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    'Brother' is just Another Meaningless Word



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    'Brother' is just Another Meaningless Word Empty 'Brother' is just Another Meaningless Word

    Post by Fear on Thu Jan 07, 2016 9:14 pm

    Time: Very Early Morning
    Date: December 18, 0006

    How dare he...

    How DARE he.

    Red. All he saw was red. It filled him. It consumed him. Like a starving beast, it nestled its way deep within his breast and gnawed on the inflamed fabric of his dying core. Anger... Sorrow... Hatred... Fingers tore through layers upon countless layers of his miserable being for these unwanted intruders; for these disgusting emotions that wedged themselves deeper and deeper the further he squirmed. Denial had failed... Forgetting had failed... Everything had failed. Everything, except for the searing pangs of anger, sorrow, and hatred... For the first time in a long agonizing while, he dove for the beast and willingly bit into its heated flesh.

    Fear, I mussst inform you that I will not be able to return for the holidaysss ass I planned. I need more time to think. In time you will sssee me again, but an exact date cannot be given.

    Coward! Hypocrite! Deserter!

    The very nature of these words were ugly - sour. And yet, despite their abhorrent, sinister existence, they were nevertheless the... truth, weren't they? They were nevertheless the cold, undeniable truth. He bit... and he bit... and he bit. He bit into the beast until nothing was left, the waning flame in his soul devoured by the beast. Anger defiled innocence. Sorrow enslaved happiness. And hatred, the serpent that poisoned all great men, killed his one and only dream.

    Beast and man had at last become one. A new mongrel rose from the ashes, and in his eyes burned a cold, bitter flame. Upon his foul breath shouted the edicts of reality, idealism banished to the darkest reaches of his reason.

    His brother... His vigilant, logical, ever-so-dependable brother... had just now bothered to reach out and open communications with this perverted wretch. Fool! Talons lashed out wildly, slashing and raking those coarse, inconsiderate words. They were rejected, they were defied! You were rejected and defied! No more games, no more second chances and wasted faith spent hoping for an idea that shall never be. No more believing in you, dearest oh dearest brother. You, who should have been there to support Miss Kitty... You, who should have delivered the fateful blow to a dying man. You, who should have been there to assume the mantle of responsibility, to be the wielder of a badge you so lovingly coveted! Where oh where were you, you cowardly worm?

    You were out there, in God's country and trying to figure things for yourself.

    Always for yourself.

    It was ignorance that had blinded him to your selfishness, but no more. No more shall he be a slave to fealty. No more shall he be a foolish old hound, tethered to the whims of others. No more shall he idiotically believe that you actually cared for anyone other than yourself.

    Drown in your paranoia, bastard!

    Impale yourself upon your mind's treacherous bramble and writhe!

    Disgusting creature! You are far more trouble than you are worth. Spare the world this torment and kindly... disappear.

    An hour had passed.

    An hour since his brother's message had been received.

    It hurt. It hurt so much, yet he was unable to remove the pain; unable to be free of this cancerous growth called 'humanity'. A quiet sound disturbed the midnight dark, though no one would wake. The animals were fast asleep, the girls off in slumberland, and Kev... and Kev had already endured more than he should have. There was nothing else to do but wait... Wait in what he knew would be another tumbling grain of sand inconsequential to eternity.

    And so Fear sat, alone and forever aware in his small, meaningless corner in the basement. An hour had passed, but he was uncertain if he could wait another minute, another second. He was uncertain of a lot of things.

    Again, a small sound. Again, a quiet, distressed mutter.

    "Keep it together, keep it together... Don't go off having an empathic meltdown here," he softly hissed. Things were... Things were going to be all right, no? Kev and the girls were upstairs, safe and sound; the animals were all accounted for and had filled bellies; Miss Kitty will soon have Mister Rabbit to keep her company; and... and Mortis had finally spoken. Yes! Y-Yes, things were just going to be fine.

    Except they weren't. The snarling thoughts in his metal dome said otherwise - knew otherwise. Kev was tired, Livewire was hanging by a thread, Miss Kitty hated herself, and his brother... "Hnngh... pleassse, no. Pleassse not right now."

    And his brother will never be his brother.

    His brother wanted to be a Judge; he had no time for a sinner-sympathizer. He had no time for a weak, defective piece of cannon fodder that was as shortsighted as it was useless. Mortis will either return and have nothing to do with such a disgusting creature, or he will never return, lost to the woods for all time. Could he be blamed? Was his reasoning so entirely alien? He was a Judge of the law, nothing else - not a good listener for Miss Kitty, not a friend for Kev, not a member fit for a community, not a brother for an old, naive dog. Things had happened, decisions had been made. There was no going back to how things were, no fixing what had been broken. They could be mended, but why would they? They weren't even the same people anymore...

    Hands shakily gripped at his helmet, the ghoul rocking back and forth in his little cesspool of wretchedness. He hated himself; for his overzealous nature, for his incompetence, for even so much as daring to hate his brother... It was disgusting behaviour. It was hypocritical behaviour. Maybe the witch-girl had been right... Ghostly eyes frantically searched for a nearby clock, for a sign of relief. When he managed to spot one, it read 01:00; that left roughly... seven more hours.

    Seven more hours until people began waking up and filling his head with something other than vile. He could last that long. He could suffer a little while longer and bid this nightmare away. At least, until everyone went to sleep again. And then he would be alone. All alone, and the nightmare would start anew...

    "...Pleassse. Pleassse, come back. I missss you terribly."



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