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    Post by Korra on Sun Oct 23, 2016 1:27 am

    Time: 9 AM
    Date: August 02 0007

    With bags packed and supplies gathered, Korra secured everything upon Naga's saddle. Provisions were rationed, and if she needed more, she could always use her bending to fry some fish! Bottles of water to go with full water skins, a parka and a few extra layers for the cold were also taken along. The Avatar had plans to travel a long distance, and she would be traversing many different terrains. Most reverently packed were scrolls and incense, all of them gently tucked within a bag. The ancient tomes had been borrowed from the library, information that she would need on her journey. She had checked the majority of them out with only a cursory look, to make sure they were the real deal. Something told her that this journey would need her to learn as she went. Looking over the bags to count to herself that she had all she needed, the Avatar nodded to herself. Yes, that was pretty much all of it. Good byes were already given to Sokka and the Inn keepers. No matter what would happen, Korra did intend to return! She was just...not sure how long it took to unlock a chakra. A week? A month? The supplies she had brought along should last for a couple of weeks. If she did have to return to the city...she'd do it. And then leave once again, of course. One last parting look to the Inn, before the young woman tore her gaze away. Grasping Naga's saddle, she lifted herself up and swung one leg around the side. Fists tightened around the reins and the tips of her boots slipped through the loops to establish her footing. Grinning down at her companion, Korra stretched her fingers out to stroke behind a floppy ear.  "Alright girl...it's time!" It was all Naga needed to hear before she took off down the sidewalk, letting out several excited barks!

    Time: Noon
    Date: August 02 0007

    Naga was like a giant white blur in a sea of green. Her heavy paws dug past the grass and into the dirt. Yet, she didn't leave enough pressure to a path behind the two of them. The taller grass seemed to part before them, occasionally slapping against Korra's ankles. By a nearby treeline there was a doe and her fawn. They had come to nibble, though both heads snapped to the direction of the polar bear dog. Once they came closer, too uncomfortable for the deer to linger, both of them turned and ran back. White tails were raised like flags of surrender as they disappeared into the thicket. The sight of them drew a crooked grin from the woman. Aside from the sound of Naga's panting, her own breathing, and grass rustling beneath them, it was quiet out here. Peaceful. Leaving the city to do this was a good idea. With an atmosphere like this? Meditation would be easy. Blocking the sun with her hand, Korra's bright blue eyes narrowed as she scanned the horizon. The rocky ridges up ahead were easy to spot, especially when she considered the flat Savannah she had been traveling through for the past couple of hours. Adjusting the reins, the young woman lifted up from the saddle as she leaned forward. "We're on the right path, Naga! Straight ahead, keep going!" A snort was her answer, before she felt the polar bear dog's thick body tighten beneath her as she picked up speed.

    At the base of the mountain range, there was a shallow lake. Naga made a beeline for it, her long pink tongue hanging from her ivory snout. The polar bear dog's pace slowed to a crawl, before finally stopping before the lake. She reached down, hovering her nose before the water as she lapped up the water. Hopping down from the saddle, Korra stretched her arms out and around her own head with a light hum. "There you go girl, you earned it. Don't worry, we'll be here for a while. You'll have a break for the rest of the day~!" Firm fingers combed through thick fur, brushing it aside as she scratched at Naga's sides affectionately. Her companion rumbled back, as if in approval. The Avatar chuckled lightly, before reaching for a water skin around her waist. Raising it up to her lips, Korra drank eagerly. "Mm..." Pulling it away, she wiped at the corner of her mouth with her wrist. "You ready for lunch-"


    Guess that was a yes! "Naga, Naga wait!" Stretching both hands outwards, Korra parted her arms and moved the water to create a path! The polar bear dog craned her head around, cocked to the side as if puzzled. Stepping onto the moist lake floor, Korra pulled lightly at the saddle. "Let me take this off first. Then you can go fishing!" Shaking her body to help, Naga moved her paws to help take it off. Once Naga was no longer held down by Korra's supplies, she ran ahead and further into the lake, where Korra's bending had not reached. The young woman turned around and walked out of the lake, the water flowing back into place behind her heels. Laying the saddle and attached bags down into the grass, she picked through them with an eye still focused on the polar bear dog. She seemed to be enjoying herself, swimming like a pro through the waters and snapping her jaws at the water. As Korra used meats, cheeses and bread that she packed to make a sandwich, Naga eventually got her fangs around a fish or two. Holding them steady in her jaws, she returned to Korra's side and settled her sopping body into the grass. Clasping the fish between her great paws, she tore through scales and bone to consume her lunch. The young woman seemed just as satisfied with her ham and turkey.

