: Ectonurite
    Spenst grew up in a small farming community on the very edge of town in Anur Transyl. He was born to an Ectonurite couple, Hantu and Tazma, and has an adoptive younger sister, Nekare. She is, however, not of the same species. A Loboan, to be exact. This got Spenst into many fights as a child. Though Anur Transyl is, for the most part, an accepting, multi-cultural planet, interspecies adoption is a thing that is not well understood. Spenst and Nekare often received odd looks whenever they referred to each other as siblings, or went out with their parents. This, of course, was always enough to set him off. His parents always had to break up these fights.

    Eventually, the siblings would come to befriend a Thep Khufan named Olabisi. Come to find out, she was just as feisty when it came to defending their honor as they were, perhaps even more so. The three of them grew up together, remaining close friends into adulthood. Sadly, though, disaster would eventually strike, separating them. One day a mysterious blue light appeared in the center of the town. Olabisi was the only one in the crowd brave enough to get close enough to really inspect it. Against her will, she was sucked in. Spenst called out to her, but it was hopeless. The light disappeared, and she was never seen again.

    Spenst and Nekare both took this incredibly hard. Ever since her disappearance, missing posters have been plastered all over the town. Several search parties were sent out, all of which the siblings were a part of, but every one of them was fruitless. Olabisi was gone, complete gone, vanished into thin air. Some of the residents were even going so far as suggesting that they hold a funeral for her. That's right, a funeral. At this point, many were starting to believe her to be dead.

    Spenst and Nekare, however, were in denial. They refused to believe it. They didn't know just how right they were.

    Spenst is the type who prefers to take matters into his own hands. He is certainly not one to tattle and let others do the work for him. If you want something done, and you want it done right, you should do it yourself. That's his motto.

    When it comes to friends and family, there's hardly anyone more loyal than Spenst. He and his sister still search for Olabisi to this day. If you cause any harm to his friends or his family, you will have to answer to him, and it will not be pretty. That's no exaggeration. He will not hesitate to fight you with tooth and nail, no matter how big and powerful you are.

    Though Spenst will deny it if you bring it up to him, many believe him to have somewhat of an inferiority complex about him. Let's face it, compared to other Ectonurites, he's not very intimidating. Other than the issues with his sister, this is thought to be another big reason he often picked fights as a kid. It was a means to prove himself.

    +Prehensile Tentacles

    -Bright lights/strong beams of light (can potentially blind him if directed at his eyes)
    -Certain neutralizing substances (that inhibit his invisibility/intangibility)
    -Can't possess people in a shifted form

    World: Anur Transyl(his homeworld)/Anur Phaetos(his species' homeworld)
    Other: N/A
    Group(s): Aliens


    "There he is again."

    "Who, Spenst?"


    The Ectonurite turned his head to look at the two conversing bar patrons. He scoffed. Just look at them, going on as if he can't hear them!

    "He's taking it really hard, isn't he?"

    "Yeah, he's been in here just about every day of the week lately."

    That's it, he had enough. Having already paid his dues, the alien specter got up and left, passing a missing poster on the way out. It was of the Thep Khufan who had disappeared in to thin air just a few months ago. Many were beginning to believe her to be dead. All the Transylian bartender could do was shake his head at the sight. It was such a shame.

    As Spenst strolled along, he caught a glimpse of something odd: A group of three people abruptly running out of a nearby alley. To say that they looked distressed would be an understatement. It was hard to make could swear that they were debating on whether or not to tell someone, whether or not to get help. Just what did they see down there?

    Once the group was gone, Spenst tightly gripped his pitchfork and cautiously began to explore the alley. It didn't take long for him to find out what all the fuss was about. It was another one of those crazy blue lights, the same kind of blue light that Ola fell into not long ago. Immediately frightened, he attempted to fly away, but it was too late. An unseen force was pulling him toward the light. It was pointless to resist. In a moment, he was gone. He had become missing person number 2.


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    Re: Spenst (Ben 10 Fan Character)

    Post by Zurg on Fri Nov 28, 2014 1:05 pm

    Okey-dokey! Here comes another spoopy for the Breach.

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