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    It's a Risk



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    It's a Risk

    Post by Fear on Mon Feb 08, 2016 3:54 pm

    Time: Early morning
    Date: February 6th, 0006

    But it's a risk worth taking.

    For hours he had walked up and down these bustling city streets, Fear as alien to them as the citizens that frequently perused the downtown shops. Markets, boutiques, pawn shops and big box stores; none of these compelled him to enter, for the ghoul realized there was nothing of interest within. He needed something... He needed the perfect gift, and Fear instinctively knew that a token from the heart could not be mass-produced or purchased with ease. It needed to be unique, it needed to have sincere meaning. Rows upon rows of neatly-assorted plastic chips rattled quietly in the wake of his rigid steps, a worn shoe box kept firmly between the fiend's monstrous hands.

    Thoughts of crafting material and feline paraphernalia came to mind, but how much of that stuff did she already have? There were always cooking supplies and books, but that could always be given at a moment's notice. Books, perhaps? Guides about the taxonomy of living creatures, or maybe even forbidden tomes containing ancient knowledge of the supernatural...?

    ...What if she had read everything, though?

    That in and of itself was impossible, but Livewire was no ordinary child. She was a space-what's it! She could see through walls, pluck information out from thin air, hack machines and store vast amounts of data without much difficulty! Everything she did was beyond amazing, and he, someone who constantly struggled with advanced technology, could only stare helplessly whenever the femme displayed her technological might. It was just... mind-blowing. And well, a little frightening... Was this how simple folk felt when electricity was first introduced?

    By now the clumps of money in his hands were beginning to burn, Fear growing restless. Two days. Two days before Livewire's fifth birthday and he still didn't know what to get her. Clothes, knitting needles, cook books... No, none of that! The femme was turning five - that was a monumental age! And while she had mentally surpassed the average living child, Livewire was still nevertheless a child and therefore subject to a (somewhat) naive understanding of the frustrating world happening around her. She needed direction, she needed purpose. What growing youth didn't at that age? There was, however, no Law School; no institution to send the young to hone their minds and passions into a suitable lifelong career. Perhaps there were schools, though Fear was reluctant to give that as a gift. Livewire needed something and she needed something to keep her creative little mind and fingers grounded. But... what?

    Now wholly convinced that what he sought wouldn't be here, in the throngs of people and consumer goods, the fiend grumbled and soon began to leave the noisy streets of downtown Portal City behind. There was nothing to be taken from the concrete jungle and the distracting sounds of rapid commerce.

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