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    He Sees You When You're Staying Up Waiting For Him



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    He Sees You When You're Staying Up Waiting For Him

    Post by Livewire on Sat Dec 24, 2016 7:02 pm

    Date: 12/25
    Time: 1:11AM

    "He knows when you've been bad or good..."

    Penny yawned broadly against the child's side before resting her great head back down once more. Tiresias, the ever-constant companion, was unbothered by the soft singing from the child on whos head he was resting.  If asked, said child would not be able to explain why Tiresias so liked to sleep on top of her head. If asked, Tiresias wouldn't care enough to answer. Cats are like that sometimes.

    The child took another sip of hot cocoa as the blanket around her let through a brief chill. The wind outside drifted by lazily as the stars twinkled above them through the pergola, unhindered by the brightness of the waning cresent moon. The quiet child tucked herself further into the padded cushions of the outdoor couch, purposefully not watching the glass doors.  

    The air was chilled outside, but inside the house was warm. It smelled of baked goods, a robust dinner that was brought out for both the holidays and for a special guest that attended this evening. All, as far as the child knew, were asleep now.  She was not awaiting anyone who was there, though, so she did not mind.  Inside that warm house was a tree, big and beautiful and painstakingly designed by the resident nit-picking artist. It was colorful with sparking ornaments and had more than a little glitter within its branches. Setting on the coffee table was a plate of cinnamon-sugar cookies, a glass of milk...

    ...and a letter.  Neatly folded over was a sheet of paper with a delicately-penned "Santa" adorning it. The paper was thin enough to see that there was only three lines of text on the entire page.  Unlike most years, this letter was not some intricate trigger to an elaborate scheme of entrapment. No springs, no nets, no riddles to solve to give a child enough time to catch a certain holiday figure in the act. Nothing, nothing malicious at all. Simply a letter.

    A letter that read...:

    Dear Santa,
    What did Skyler need?

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