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    Just Another Wonderful Shift

    Nyreena Dark Savaridin
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    Just Another Wonderful Shift

    Post by Nyreena Dark Savaridin on Sun Apr 24, 2016 3:42 pm

    Time: 10:32 a.m.
    Date: April 23, 0006

    Working that morning at the music shop Nyreena was going about her business minding the store while she busied herself with either the sweeping, the dusting, the reordering of music in either the stands or the shelves, restocking the shelves with new inventory, checking to see what needed to be reordered for the next shipment, and such. Just the same old, same old when she was working and she didn't mind it one bit. To her making sure that things were running as smoothly as they could be was her top priority. Now that Skyler was no longer with them it was just her, Kev, and Fear handling things which meant that they would have to work just a bit more to get into a new routine that would be able to let three beings get the work done of four. Above all she wanted to make sure that she wouldn't disappear like she did without a word or a reason and leave her coworkers in a bind and leave them hanging. She felt awful for what she had done when she did that and she wanted to make up for it in any way she could by working all that she could to make up for the lost time and for not having a fourth person with them anymore.

    Deciding to take a much needed break she pulled herself up behind the counter and was lightly sketching a few fashion ideas in her sketchbook, looking up every once in a while and keeping her ears open for the familiar ding of the door to let her know that a customer had come in to look around or get some new music for them to listen to.

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