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    What is the Meaning of Meaning!?



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    What is the Meaning of Meaning!? Empty What is the Meaning of Meaning!?

    Post by Fear on Wed Dec 31, 2014 11:51 pm

    Time: 22:00
    Date: New Year's Eve

    Is it to be happy!?
    Is it to suffer!?
    Is it to live or to die!?

    "It isss NONE of thessse things!" he screamed.

    All around the Dark Judge were screams of terror and despair, dozens upon dozens of unrepentant sinners fleeing from their inevitable demise. Fools! Infidels! Shameful wastes of space and resources! They were only delaying the natural order of things: life, death, life, death, life, DEATH! The insane were free to run amok and be fruitful; a cruel, twisted mockery of a joke! "Do not run from sssalvation," Judge Fear snarled, hooking several wicked fingers around the neck of a frightened man. Far too slow, far too dirty, far too useless to remain alive. Death was his sentence! "I have come to sssave you, I have come to releassse you from your life of misssery and deceit. Tell me how unhappy you are to be alive, sssinner!" Justify his profession and therein prove their philosophy righteous!

    But the man, no matter his humble and unfortunate origins, could only shake his head. His mind was too far clouded by fear to confidently answer. But somehow... he did. "I-I am not unhappy," did he meekly stammer. "I am merely... I-I don't know, down on my luck...?"

    This had not been the answer he wished to hear.

    "LIIIIIIIAAAAAAR!" And with that horrific shriek, sharpened talons piercing into the man's flesh and carving into his organs, the Dark Judge rent his hapless victim in twain. Blood splattered everywhere, coating his uniform in a crimson sheen, and the amount of dread escalated. Cyan coding erupted with a burst of light.

    Oh how delightful were their pleas for help... Their frantic heartbeats music to his ears... Finished with his victim (a sinner no longer plagued by recidivism), the Dark Judge quickly moved onto the next: a woman far too young to be working these perilous streets. He must salvage her soul before it is beyond redemption. "Why do you run?" did Judge Fear ask, a sickly-sweet note underlying his tone. There was the whistling of a mantrap as it flew through the air, the clattering of its metallic jaws snapping down to the bone. He reeled in his latest prize, the fresh catch of the day, and hoisted the screaming woman by her scrawny neck. "I am here to pardon you from a life of wickednesssss, sssinner. Do not be afraid," he hissed, a finger ominously reaching for his helm's plated visor. "You have nothing to fear from the law, my dear. Sssoon your agony ssshall be at itsss - "


    Alas, some sinners just wouldn't go quietly.

    "Let go of me, you FREAK!" cried out the woman.



    Did not these iniquitous mortals recognize an honest Judge of the law when they saw one!?

    Apparently not, for the woman tried to yet again kick in his helm with the toe of her heel. An unwise move, for the ghoul merely snatched her defiant foot and - crack! - rent it from her body. A gratuitous amount of blood coated the sidewalk as ethereal eyes observed the wretchedness of life gradually abandon her body. "Asssault on a Judge with the intention to obssstruct jussstice isss punissshable by death," the Dark Judge declared. "Your sssentence is to be carried out immediately!" And so it was. He opened those foreboding grates and rasped, "Gaze into the face of Fear and DIE!"

    And so she did.

    But not before exploding into a cloud of 1s and 0s.




    These sinners were turning into nothing but code!

    Immediately his mind recalled what others had said about this world - that those who turn into code most likely, and oftentimes do, return from the grave. No, no, NO! The sinners will learn nothing, they will simply return to their unlawful ways and begin to anew, they will make him MEANINGLESS.

    "I refusssse!" Judge Fear angrily shouted. "I refussse to give up and lossse faith in the law! I refussse to let the tidesss of sssin wasssh everything we have worked ssso hard for away! And I refussse to believe in thisss farce of a prissson any longer! You mussst all DIE." And so they did, one... by one... by one. There must have been ten... twenty... no, thirty sinners that he had caught between his own, virtuous hands. Bums, prostitutes, drug dealers, gang members, the usual outcasts of society that amounted to little worth! He purged them all as if they were kings, queens, emperors. None were placed above the others, each lovingly and impartially attended to. Their suffering had come to an end!

    ...But was that necessarily true?

    As he cut through the sinners on this eve, the turn of the new year, the Dark Judge paused in his noble work to spy his progress. Four bodies lay down the street behind him, just four. "Four?" he hissed, incredulous. How many had he slain just now? Thirty? Thirty-two? Why were their not thirty-two bodies to ease his weary eyes? Why had only 12.5% accepted the lawful path? Was this the work of that dreaded code!?

    Psychic energy radiated off his emaciated body in waves, the darkness of the street obeying his call. With hands stained rich with crimson, Judge Fear madly cried, "Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masssssessss yearning to breathe free!" His hands twitched and the shadows obeyed, where the Dark Judge pointed a new soul lay victim of his relentless war against crime - against sin itself! "You mussst die, you mussst die, you mussst DIE!" Judge Fear declared. They all must die for their wickedness! Men, the elderly, women and children; none where to be spared, for was he not a just and impartial servant of the law? Faithfully devoted to its teachings right down to the ends of time itself!?

    But no! No, he was to be rewarded with this world - this gilded cage! He was to be rewarded with a world that refreshed after each disaster, that reborn its sinful fugitives and repeated the process anew!

    He was to be rewarded with Hell itself!

    Code erupted all around him, the bloodied boulevard soon awash in brilliant cyans and effervescent whites. It mattered not, however. It mattered not, for soon it was just him... Him, alone with only a handful of bodies when he had purged so much. It was - "Imposssssible!" the Dark Judge grieved. He fell upon his knees and slammed his fists to the earth out of frustration, the sheer force of the blows alone the creators of spidering cracks. "Every day do I purge thisss world, every day do I ssset assside my unlife - my eternal unlife - to ssslave beneath an unssseen massster! And for what!? To have the sssinnersss I have ssso righteousssly purged reappear in ssseven daysss time!? Isss thisss my reward? Isss thisss what I had sssigned away my own mortal coil for - my own ability to know ressst!?" Surely the cosmos jest!

    Ah, but they did not. This was his fate, two brothers out of four, and the crushing realization that he may never be reunited with Judges Fire and Death, to never know what prison held them, or what fate awaited them, raked and tore at his anguished soul. He was powerless to save them, just as he was powerless to effectively alter this world.

    "...I! ...I," but he could not finish. He could not, for no longer was there a point to lie to himself.

    I am a helpless captive of Portal Breach, subject to the will of its citizens and ultimately meaningless in my existence. What I do shall be undone, whom I save shall yet again be damned. I am... nothing.

    And to be nothing was tiring.

    His uniform was a mess, his fingers were dyed red, and his mind ached and throbbed. There was... There was nothing to accomplish by doing any of this; this child's tantrum. Judge Fear took one last glance at the carnage that laid around him, and... faded. The shadows claimed his moribund soul and whisked him away. Away, away... Away from this illusion of a place, from this imaginary sense of control. He had an explanation to give and soon the fireworks would be ready.

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