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    Dark Ocean



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    Dark Ocean

    Post by Zs'Skayr on Wed Feb 11, 2015 9:50 pm


    Substance detected. Tracking . . .

    Wasn't it about time another star fell? But of all places, it had landed within the ocean. It fell on fire, crashing down through the waves at it left some steam and began to sink deep, deep down where nary a thing could be seen. Fish moved out of fear of the sudden object as it hit a coral reef, sinking down further and further... it was so dark. Nothing was down there but bottom dwellers that were often bio-luminescent that attracted prey, but not even their light was bright enough to see the rock that had invaded their territory. There were no cracks, there were no protrusions or signs of damage; it was just a simple meteorite that held in it another piece of the treasure.

    Location confirmed. Coordinates will be given momentarily . . .
    S 59° 15' 57.1703"
    W 114° 15' 28.125"
    The above are the last known coordinates of the substance.
    Depth unknown.

    It would seem that this would be a rather dark and cold retrieval... but it wasn't the darkness or cold that bothered the specter as he looked at the computer screen, it was the location. It had been some time since he had last been in water, and going down to such a deep part of it, he wasn't sure what lurked there, especially here. Literally anything could be down there. But the faster it was found, the faster he could get out of there... so with a disgruntled face, the alien went to the waters to retrieve it. A snap of his fingers and, luckily, teleporting himself was easy. He had been practicing with larger objects in his free time, but it still proved to be a difficult task at times.

    Either way, he was where he needed to be, and following the coordinates, Zs'Skayr looked at the water and... hesitated. The worst thing that could be down there would probably be an eldritch abomination. Or Yogg Saron. Allowing his finger to dip into the water, his body followed instantly, and he realized that, much like in space, he was fortunate to not have 'breath'. The water was of no issue to him, and this hopefully made things easier.

    The specter didn't need to wriggle or move in a swimming fashion to move forward, but it felt like it was much harder to move in general--which was to expected. It was irritating, to say the least, but he kept moving, and swatting at any fish that came close or dared to become curious of him. Though... Zs'Skayr thought for a moment, wondering if possessing one of these fish would make this go by faster--but to be honest, that'd be rather stupid, considering in the ocean, there was always something bigger to eat you. Food chain and what not.


    Darker and darker, it was like space almost, but unlike most people who needed lights to see, Zs'Skayr saw everything perfectly. It wasn't a spectacular scene of corals and reefs or anything, and if it was, he was far from interested. The deeper things got, the more it seemed difficult to keep moving down... but finally, something odd caught his eye. On top of a rock, there was an obviously different one; it only stuck out and separated itself from the others by the strange rock pattern it had, and once Zs'Skayr touched it, he could feel what it held inside.

    Ah, yes, come here... Picking it up carefully, Zs'Skayr didn't want to try and swim all the way back up with it. It... was like fatigue of some kind was setting in, and instead, he attempted another teleportation spell. Unfortunately, it only brought him back to the top of the ocean rather than to the shoreline as he wanted. Stupid spell, you never work when I really need it! he hissed and held the item up before it teleported away with the others that were collected. Hovering above the waters, Zs'Skayr made his way back to shore, yet he still felt a feeling of fatigue. Maybe it was his haste of delving deep into unknown waters and not researching it first...

    Either way, at least the rock was retrieved and safely deposited. The collection grew slightly more ever so often. Waiting a few minutes to regain his strength, Zs'Skayr would then teleport himself back to the room at the inn. There was nothing else here. Maybe some tweaking of the program and he'd be able to get to the rock next time before it fell into deep waters...

    Another piece of Corrodium has been added to the collection; it is still encased, however.

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