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    Marissa's Armor, Weapons, and Powers



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    Marissa's Armor, Weapons, and Powers

    Post by Marissa on Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:49 pm

    Name: Monstrous Hide
    Type: Natural armor
    Appearance: Marissa's thick purple fur and the tough hide that lies underneath
    Description: Marissa's skin, like many monsters, is more like hide. It is very tough, and combined with the thick fur that covers her entire body, absorbs a good chunk of any blows that come her way.
    Specifics: Provides Marissa with a defense bar and absorbs 50 percent of melee damage and attacks with blunt weaponry (such as a baseball bat). Stronger and/or sharper weapons will still do normal damage.

    Name: Claws
    Type: Melee/Natural weapon
    Appearance: Long, menacing purple claws
    Description: Four long, menacing purple claws adorn each of Marissa's hands (or is it paws?). They make for excellent natural weapons.
    Specifics: 3d/3c. AP cost varies depending on Marissa's current level.


    LEVEL 01
    Name:  You Can Do It! (Buff)
    Description: Having participated in many physical activities in her life, Marissa learned quite a bit about public speaking by listening to her coaches. She can apply this skill to battle if she so desires.
    Specifics: Adds an extra coin to the targeted person's next attack. Can target up to three people at a time. AP cost depends on Marissa's current level.

    LEVEL 10
    Name: Roar! (Tier Reducer)
    Description: Let it be known that Marissa can let loose quite the roar. If done in close enough proximity to one's ears, it can lead to an annoying ringing in the ears, temporary loss of hearing, and a severe headache. This can make focusing in battle especially difficult.
    Specifics: Targeted opponent has their current die tier reduced by half. 5/10 AP depending on Marissa's current level. Three turn cooldown.

    LEVEL 20
    Name: Bum Rush (Stun)
    Description: It's no secret that Marissa is an incredibly strong monster. One could only imagine what could happen when she charges at someone with all of her strength and at full speed.
    Specifics: Follows stun mechanics. Costs 5/10 AP depending on Marissa's current level. Five turn cooldown.


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    Re: Marissa's Armor, Weapons, and Powers

    Post by Zurg on Sat Sep 12, 2015 5:58 am

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