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    When You Wish Upon a Fish

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    When You Wish Upon a Fish

    Post by Universal NPC on Wed Feb 25, 2015 7:43 pm

    Date: February 25, 2014
    Time: 3:55pm

    She was not sure how long she had been gone, but she did know that she was finally back from that very strange, very odd place she had been whisked away to. The trip there had been beyond unpleasant, but somehow, even with her sharp memory, she was managing to start to move past that. Maybe the trip to that storage place with the strange bird-faced man had helped with that… all she cared was that that was over and she was free.

    Now the only question was just where in this vast world was she?

    The underwater lair had been all that she had truly known, but somehow, after she had come back from that strange place, she had been deposited in the middle of a grand city! It was HUGE! AND NOISY! TOO MANY NOISES! It was enough to make her jump from understandably skittish to downright terrified! Why was she here?! Where were the faces she knew?!

    Thankfully, after some frantic thinking and quicker scurrying, the intrepid huntress found herself closer to the residential district of this city… not that she knew that was what it was called, but at the very least it appeared to be slightly cozier… less busy… and not quite as noisy. Now she could do some proper strutting as she attempted to figure out just where she was and where her loved ones might be. If only she had a better idea of just where they had got off to… that would help her out even more than their scents…

    Wait… *sniff, sniff!*… it was definitely faint, but the incredibly subtle sense she picked up was definitely familiar… the suit was off, but there was something she couldn't quite place in that trace that called out to her. Was this instinct? Yes, it had to be! She was a sharp huntress, and she would find her companion!

    Quickly trotting towards the building that seemed to resonate even more strongly with this instinct, she managed to slip inside the door along with a person that entered it. They appeared to be a teenaged human, and whilst a nice person, definitely not any of her companions. Now that she was inside this building though, as comfy as it appeared, she had no idea just where to go… maybe someone in the next room over could help? Maybe this woman with white hair that seemed to be just as curious about her as she was about everything here? Ooh, she had pointed ears! They looked almost as sharp as her own sensitive pair! And upon getting a little closer to her, this little huntress could tell that she was definitely a nice lady! And soon came the perfect ear scritch~

    Through some of her own instinct following and a kind hand from the lady near the desk, several minutes later, the now greatly relieved huntress found herself inside of a brand new room. However, even though she had never set foot in it before, it felt… familiar. It felt like home… and somehow, even more than that base, it felt right. It smelled like her companion, the one that took the most care of her… it wasn't strong by any means, so maybe this was her instinct talking about, but… she knew that this was where she stood the best chance of finding him.

    He wasn't home though, although the curious goldfish in the room was set to keep her company. That was just fine… although she herself was a little hungry, she wasn't about to try to fish out the fish, especially when she kind of reminded her of her companion's face… she didn't have the same toothy grin that he did, though… oh well. She would do well in this new domain.

    For now, the best thing to do was wait. With her green eyes trained on the slightly cracked front door, Cleo hopped up onto the couch, turned around a few times, and formed a perfect loaf. Yes… this could be a nice new home… and it would be perfect once her companion found her here.


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    Re: When You Wish Upon a Fish

    Post by Minion on Fri Feb 27, 2015 7:05 pm

    Minion had decided to spend this lovely Wednesday taking a walk around the park, as well as a quick visit to the grocery store, both for himself and for Goldy. The little fish didn't need much, just a little canister of fish food, and she was fine. The free food that was served at the Inn meant he was pretty much set as well, but when you feel the itch to cook, sometimes you just gotta cook. The fish-like alien was definitely feeling like he was in the mood for some chicken. With the proper ingredients gathered, he was all set for a dinner of sauteed chicken and mashed potatoes. Giving a brief greeting to whoever was at the desk, Mitchell made his way to the elevator and pressed the '3'. As it ascended, he fished out his roomkey and stepped off of the elevator, making his way to his room, 344. As he came upon the room though, he noticed that it was...cracked open? "...Huh." Well, if it were broken into, security or the ISOs would have handled it. He must have just left it open! Shrugging to himself, he entered and shut the door behind himself with a nudge of the elbow.

    Mitchell turned himself around and stared for a moment as he saw...a cat? He blinked, and drew a blank for a moment. When he had left earlier, he was sure he had had only a fish. The cat must have snuck in...except that this cat looked familiar...? Mitchell took a few steps forward before bringing a hand up for her to sniff. "...Cleo? Is that you, girl?" When he had learned that Megamind and Roxanne had left, he thought they had taken Cleo with them! Yet here she was, curled up on the couch and waiting for him. Mitchell smiled widely, and set the bag down onto the table. Realizing that the cat probably didn't recognize him with the hologram up, his hand went to the watch and he switched it off. "Do you remember me, girl?" He reached out a robotic hand, being careful not to hurt her, but she rubbed her head against his metal fingers without a second thought. She remembered him. Minion's smile only deepened, and the metal fingers twitched to rub behind her ear. "Hope you don't mind having some chicken..." He'd have to go out again to get some real cat supplies, but for now, poor Cleo had to have been starving! Who knows how long she had been fending for herself? A few more moments of pets and scratches, and the fish grabbed up his grocery bag and took it into the kitchen to start cooking. Looks like Goldy had a new housemate.

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