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    Clipped Wings



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    Clipped Wings

    Post by Nym on Wed Sep 14, 2016 3:59 am

    September 13th | Year 7 | 23:45

    As the summer months passed, signs of fall were becoming more apparent everywhere. Leaves began to slowly fall, the scent of spices and the temperature dropping slightly among these signs, another was stirring deep within the forest. Somewhere in the north-western part, there was a great oak tree that had been there since the beginning of the Breach. This tree had been carefully hollowed out in the center, a big enough space for a large animal, or even an armored knight, could sleep comfortably and without being disturbed. The last time he had roamed the outside world were several months ago, and his hunger had grown significantly. Eating as much junk food as he could, hunting the biggest game around, he had powered up a great amount, but after a simple nap...

    He didn't wake up.

    Now, however, Nym outstretched himself in his cozy abode, yawning greatly as his stomach rumbled hungrily. "Ahhh... mm..." licking his lips, he rubbed a tired eye and yawned once more, greater than the last, and sat up for a few minutes with his eyes closed. "Mm... that was a nice nap..." he grumbled, feeling rested... yet different. Nym looked at his hands and, once his eyes focused, he couldn't help noticing... they weren't actually hands. They were claws. Blinking again, the claws came to touch his head, where he scratched in a daze until it finally hit him.

    His form had changed.

    Snorting loudly, Nym lept from his spot and out of the tree, jumping onto the ground and running a few feet before hitting the nearby pond. Looking at his reflection, it was confirmed; his form had definitely changed. The lack of food over those months had caused his form to weaken, and revert down to a creature of lesser strength and abilities. Before he really could let the form sink in, Nym began to jump around a bit, as if trying to take off into the air. Unsuccessful after the 56th jump, the Digimon landed on the ground and flopped, sitting sadly and staring at the reflection in the water.

    Though he hadn't meant to have slept for so long, he pondered if this was perhaps his punishment of sorts for something he had done? But... he didn't really do anything negative recently--or, at least, before falling asleep. His stomach cried out in a loud grumbling wail, churning inside and sending a burning, empty feeling up the now red dragon's throat. Smoke released from his nostrils, and snorted at the sensation, "hng... I guess I'll just have to wait and grow a bit again..." It wasn't a real pain, it was in fact quite interesting having his form be able to change. It was mostly a bit of a disappointment, however, whenever he lacked the ability to fly. It was always something he loved!

    "Shouldn't take too long..." he thought aloud as the Digimon started to walk off into the forest, finding a trail not too far away from the pond and following it. His movements sluggish and tired, Nym knew he could gain some strength quickly in the city--there was plenty of food around, and perhaps a spar would get his body feeling active again...

    All he had to do was walk there.
    Shouldn't take long...

    "Boy, I miss having wings."

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