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    About the Animals and Robots of 225 Broadband Boulevard



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    About the Animals and Robots of 225 Broadband Boulevard

    Post by Kev on Tue Jan 12, 2016 12:29 am


    Name: Shally.
    Gender: Female.
    Nature: Independent, and a little finicky. Loves to lay on Fear and Marvin like a feather boa. Keeps to herself more because she's used to being the only cat, but loves to interact with the bipedal  residents of the house. Loves hiding in boxes and under the couch.
    Species: Calico/Tortoiseshell cat.

    Name: Tiresias.
    Gender: Male.
    Nature: Gets into trouble, despite being blind. Very excitable and loves to explore. Considers Livewire to be his 'mom' and is in touch with her emotional state.
    Species: (Blind) Black Cat.

    Name: Biddy.
    Gender: Female.
    Nature: Diligent and hardworking, she takes her job as sheepdog very seriously. When 'on the job', she is very focused. Off the job, she's very friendly and easygoing. Very gentle with people.
    Species: English Sheepdog.

    Name: Metus.
    Gender: Male.
    Nature: Looks big and scary, really a giant teddy bear. He's disciplined, but a real cuddlebug. Sometimes functions as Fear's eyes in the house. A lovey dovey sweetheart.
    Species: Great Dane.

    Name: Penny.
    Gender: Female.
    Nature: Considers herself a Queen, and the primary Guardian of Livewire. Quite haughty and put-upon, but a huge sweetheart to those she's familiar with.
    Species: Chow Chow.

    Name: Butch
    Gender: Male.
    Nature: Very excitable, basically an overgrown puppy. Gets along well with the other dogs, likes to keep Livewire happy.
    Species: Rottweiler

    Name: James
    Gender: Male.
    Nature: Younger than Butch and Penny, and less disciplined. He's a good dog, but his manners could use some work. Sleeps everywhere he shouldn't, and steals shoes.
    Species: Boxer Mix

    Name: Oscar.
    Gender: Male.
    Nature: Considers himself Alpha male, and can be quite troublesome. Even though he's among the smallest of the animals, he takes 'intruders'(guests) seriously and will fight to protect his home. Is basically a mini-guard dog that bites ankles. Is not very fond of strangers. Bad attitude is currently being trained out of him.
    Species: Miniature Pinscher.

    Name: Percy.
    Gender: Male.
    Nature: Kev's baby when it comes to the dogs, Percy's a sweetie. He's very fond of grabbing rocks and collecting them in the yard, and loves to lay on the floor by people's feet. Causes the least trouble in the house and just enjoys being around people.
    Species: Bulldog.

    Name: Cujo
    Gender: Male.
    Nature: When small, Cujo is a very yappy, excitable little dog that loves to play with toys. Quite friendly with strangers, so long as they are kind. When his protective instinct is triggered, or he becomes upset, he grows into a giant ghost dog and becomes a lot less friendly.
    Species: Ghost Dog.

    Name: Their names, in order, are Lula, Glen, Mary, Lavender, Bessie, Suzy, and Felicia.
    Gender: 5 Female, one Ram.
    Nature: The ewes are very sheepish and mild-mannered, though easily frightened by things they do not understand. Lavender is protective of the entire flock. Glen is a fiesty ram, and eager to prove himself since he's a neutered ram who spent a good portion of his life being mistaken for a ewe.
    Species: Sheep.

    Name: Llama.
    Gender: Male.
    Nature: Fond of Fear, but not fond of Kev. Likes to spit. Takes his job watching the sheep seriously and will do a good job looking after them. Very independent and does what he wants. Probably only listens to Fear.
    Species: Llama.

    Name: Chester.
    Gender: Male.
    Nature: Easy-going and just as diligent about guarding the sheep. Very friendly with guests, and just a very mellow creature.
    Species: Ordon Goat.

    Name: Crowley Wowley Wonder Pie, Zurgykins Magoo, and Dr. Dingus Pants. (Pie, Magoo, and Doc for short)
    Gender: All three are male. However, Pie is assumed to be female because how do gender id turtle.
    Nature: Pie is very curious, Magoo is lazy and Doc likes to be on his own. Too bad for him that Pie and Magoo like to follow and lay on him. Pie is very fond of carrots, while Doc loves fresh cut lettuce. Magoo will eat anything. Pie secretly dreams of leaving the tank and finding a big lake to swim in. Doc just wants to be left alone. Magoo is content with his existence.
    Species: Turtles~

    Name: Sir Fluffles McPeckerson the 3rd of Pluckyton West Virginia, Earl of House Cannibalism (Fluffles for short)
    Gender: Female, despite the Sir title
    Nature:  Fluffles was saved from possible death by Curiosity! Now living with Kev's family, she's content to eat corn and lay eggs. Fluffles is a very simple-minded chicken, but she's happy not to be dead. She likes to roost with the sheep.
    Species: Chicken!


    Name: Marvin
    Nature: Very quiet and a little shy. Loves to read and loves Shally the most out of all of the animals. Is a bit protective of Kev, since he was built for him as a companion and helper. Is slowly getting used to Fear's presence in the house and the fact that he loves Kev. Enjoys long walks around the city but keeps to himself primarily. Likes to help around the house wherever he can.

    *Not pictured, but is a robotic snake*

    Name: Juujuu
    Nature: Mischievous, but also very lazy. Loves to lay about in the sun and coil around people's necks and arms. Misses Skyler, and so is likely hiding in some dark crevice of the house somewhere.

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