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    Simon Ashby

    Simon Ashby
    Simon Ashby


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    Simon Ashby

    Post by Simon Ashby on Fri Jan 30, 2015 2:23 pm


    Name: Simon Cornelius Benjamin Ashby
    Age: 166 years old
    Species: Vampire, Clan Samedi
    Appearance: Appears to be a rotten corpse, 5”9’ tall, thin with a slightly bloated stomach with like the rest of the body loose hanging, wrinkled skin. Pale with a slight blue tint, blackened fingertips, ear and the larger joints.

    Lacks an ear on the left side, leaving an open hole usually covered with his hay colored, dull, grey streaked and messy hair. Hair only covers half of his head on the left side.
    Both eyes  have pale yellow sclera but the left eye has a small blue iris and the right eyes has a bigger darker yellow iris.

    Mouth most always expose gum, lips dried and drawn back in a corpse fashion. Teeth are yellow, brown and rotten and appear mostly human except for the larger fangs in place of his canines. Has no nose, as it has rotten off completely. Back, back of head, arms and legs are covered in livort mortis (purple/red spots and splotches).

    Simon usually wears old style clothing, mostly Victorian. Usually conists of a ladies’ double brested trench coat, a dress shirt and a vest.

    On the lower body he wears pants that stop just below the knee, a pair of spats and salmon or pastel pink thigh high socks.

    Usually wears a large salmon bow around his neck and has his head and shoulders wrapped in a red scarf with a top hat placed on top.

    Hands are usually covered in black leather gloves.

    All clothes become tattered, worn and dirty within minutes of Simon putting them on, supernaturally decaying them.

    He occasionally smokes cigars., double perfecto Obsidian.

    Background: Simon was born in Victorian England, 1848, to a rich family in northern London. His mother died giving birth to him, father commited suicide months after and his older brother died of cholera.

    Having been taken to an orphanage governed by nuns, his older sister was kidnapped never to be seen again.
    Simon never mourned them, and their deaths kickstarted his obsession with death and the human body. Simon left the orphanage at age 17, having inherited his parents’ fortune and mansion.

    He went on to study medicine and to further lacking education. Later he went on to become an undertaker , ignoring a bright future as a doctor, stealing bodyparts to study.

    The police eventually found the stash and he was accused of murder.

    While escaping his pursuers and almost having a heart attack due to old age and lack of exercise, he stumbles into his Sire, Devon Nurse, who turned him into a vampire to spare him.

    As a vampire, Simon continued to study medicine and and started killing to earn money. He later discovered vampires of other clans that taught him Necromancy, but rarely met his own clan besides to learn his clan Disciplines (vampire abilities).

    Personality: Cold and mostly emotionless, only retaining feelings such as surprise, shock and curiosity. Mostly polite, but does not hesitate to kill when he consider it needed. Cares very much for equality and social justice.

    Strengths: Supernatural strength, good sense of smell (disregards his own smell since he’s used to it.

    Somewhat faster than humans.

    Supernatural durability, double jointed. Can contort and enter small spaces.

    Stealthy (has handmade padded soles of his shoes, good at dual wielding and handling swords, less used to one at a time.

    Weaknesses: Burns in sunlight, needs to drink blood to not enter Torpor (dreamless sleep) or Frenzy (losing control entirely).

    Is paralyzed if pierced in the heart by a wooden stake until said stake is removed.

    Vulnerable against fire.

    Skin and flesh rots off occasionally but does not remain where left, instead rotting away entirely.

    Simon is rather nearsighted and needs glasses to read small text.

    Suffers from Deathsight, which makes everything appear rotten and decrepit to him, inanimate objects and the living alike.

    Has low humanity, and more easily enters Frenzy. Usually controlled through willpower alone.

    Only has basic knowledge about technology,

    While polite, easily disregards other people and their lives’, usually ending up in conflict.

    Smells very strongly of rot and decay.

    World: World of Darkness: VtM

    Other: Hags' Wrinkles : Simon can alter the skin and the underlying fatty tissues to create skin pockets to conceal objects. Has a pouch on his stomach through this technique where he stores small objects.

    Group(s): Immortals, Supernaturals.


    Simon leans over his desk at the crammed basement clinic in Downtown L.A he was renting.
    His head sinks further into his hands, and his round glasses slips down his face a little.. A pin that had been holding them up at his left temple falls out and rolls onto the desk with a ping sound.
    Simon watches it, but before he can move to pick it up a sudden blue light appears at the end of his desk, much to his surprise.

    He stares blankly at it, still leaned over, watching it grow larger until it iss as tall as him. A bloodied towel that had been hanging off the side of the desk glides down, into the light and disappears. He’s not sure what to think at first, slowly rising from the desk to move the desk away a little toinvestigate the strange phenomenon.
    Suddenly it strikes the Samedi; it could be a portal to the Underworld, home of spirits and Wraiths and god knows what else that he’d been wanting to visit but not had the means to!

    He springs up, excited to see it, stuffing what he considers the most important things in the back.
    Preoccupied, he doesn’t notice the increasing pull of the portal as it absorbs an ink well that had been standing on the desk, and the pen next to it.

    Then suddenly he stumbles back, holding onto his bag for dear life as he’s pulled towards the portal.
    “I’ve not packed socks yet!” he reprimands the portal, trying to dig his blackened fingertips into the desk with no luck.
    He manages to snatch his hat and scarf before he’s dragged through, landing on the ground of a very strange city. He wasn’t usually surprised over supernatural creatures, living in the world he did, but he hadn’t at all heard about, or seen, the strange creatures that wandered not far away.

    “Well.” He gasps, taken aback.


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    Re: Simon Ashby

    Post by Zurg on Fri Jan 30, 2015 2:57 pm

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