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    Anansia T'Ori Level 10 & Level 20 power

    Anansia T'Ori


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    Anansia T'Ori Level 10 & Level 20 power

    Post by Anansia T'Ori on Fri Sep 30, 2016 1:49 am

    LEVEL 10 - Tier Reducer

    Name:  Inhibit
    Description:  Similar to the biotic power "pull," but with much less oomph.  Anansia generates a biotic field around her target, that exerts an opposing force against the target's movements.  (i.e. whatever direction they push, it pushes back in the opposite direction.)  The field cannot immobilize someone, but it can make it more difficult to move quickly, or attack at full strength.
    Specifics: opponent has current damage die tier reduced by half ; ex: a Level 40 user will have to use the Level 16 - 20 die

    AP Cost: 5 AP ; three turn cooldown


    LEVEL 20 - Dodge

    Name:  Phase-skip
    Description:  A riff off of the biotic power "Charge."  Using the same technique that allows someone using the 'Charge' ability to phase through objects in the path to their intended target, Anansia utilizes her biotics to temporarily phase and enhance her speed at the same time, making it significantly easier to avoid an enemy's attack. She can only maintain this ability for a second or two, however.
    Specifics: flip a dodge coin

    AP Cost: 10; five turn cooldown


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    Re: Anansia T'Ori Level 10 & Level 20 power

    Post by Zurg on Sun Oct 30, 2016 4:20 am

    You're all set, thank you for being patient!

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