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    Tomorrow Is A Better Day



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    Tomorrow Is A Better Day

    Post by Kev on Mon Apr 18, 2016 10:04 pm


    Sitting in the sanctuary, a group of friends comforted another friend. Skyler, the cyborg with spiky brown hair, was having girlfriend trouble. Between Dani's inattentive ways, her laser focus on her 'daughter', and her refusal to change for her, Skyler had hit her limit. Even if her girlfriend couldn't support her, Skyler's friends would. Kev, Jo, and Anna offered a listening ear and gave their advice.

    "You can do better Skyler." Kev spoke softly, yet still firm. He had been witness to Dani's exploits as a girlfriend for long enough.

    "Skyler...I may not like Dani...but if she isn't...you know...I agree with Kev...You can do better." Anna was hesitant, much more careful than Kev. Perhaps trying to be more mindful of any lingering romantic thoughts, though in the end the vampire agreed with Kev.

    "Okay, here's what I say. I say break up with her. The others are right. If she's this bad, she's just not worth it. And if she truly loves you back, she'll fight for you. And if not... It's her loss! Because you're amazing, Skyler~!" Jo punctuated her agreement with a quick hug for her friend, smiling warmly. The sight of it gave the scaly alien an idea.

    Kev wrapped his arms around the three women, bringing them in for a group hug. Emotions felt higher, better now that their cyborg friend had a chance to vent. Her friends had long bore witness to her suffering under a fool, and now their friend could be freed.

    "Thanks guys. I'm going to give her a piece of my mind the next time she comes in here." The younger girl settled into the hug, sounding better even as the second part of her sentence came out angrily. Breaking up was hard to do, but her friends would be here for her.

    Kev stared down the Portal, eyes locked on the 'G' that made up his face. The alien was sick and tired of watching his friends suffer, and so he spoke up against Portal G. Desperate, the alien tried to appeal to his sense of sadism. Kev offered to allow himself to be struck by the hammer, so long as the greedy God would spare his friends. Surprisingly, Portal G agreed. The Kryptonistanian tensed, body readying as the Portal raised his hammer. He tried to ignore the worried looks from his friends. The hammer began to come down, and his eyes slammed shut, flinching lightly. Here it comes...


    That was the sound of metal striking metal, not flesh! His eyes snapped back open, staring at the familiar, purple shirted back of his friend. Her robotic arm was raised, blocking the hammer before it could strike his scales. Dark metallic grays faded as they were replaced by a bright and gaudy gold. The alien could only stare, as his friend glanced over a shoulder with her human eye to make sure he was okay. Skyler had taken the hammer blow for him...

    Nothing was scarier than hearing that your friend was going to be sparring with a gigantic car-demon. Prixlezub was very strong, and had claimed many lives during his time on the Breach. The demon didn't fight gently, and the idea of his friend being hurt made him scared. And yet, Kev also wanted to support her. Even if he couldn't join the fight, maybe there was something else he could do...

    "2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate?! Skyler! Skyler! Gooooo Skyler!~ No offense Prixlezub, but best friends come first!" Dressed in a blue and black cheerleading outfit, the alien chanted from the sidelines and waved his pompoms as he watched them brawl. He would support Skyler, no matter what he had to wear. And besides, this skirt felt nice on his scales!

    A hot July day was the perfect time for a lemonade stand, and Skyler was quick to seize the opportunity. Having taken little Livewire under her wing, the cyborg was stubborn and insistent upon helping her friend find a better place to live. A place that wasn't underneath an overpass! The scaly alien lingered by the table, two cups of lemonade before him. He alternated between pouring it into his palms and sticking his fingers into the drink. Boy, it was sour... These cups were hardly his first either, as they were refills which made for four drinks of lemonade so far. As Kev began to reached the bottom of his cups, Skyler took her attention of of her other customers to focus on her friend.

    "So, Kevvy, how do you like the lemonade? I hope it's just to your likin'." She kept her hands busy, shaking up more bottles of lemonade and refilling her pitcher to replace what she had already sold.

    Placing down his now empty cups, his eyes squinted happily as he answered, "They are indeed to my liking! It's quite delicious and I'd like to buy two more!" He'd buy as many as he could afford, to help Skyler and Livewire.

