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    Second time's the charm, right?



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    Second time's the charm, right?

    Post by Grodus on Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:42 am

    Time: 3:00 PM
    Date: 7/14/2015

    Grodus managed to get past that first warp pipe this time. That was a plus, right? The cursed mage got a bit of a confidence boost just from that alone, and so he ventured forth, further into the depths. The ruins that formerly existed beneath the city of Rogueport were eerily quiet as they always were, aside from sound of flowing water in the various canals. Back in his universe, the quiet halls were at least populated though. Here, there wasn't a single soul other than him wandering around.

    The emptiness of the halls was simultaneously creeping him out and making his ever present loneliness feel that much worse, but still the technomage pressed on. Down the next flight of stairs and then on to the next warp pipe, Grodus managing to jump through that one as well.

    It was only after he exited the second warp pipe when the problems started. Maybe it was the endless quiet, maybe it was the still empty corridors, or it could've been just how much more open that particular room was...

    A wave of dizziness swept over him, leaving Grodus to stagger against one of the walls. He suddenly became very aware of his own breathing... why did it seem like he couldn't get enough air no matter how quickly he took it in? He started shaking, though it was hard to tell whether that was from fear or the chills that wracked his frame. Hnngh, it was the middle of summer, it shouldn't be that cold even if he was underground!

    Even attempting to move forward made his strange symptoms grow worse, to the point where he slid down to the floor when his dizziness got to be too much. Blackness danced at the edges of his vision, the desire to turn and run nearly overwhelming...

    The Thousand Year Door was so very close, just a bit further ahead; surely even in this condition he could make it?

    He had that faint hope for a handful of seconds, anyway. Ultimately, Grodus's fear won, the mage letting out a short cry of distress and frustration before he half-crawled back into the warp pipe behind him. He did not linger in the Outer District for long afterward, cursing his own weakness as he fled the area.

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