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    A first attempt...



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    A first attempt...

    Post by Grodus on Thu Nov 19, 2015 10:11 pm

    Time: 11:00 AM
    Date: 6/29/2015

    The outer district hadn't seemed this oppressive before, had it? Grodus couldn't help but notice how things seemed so very different as he traveled. Probably didn't help that he lost nearly a foot of height due to his change, but the place was actually sort of scaring him. Dark shadows that would've merely had him a bit wary previously made him actively glance around for threats, and any loud enough noise behind him caused the mage to whirl and get ready to toss a spell at something.

    The various lingering vagrants in the area seemed to pick up on that, a few even making a point to appear a lot more menacing. A child in this place would seem easy pickings, especially one that looked as jumpy as he did. Though, that might've just been Grodus's imagination. After one of them got a bit too close and nearly got the bad end of a flame spell, word spread pretty quickly and most backed off when they caught sight of him approaching.

    Down into the underground the technomage went, even with his anxiety as highly keyed as this. Grodus tried his best to retrace the steps he took earlier in the month, though the Thousand Year Door oddly didn't have the siren's call effect it had weeks earlier. He couldn't help but shudder as he imagined his state of mind back then; while he certainly wasn't all right now, perhaps at the time the door's energy felt 'louder' as he was actively seeking death. He could still sense it, but it felt a lot fainter.

    Soon enough, Grodus ended up finding the first warp pipe leading to the area the door was in, only to discover he couldn't manage to pull his feet from the ground to jump into it. He looked over the rim of the pipe, staring down into the inky blackness and trying to ignore how much he was shaking.

    What if whatever saved him hadn't sealed the Door? What if the Shadow Queen was just idly hanging out down there, and here he was just offering himself up like an appetizer? How much worse could she make things if she caught him?

    His trembling quickly grew worse, and he took a step back from the pipe, then another. Damn it, he couldn't just turn away, he couldn't stay like this--

    In the end his body betrayed him, instincts and anxieties prodding him with everything they had. One more step back and then Grodus couldn't take it any more, he turned and ran half a second later.

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