    Noodly arms shook as they grasped hold of the steering wheel, Kev staring down at the pedals on the floor. Oh boy, how had he been talked into this...? A go-kart race! Even more, how had he been talked into being the driver? Arms locked up in place, fingers curling around the wheel as the timer ticked down to when the race would begin. Oh, if only he could throw up, he would... At least his driving partner was supportive.

    "Oh you'll do fine Kevvy." She sounded so sure of herself. So confident. How did she trust him so much? Still, her faith helped make him feel better...

    "You'll get used to it soon enough, Kevvy! You drive and I'll look out for the other contestants in case they try anythin' funny." The race had begun and his arms refused to relax, making his steering rather stiff. They were tied for fifth, Kev swerving ahead of one car and now trying to swerve around another. Skyler seemed amused by his anxious behavior, but she still seemed to believe in him. He felt better knowing she had his back.

    "It don't matter though Kevvy! We'll just have to get them next time the opportunity comes up. It's all just a matter of time." They managed to snag third, only for a hitchhiking penguin to toss away banana peels he could have used on another opponent. Skyler was hardly bothered, smiling and assuring him that they were fine. In the end, they finished the race in 5th place, but it didn't matter. Kev hugged his friend and laughed, nervous energy seeming to roll off as he did. That wasn't as bad as he thought it'd be!

    "Kev...A-are you ok?" Skyler stared at her friend, worry clear in her voice. The cyborg had not been fast enough to warn Kev that the young man before them wasn't really their friend. Shiro looked like Blade, even had his name. But...there were no memories. And he was younger. He may as well have been a stranger.

    "..." Kev's gaze remained on the floor, feeling heavy on the couch. As though his entire body were an anchor, sinking down and down. "I...I don't know anymore." Hopes had been raised, and dashed so fast. So swift. There hadn't been any mercy. Shiro had by now stepped away to the kitchen, leaving the friends alone. The mouthless man glanced up. "He's...really gone this time, isn't he?" A nod was his answer, and Kev quickly moved forward to wrap his arms around her, burying his face into his shoulder. A flesh and robotic arm wrapped around him in turn, a palm rubbing between his shoulder blades. The alien mumbled out an apology, feeling ashamed and guilty for his weakness.

    "Don't...don't you dare apologize. It's...it's..." The cyborg faltered, unsure how to finish.

    "No...no, I'm older I should be more composed than this."

    "Kev...it...it's ok to cry, ok?" Those seemed to be the magic words, Kev's grip tightening as he sobbed into her. So tired of losing people, so tired of strangers with the faces of his friends. He took comfort in his friend while he could, though even that thought reminded him that this could end...so easily.

    His arms tightened around her, his breathing turning shaky as he blinked away tears. "Please don't leave me, Skyler...and don't forget about me. I won't forget about you, o-okay? We don't have to promise, promises are useless but..." The scaly man was desperate, feeling as if his heart had been torn from his chest.

    "Never...Never never ever. I'm stayin' right here as lon' as this place allows...Always." If anyone could match Kev for loved ones lost, it'd be Skyler. She may have even lost more... Their hearts were broken, but they would both stay for each other. To comfort each other and keep each other company. For better or worse, this was...their home.

    Pulling away, his head was no longer buried into her. His eyes were bloodshot with ivy green veins, and a little puffy, but there was a determination to see some bright spark of hope. "I'm lucky to have someone like you. And Zurg, and...well, quite a few of the other people that are still here." Sniffling, the alien moved to lean against her, chin settling against her shoulder.

    "We're lucky to have you. A-and we always will, ok?" The young woman dug out a package of tissues, handing one over to Kev for him to use. He took it, dabbing the corners of his eyes. Breathing came easier to him, letting out a soft sigh.

    "I love you guys..."

    Time: 1 PM
    Date: March 16, 0006

    Today was not supposed to be so...quiet. The past couple of years, today was a day to celebrate. A cake was made, or bought. It was handed over to the employee who's special day it was and Kev would wish a sincere 'Happy Birthday!' before handing over a gift and some extra birthday money. He might have even taken her out to eat somewhere, treated her to a plump steak or a good cafe sandwich. It was Skyler's day, and it was her choice. Instead of all of that, the merriment and celebration, Kev stood behind the counter with dull eyes and fatigued rings around his sockets. Sigh...