    Once both tummies were full and hands were empty, Korra lifted the saddle to hold it so that it was hanging over her shoulder. She didn't seem bothered by the weight at all, regarding the saddlebags as if it was a backpack. Brushing aside a few crumbs, Korra nudged her head towards the looming mountains. "Alright girl, come on!" With a brief shake to dry herself off, Naga padded over to Korra's side with puffed up fur. Together, they began to climb up the closest mountain. Earth crunched beneath her heels, little rocks rolling away beneath Naga's claws. She eyed the snow topped mountains, the tallest here. Her nose crinkled. She didn't need to go that far up. She claimed a lower peak, grayish-brown with the color of fresh earth. The saddle plopped to the rocky ground, the young woman's legs folding beneath her so that she was sitting beside it. Naga joined her, tongue lolling contently as the polar bear dog relished the break. There was a light rustling as Korra rummaged about through the bags, looking for the scrolls from the library. She pulled one free, the paper bound with bright red fabric that was looped through a metal symbol. Sliding the ribbon off, she unrolled the scroll and began to read.

    "Mulad...hara." The words came out with a bit of hesitation, as if unsure how to prounce it.”The Earth Chakra. It deals with survival and is blocked by fear.” Korra read off of the scroll, her eyes tracing the painted image drawn on the paper. It showed a person in the typical meditation stance, a line of points going up the spine. While the other points were colored black, there was one that was crimson. ”Located on the base of the spine…” Setting the scroll aside, she felt around within her primary knapsack, a light brown and leathery number. Withdrawing a stick of incense and a wooden incense holder, the Avatar pinched the tip with her fingertips. A small spark was all it took for the incense to ignite, the myrrh rising in a slithery smoke trail around her as she secured the incense into the wooden holder. Laying her hands to rest on her lap, with her fingers and thumb touching to create an ‘o’ with her hands, Korra took several deep breathes to calm herself. She listened, to the sound of the wind rustling through the treetops. She felt the mountain range beneath her, with deep roots that ran through the crust. She focused on the warmth of the sunlight as it beamed upon her dark skin. A breeze made strands of her brown hair flutter and the incense made its home within her nostrils. Another deep breath, concentrating as she focused not on the world, but on herself. On within


    Korra opened her eyes, suddenly standing in an inky landscape. One foot and then the other, she stepped forward warily. No matter where she turned her head, black was all she could see. It was as if her eyes were still closed and yet... She glanced down, flexing her fingers. She could still see herself. ”Hello?” She called out, each step slow as if she thought the world might give out beneath her. Being unable to see anything made her wary. "This Chakra deals with...fear. So does this mean I'm afraid of the dark?" Korra commented with a raised eyebrow. The darkness was kinda spooky but she wasn't really afraid of it. It didn't make a lot of sense to her. "Maybe I'm doing this wrong...maybe I got the wrong incense?" Shrugging lightly, she continued to walk forward until she no longer felt as if she was going to fall over. A bright white object caught her gaze, glaring in such a dark world. Both brows raised, as she crept closer to it. The Avatar felt around blindly, before raising her hands to the light colored object. Felt like…porcelain? China? Her hands grasped, only for another pair of hands to suddenly clasp around her wrists. ”Ah!” They pulled her hands down, and out of the darkness arose a dark, masked figure. Through the eyeholes, his dark eyes glowered fiercely. His grip felt as if it was dragging her down, a gasp escaping her. ”A-Amon! How?”

