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    About 225 Broadband Boulevard



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    About 225 Broadband Boulevard

    Post by Kev on Tue Jan 12, 2016 6:18 am

    This house overlooks a decently sized yard. To the left stands a large tree surrounding by shrubbery. Along the front of the house is a small line of bushes, trimmed evenly. In the spring and summer, flowers are planted along the sidewalk and the path up to the front door. The front steps are made of brick, and the front door is bright red. More potted plants round out the front door, and directly in front of it is a welcome mat with paw prints on it. The outer shingles of the house are a nice, creamy yellow color and the woodwork around the windows is painted a dark blue. From the front, one can easily see that the house has two stories, with dark blue roof shingles. Along the sides of the house are a brown wooden fence, blocking the path to the back yard.

    Immediately entering the door, one will find a narrow room. The paint is a neutral beige color. A few pictures line the walls, and the set of stairs lead up to the second story. The flooring is a plush carpet* that starts here and extends to the right and the left. Straight ahead, one can see white tile that begins in the room there. This room has three open doorways; one to the right, one to the left, and one straight ahead. Entering the doorway to the left will lead into the dining room. The walls are a deep red with white baseboards. The table and chairs are a lovely dark brown wood, with seating for six. A matching wooden cupboard sits against the wall, empty until they find a certain furniture to fill it. The white door in this room leads into the kitchen. The kitchen has a nice white tile, and is quite spacious. Definitely not for ants! The paint here extends to the adjacent room. The counters are marbled, with spacious cupboards and cabinets in the area. Between the kitchen and the family room is a little bar with several chairs, perfect for a drink or a quick meal. There's a cozy window above the sink. To the left of the fridge is an open doorway that leads into the small laundry room. Across from the washer and dryer are two different white doors. One leads to the backyard while the other leads down to the basement.

    Entering the doorway to the right will lead one to enter a large room that functions as the living room. The walls here area nice minty green, and a few more pictures decorate the walls. There's a large fire place with bookshelves built into the sides. Atop the mantle hangs a mirror, and two glass vases with yellow tulips sit on the sides. Seated before the fireplace is a soft couch that's great for cuddling. Nestled in front of white french doors that lead into the next room sits a comfy recliner that is very large and spacious. In front of the couch is a coffee table, with two matching end tables, one next to the recliner and the other against the wall, to the left of the open doorway. A simple lamp sits atop this end table. The open doorway leads to the kitchen, and the white set of french doors leads into another large room.

    This room, the family room, is adjacent to the kitchen and shares the same paint color. A big screened television is set up against the right side wall, resting on top of a TV stand. To the left and the right are a pair of shelves that balance the TV stand between them. These shelves are used for movies, books, knick knacks, and all sorts of objects. A couch and a chair, both in matching brown leather, are positioned in a right angle with a glass coffee table before them both. Another, smaller one sits in the vertex between them. In the left-hand corner, by the window, is a tall table with equally tall chairs. The white doors lead outside, to the patio in the back and to the backyard. The patio is shaded, with a wooden table, couch and chairs set up underneath it, all with a matching, plush green cover. On the cement and out of the shade is a wooden table set with an umbrella and seating for four people. The backyard is wide and spacious, surrounded on all sides but wooden fencing. A shed has been set up to replace the barn, reasonably spacious and comfortable. The outdoor animals are usually seen here.

    Up the stairs, one will find a hallway. The second floor has the same plush carpet as the downstairs. The hallway leads to the bedrooms. Immediately to the right after walking up the stairs (left if you're looking at the hallway picture above) is Marvin's bedroom. Since Marvin is a robot, he does not need too much for his essentials. With a chair that's great for perching, nestled in the corner, and a bookcase against the wall, there really isn't much else that the robot could ask for. Near the chair is a cat bed, along with bowls for food and water, a little scratching post and a litter box. Shally is Marvin's 'reading buddy' and so she spends a good amount of time in the room with him. The walls are painted a soothing blue color. Against the same wall as the bookcase is the turtles' cage. The habitat has a lamp attached to keep them warm, some water along the bottom and areas where the turtles can climb.

    As one turns the corner to further enter the hallway, the next bedroom is to the right. This bedroom is Livewire's. The room has a closet, a sizable bed for two to fit, and a bathroom attached to it. With a toilet, sink, and a tub with a shower head, it has all of the essentials. The bedroom after that one is the spare bedroom. With a pale paint on the walls and very little personal materials, it is pretty useful for anybody who is only dropping by briefly. When not in use by a guest, this room will often be used by the different dogs in the house, with several doggy beds and dog dishes set about the carpet, as well as dog toys. When not in use, the bed has a plastic cover drawn over it to keep it fresh.

    The last room is the largest, Kev's bedroom. It is the last door when one first enters the second floor. Kev's bed is king sized, with a plush green bed set on it. The walls are painted green to match. There's a dark brown dresser against the wall that's useful for holding most of his average everyday clothes. Everything else fits easily into the walk in closet. Attached to the bedroom is a large bathroom with double sinks. At the very end is a bathtub and a shower. The linens, rugs, and several other bath accessories are a similar shade of green as the bedroom walls and the bed set.

    * - the pictures include a wooden flooring. As nice as the wooden floors in these rooms are, they are rather impractical with the herd of animals that live in this house. If the picture shows a rug being used in that room, ignore it. The pictures also have furniture already in them, ignore these if there are links in place of the present furniture.

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