    Kev had been insistent about going in for work today, viewing that Fear's time would be better spent at home with Livewire. If today was hard on him, it had to be doubly so for her. At least this place didn't carry too many birthday memories...though it still carried memories of their jobs together. Showing Minerva around on her first day, talking over who to hire...ideas for commercials. Skyler worked here longer than Kev had, and she showed him the ropes rather nicely. He missed getting to talk to her... He missed talking to Fear... It was so empty...

    Ring ring~!

    Well, perhaps no longer. The tinkling bell announced the entrance of a customer. In this case, two customers. A young woman with a white blouse, a pink knee-length skirt and matching neckerchief, with her chestnut brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her smile was full of braces, and her bright demeanor was a stark contrast; both to Kev and to the man who's elbow she was grasping onto. Dressed in black and face pull of piercings, a hint of tattoo snaked up his neck and around towards the back of his head. The mohawk atop his head was dyed a bright pink to match the girl's skirt and neckerchief. His brown eyes were more stern than her bright blue's, but they still held some affection for the young woman holding onto him.

    A couple. It just had to be a couple... "Welcome to the City Noise," The alien greeted, attempting to keep his tone professional rather than tired. Lifting up out of his chair, he laid his elbows on the counter and leaned on it as he continued. "How can I help you today?" Both customers turned to look at him, and his appearance must have really struck the young woman because she moved fast to stand in front of the counter and gush.

    "Oh my gosh! Your hat is soooo cute, look at all those colors! Where did you get it?!" The young woman giggled, earning an emotionless stare from Kev. The young man stepped away from the doorway and laid a heavy arm across her shoulders. He gave Kev a small smile. "Sorry about her, she really likes clothes."

    "It's fine. I got it from the mall." He offered the simple answer, reaching up to lightly stroke the wool fabric of his hat. Feeling rude, he sighed to himself softly before stiffening up to better his posture. "Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate it. I hope you two are having a good day."

    "We are! We're having a date night tonight~!" A shrill giggle erupted, the woman covering her mouth with both hands shyly as she gazed up at her much taller boyfriend. "We're gonna stay in, he's making dinner and I'm making dessert!" The couple shared a glance, and their cheeks flushed with anticipation and tender love.

    The alien felt a light ache in his chest, a hand clasping over his shirt. Beneath the fabric, he could feel the hard metal of his ring. Lightly rubbing the soft curves of it, he spoke softly. "A date...that sounds lovely. I hope you two have a great night together." What he wouldn't give for a date right about now... The couple seemed to appreciate his well wishes and the alien stood up a bit straighter. His hand dropped back down to his side. "What brings you in here, today? I don't suppose you need some mood music?"

    The young woman giggled and waved a hand dismissively. "Oh no! Hehe, we have enough of that... but I wanted to get a CD! Do you have any of the Spice Girls CDs?"  Spice girls? What an odd name...sounded like they were cooks or something... Kev was used to odd group names by now, though. Head quirking to the side, he inquired about the genre of the group. "Oh, they're pop! They're from England!"

    England...why England? Resisting the urge to roll his eyes, Kev stepped out from behind the counter and made his way to the rows of CDs against the wall. Waving for them to follow, the young adults kept a step or two back as the alien identified the rows of CDs that held the Pop genre. A finger hover over the spine of CD cases as he went down the row to find any mentions of Spice Girls. After a few minutes had passed, he carefully pulled three CDs out. Shimmying them out of their row, he stacked them together and overlooked their names. "I have three albums, named Spice, Spiceworld, and Forever."

    "Ooh! Spice has 'Wannabe', and that's my favorite song! I'll take that one!" Kev held it out for her to take, the young woman already bouncing back to the counter before pausing as her boyfriend spoke up. "Wait, what about the other two albums? You don't want them?"