    “The time of the Avatar is over, Korra. Our universe is destroyed, but I am still here. I wait in the darkness, and when you misstep, Korra, I will rise from the shadows…and destroy you once and for all. Without an Earth Kingdom, the Avatar Cycle will not continue.
    Amon’s grip tightened, and he moved at an inhuman speed. One moment he was in front of her, and the next moment, he was standing behind her. “Of course, why wait? I can take you down now, and keep you from interfering with my plans…”

    All at once her body seemed to betray her. Though Korra wished to remain standing, even hoping to punch the mask right off of Amon, her limbs moved against her will. "Agh!" She cried out, fighting futilely. As if heavy weights had been attached to her body, it moved on its own until she was down on her knees. Bloodbending coursed through her veins, every pump of blood feeling constricted in her own body. Despite herself, a whimper slipped out of her mouth. One of his hands clasped around her neck, fingers digging in to keep her in place. The sensation brought it all back, the darkness of the world around her suddenly disappearing. Replacing the ebony ink was the rundown gym of the pro-bending arena. Korra’s clothes were replaced by those of an Equalist, and her body trembled against the bloodbending grip. Before her lay Mako, crumpled on the floor and unable to do anything to help. ”No-!” Korra cried out, an almost perfect imitation of how this event had played out for her before. The only difference was the slow descent of Amon’s other hand. It seemed to hover before her eyes, the tips of his fingers threatening to touch her. Heat pumping frantically in her chest, Korra clamped her eyes shut.

    As frightening as this scenario was, it was a memory! There was no Arena in Portal Breach, no Mako either. All at once, her fears were realized. ”N-no this…this isn’t real! This can't be real, it already happened! I defeated you, even when you took my bending away!” Upon feeling that his hand had not come down to touch her forehead, Korra opened her eyes. The scene seemed to be paused, Amon's hand only hovering before her face. The Mako on the floor was mid-tremble, it was as if Amon and Korra were the only people in this world. His hand was still latched onto her neck roughly, as if she was an animal.

    ”That was then, and this is now. Do not forget, Korra. Remember the words of those in the Sanctuary. They saw my Equalists here. They saw me. I’m still here. And I will give you a visit soon enough…” His deep voice echoed around her, the threat clear in the air with the smell of incense. It weighed heavy on her for a moment, the Avatar unsure if, in her weakened state, she could recover from having her bending taken away. She focused on the incense instead, inhaling it in deeply. It seemed to fill her up, the scent entering her very lungs as she cleared away her thoughts and anxieties. Focus, Korra.

    ”Maybe you were here, Amon. But I haven’t seen any sign of you, or your Equalists! I don’t doubt what they said, but I think you left a long time ago. Not even you would wait this long… Not when I came here so weak.” Her fists clenched. In an instant, Korra pulled out of his grasp and pivoted to punch him in the face. The mask clattered to the floor, the Equalist leader hunched over as she approached him. ”You aren’t Amon. You’re nothing, but a ghost. Made from my own memories and fears!” Reaching down, she grabbed him by the shirt and forced him to look her in the face. Without the mask, there was nothing underneath the hood or within the clothes. It was all empty, just a husk. ”I’ve grown since I fought you, Amon. You are a part of my past, but that’s all you are. The past!” There was no reason for her to be afraid of something that was no longer there! Cloth began to crumble in her fingertips, the husk dissolving into a gray ash that quickly slipped from her fingertips. As he blew away in the wind, sunlight seemed to shine through and beam down. Light filled up the area, revealing a lovely patch of land on the mountainside.

    Gone was the constricting feeling, the sensation of being trapped in darkness. The dark was unknown, and for so long Korra had been afraid of running into Amon on the Breach. After all these years, such a fear was now unfounded. Amon was gone, as were the Equalists. They were free, and had nothing to worry. A relieved sigh came from the young woman, as she plopped herself down to enjoy the sights…


    Breathing in slowly, Korra opened her eyes and found the same area greeting her, aside from the bags and incense that she had placed down. Several paces away, Naga turned her head and quirked an ear as she grinned a dog’s smile at her friend. The Avatar smiled back, before glancing down to the ground. Her fingertips dug into the rocky terrain securely, feeling as if the very ground beneath her were an extension of her body. Continuing to breath in the incense, it felt as if her fears had been realized and conquered. There was nothing for her to fear. Korra and her loved ones were safe for now. Fingers clenching, she drew her hands up in a sudden motion. The earth moved with her, two stiff plates rising to meet at an angle and create a rocky tent big enough to hold them both. Grinning to herself, Korra picked herself up and dragged the saddle and supplies to lay beneath the makeshift tent. Naga's nose twitched as she followed Korra inside, settling down in the shadows and yawning softly. Korra turned to her with a smile. "Ready for a nap, girl? Me too." Crawling over, she settled her body against the furry polar bear dog's side. Both arms rose to pillow her head securely, eyes fluttering closed. It had been a big first day for them both.

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