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    Post by Kyoko Sakura on Thu Nov 24, 2016 3:20 pm

    Time: 1:00 PM
    Date: November 24, 0007

    Time in Portal Breach had made Kyoko aware of a holiday that was so similar to one back home, and yet so different. They had similar enough names, and the basic reason for the holiday was close in meaning too! In Japan, she was taught to give thanks to the workers in special jobs, like doctors, nurses, cops, and firefighters. The version in PB seemed a bit more...general in what it gave thanks to, such as special people and times shared between people. The feasts were definitely different too, from the food being offered in the store to the entrees at the Inn. The center of this Thanksgiving had a plump turkey to be eaten, an entire spectacle and a hearty feast! As tantalizing as the foods were, it was still a bit strange for her; back home, there was a dinner, but it wasn't exactly like the American feast. They just fixed whatever they had, usually a lot of rice. Thinking about the holiday did give her an idea, and so early in the morning, the magical girl left her room at the inn.

    Now the teenager was walking down the sidewalk with both arms full of plastic bags. She could barely see over the top, but Kyoko continued on, undeterred! Occasionally, another pedestrian would offer to help her. "No thanks! I've got this!" She would reply with a mostly hidden grin. Nobody pushed the matter any further, usually going about their business. Kyoko gave a deep sniff of her goods, tempted by the steam rising up from then. Her stomach grumbled needily. "Soon, soon..." She assured her hungry tummy, before taking off in a light jog. This was going to be rather unorthodox, but worth it! Eventually reaching an alleyway that seemed to be the cleanest of the bunch, the girl reach down to carefully set down every bag. Reaching inside, she pulled out a plastic square. Putting her sharp canines to use, she bit the corner off and began to rip it apart, revealing a [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. Laying it down on the concrete as if it were a blanket, she got down on her hands and knees to smooth it out and get rid of any air pockets. Brushing her hands down the smooth and crinkly plastic, she used her grocery bags to weight down each corner. Sitting herself cross-legged in the center of the table cloth, Kyoko reached out to each bag to pull out food and utensils.

    When it came to things to be thankful for, the teenager was thankful to not be homeless anymore. She appreciated the home she had in the Inn, the allowance given by the Portal, the fact that she didn't have to be a drifter relying on her skills to steal. But, not everybody had it so easy, even here. Ever since she'd met Tom in central park, it made Kyoko remember how things used to be, both with her family and on her own. And so she decided to spread the wealth, as it was. The first dish pulled from the bags was a fresh rotisserie chicken, steam still rising from the slits in the plastic. Garlic and herb flavored and a nice golden brown, it made her mouth water just to look at it. She could only hope it made for a nice replacement over turkey. Next was the mashed potatoes and gravy, piping hot and packaged in plastic containers. These seemed to be as much of a staple as the turkey! More and more food was set down on the table, not a single bit of it cooked personally by her. A package of flaky dinner rolls, a tub of butter, a jug of cranberry juice, and two plastic containers of corn and green beans. Last but not least was a little tub of rice. All of it was splayed out before her. Plastic plates, plastic utensils, and plastic cups were next, the last of her goods in the bags.

    Tearing the plastic covering off of the plates, Kyoko began to make herself a plate with eyes the size of dinner plates. A chicken leg, a dollop of rice, a portion mashed potatoes with a generous dollop of gravy, a roll that was buttered up nicely, and finally a cup of cranberry juice. She was already beginning to chomp down on her leg, teeth tearing through the golden brown skin, when she noticed somebody had approached her little set up. He was a very skinny man, practically swimming in his jeans and jacket. Both had grimy stains, and the man himself didn't look like he'd seen a shower for a while. A black knit cap was pulled over his scalp, hiding most of his hair aside from a few greasy bits that stuck out in all directions. His face was fuzzy with a beard, his teeth had seen some better days as well. He eyed her steaming food hungrily, inwardly debating if he should ask for a bit. Kyoko beat him to it. "You can have some, if ya want."

    Taken aback by her bluntness, the man blinked at her and rubbed at his forearms. "T-that's alright miss, I was jus' curious... Someone yer age shouldn't be alone out here. Why are you eatin' in the Outer District of all places?" It really was an odd sight to see, this young girl sitting in the middle of destitution and chowing down on good food. Either she didn't realize how dangerous this place could be, or she wanted to rub her good food in their places. Couldn't be the second option if she offered him a plate though, right?

    Kyoko shrugged casually. "Well, in America, this is a holiday where you're thankful for stuff, right? I'm thankful that I'm not homeless anymore. Besides, I don't really have anyone to spend this day with so..." Her plate was set aside for a moment, reaching into the pile of ivory plates to pull one out and hand it to the man before her. "The name's Kyoko Sakura. And I wanna share this food with you and the other people here." She flashed him a wide smile, a bit of cockiness shining from her like a spotlight.

    Reaching out, the man took hold of the plate with shaky hands. "W-well...so long as yer offerin'...and ya don't mind the smell, I uh...don't 'xactly have a shower at home..." Glancing around self-consciously, he kept his distance from the redhead as his legs folded beneath his body and onto the edge of the cloth. Kyoko waved a hand in response to the smell, and picked up her plate again to resume eating. Eyeing the choices, he pulled out a fork and used it to skewer a few green beans onto his plate. "Name's Jim." He gave her a crooked grin as he spooned the fluff mashed taters onto his plate, and finally sliced a bit of breast off of the chicken.

    Before he could get to eating, Kyoko held out a hand for him to grab. "Thanks for joining me, Jimbo!" Jim eyed her hand, and then his own. The glove was filthy and thread-bare, but the hand within the glove wasn't much better. His knuckles were scabbed, nails a sharp and uneven mess with dirty collected beneath. Grimacing softly, he reached out for her's and tried to make as little contact as possible. Easier said than done when she shook his arm with an exuberance befitting someone her age. Chuckling at her energy, he eventually pulled his arm back and wriggled his fingers. Quite a grip for a young girl!

    "Thanks for havin' me." With good food and good company, there was definitely something to be thankful for this year.

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