    She nibbled her lower lip anxiously. "Weeelll...I do. It's been years since I heard the Spice Girls...but three CDs is a little greedy, Don! It's okay, I'll be fine with just one!" The peppy woman offered her boyfriend her brightest smile. In response, the man silently took the CDs from Kev and joined her at the counter, laying the other two albums upon the counter and wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

    "Hey, it's okay. Today's special." He planted a chaste kiss to her cheek, one that made her squeal with joy. Fishing his wallet out of a deep pocket, Don glanced back to Kev. "We're ready to check out." The alien nodded and came over, stepping behind the counter once again. Reading the price-tags, Kev inputted the price for each one. Fingers tapped the number value buttons before he hit the enter key.

    Three new CDs came out to... Ding! The total was display, 45 credits. The young woman grimaced, feeling a bit bad but her boyfriend reached inside of his wallet and pulled out the exact amount of credits needed. The credits were stashed in the register, a receipt printed out, and Kev placed it in a plastic bag alongside the CDs. Folding the bag up snugly, he held the bag out for the woman to take. She took the bag from him and hugged it to her chest. "Oh thank you Donny, thank you!" She turned her smiling gaze to Kev. "And thank you for your help finding them!"

    "You're welcome!" A bit of light seemed to be returning to his eyes, folding his hands together. "I hope you two have a great date!" Waving, they left together and exchanged final good byes. And Kev was alone again. He fished the necklace chain out from under his shirt, fingertips roaming over silver and Chrome Diopside. Such a young couple reminded him of the man waiting for him at home. Like Donny, he was a very generous lover. Oh... Fear had been such a good sport throughout all of this. As if it wasn't enough that Livewire had been suffering, Kev himself had been suffering too. The former Judge did absolutely everything he could, and he provided great support. The only problem...was that Fear couldn't be there forever.

    Sighing, the alien continued to fiddle with the little ring as he leaned back on the counter. Losing one of his best friends was...hard. Skyler had been there since the beginning, as long as he could remember. The cyborg had helped him through so much, supported him. Protected him. Worried over him. During his fight with Deadsilver, or when he'd been infected with Phazon, he could always trust Skyler to be there for him. Now...his best friend was gone. Livewire's sister was gone. 6 years, he had known her. 5 years, they had worked together. Going about his life, his job, without such a constant was...hard. It made him feel sickly. Wrong. But...moving on didn't mean he had to forget her, right? With so many years together, Kev had many beloved memories. Skyler was a wonderful friend and...true to her word, she had stayed as long as she could. Even if she didn't get the chance to say good bye.

    Reaching around the counter, Kev found a few dust covered plastic cases for CDs that had been stored behind the counter. He blew lightly, wiping his fingers across the front. Rolling Rockets...one of Skyler's favorite Space Rock bands. Popping it open, Kev placed the CD inside of the store radio and let the tunes blare out over the speaker. He plopped back into his chair, the ring held snugly in his palm. Closing his eyes, Kev could almost imagine that this was a day at work like it used to be. Skyler talking with him about the animals, and about Livewire... Kev listening and telling her about his own... A thick tear rolled down his cheeks, as Kev committed Skyler to memory. Thick tufts of dyed brown hair, one blue human eye and one purple optic. Pale skin, with two robotic limbs and a robotic area covering her face. All of the robotics were pitch black, which suited her purple clothing and optics perfectly. He imagined her smile...as it had been a while since he last saw her smile like the old days. As Kev promised, he would never forget the young woman that had once been his best friend. "Happy birthday, Skyler..."

    A few more tears came flowing out, but he didn't feel ashamed. The tears felt free, and it made him feel lighter. As though all of his negative emotions were ebbing out with every sniffle. A knuckle rubbed the corners of his eyes as the first song on the CD slowed to an end. Kev opened his eyes and let out a slow and steady breath. "Ah..." Before the next song on the CD could play, he reached over to tap the CD player. Space Rock had never really been his cup of tea... A thought came to him, and the alien reached over for another CD that was stored behind the counter, popping it in to play a new song. He tapped the fast forward button, selecting a specific song. Lightly bobbing his head to the song, he held the ring closer to his heart. Even as he had lost a best friend, Kev knew there were still people here for him. And one in particular would always be waiting for him...

    "A love like our's could never die~ As long as I have you near me~"

    "I'm Kev, and I speak through the power of telepathy. It is represented by italics and the color code #33CC66."

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